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GROWL [25 Jul 2003|01:40am]
[ mood | angry ]

*is going to break something* Whenever I put something in style overrides it doesnt work!! It hates me!!!! It WAS working fine, I even tried the layout on another name after it messed up...GROWL:|

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New Layout! [25 Jul 2003|12:50am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Tool-Opiate ]

Woo! This one confuses me since everythings all over that way -->. But thats the way I want it, so yea. woo! haha, the comment thing confuses me too, but I'll love. Dont ya just love the background picture(manicans are cool)? I found the picture looking for manicans, not one similar to one I was hoping to find, but oh well, I love this one.

It looked even cooler when its littler;) Dont you hate that...You make a picture and you resize it and it looks like CRAP bigger. but oh well, I still like this. The face gets in the way though but oh well. Today I did nothing all day, like usual. I got ice cream though! My dads side of the family sucks hard core ass. My cousin tyler had a party...and like kelly didnt like remember about us but my aunt kim called her and told her to call us at like the last minute, so me and my mom were all "yea, whatever, screw you" well, not those words but yea. So we didnt go. heh. We stopped at my grandpops house around 8 though. haha, at the Y today, I like drooled all over myself. erg, I'm bored. really really bored. I keep using periods out of nowhere. haha. hahaha. hahahaha. weee. Only like ummmmmm 2 more days til my aunts! We're gonna go shopping at the king of prussia mall too! WOO. I've never been there...I've been like no where. Eh, I'm gonna go...sit....

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blah [24 Jul 2003|02:23am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | afi-This Celluloid Dream ]

Roar! Borrrrrrrred. I wanna make a new layout or something. Julie mentioned I should make a webpage but I'd have nothing to put on it, so yea. I'll probably just end up looking at more art or something and not making a new anything, haha. Oh well. Today I went to the YMCA and Sarah came over all day. She's a goober. She told me she was gonna rip my cats head off, not very cute, but oh well. She helped me make my cup cakes though and got the mix all over the place haha. And my aunt kim came over again tonight=| I really dont know how my mom can stand her, she's here for like 5 minutes and she was already complaining about whatever. I'm not really in a good mood right now. All the sudden I've got all mad/sad. *sigh* Ashleys drawing me a whole bunch of pictures, haha. She can draw so much better than me. and shes like...6 years or something younger than me. I'm tired but I dont want to go to bed. roar. I hate guys, I'm gonna turn like full blown lesbian one day. I'd never go out with a guy like my brother, his girlfriends like in love with him, shes head over heels...I read the little love letter she wrote him, and theyve been together, I guess you could say that...for like 3 years too..Mike didnt even bother reading the letter though, he burnt it. I thought that was SO wrong. I feel so sorry for Nichole. I want someone to like really really talk another Julie or Cherena. Oh, today I realized me and Cherena have been like best friends for like 4 years. I love having her too, its so great knowing theres someone always there and someone who can always relate to you...Me and her are so alike, only she can stand guys and I cant. eh, this was just a bunch of blah.

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borrrrrred [23 Jul 2003|12:38am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Rasputina-Things I'm Gonna Do ]

woo...bored. I wanna get in those super hyper moods and stuff and just start singing...but blah. It's all raining and thundering out! WOO, I love this weather. A reason for me to stay in, haha. Eh, today was boring. Me and Cherena, of course, got over this stupid argument. We didnt even really know what it was all about lol, but that's okay. She ended up coming over and we went to the YMCA but not for long because it was crowded and we got a ride home with my grandpop. My grandpop is like brutally(?) honest. Cherena walked in my house and my grandpop goes..."It looks like you both need to work out a little more" and then my mom started going on about god knows what, but thats normal. Haha...I got chinese food! woo, but I got a fortune cookie that said something about sincere friendship. haha...I believe those things and my horoscope. woo...only like 4 days til I go to my aunts! erg, last night sarah slept over and this morning erin came to pick her up and she ran and hid up stairs, haha. My aunt came over last night, too. I swear, all she does is complain, nothing is ever good enough for her. I feel sorry for billy, heh. One of mikes girlfriends are going to end up knowing he's cheating because Ash and Brit yell "HE'S CHEATING ON YOU" everytime he's on the phone, it's funny. Haha. Oh well.

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beachness [21 Jul 2003|11:22pm]
[ mood | sun burnt ]
[ music | Michelle Branch-are you happy now ]

wee! Today was funner than I thought it'd be...woke up at 6:30 and of course, my aunt tells us to be ready by 7 but shes not ready til 8, so we got there around like 10 or 11ish. Oh well, I was in the water most of the day with ashley brittany and bill...ashley kept getting run over by waves, it was funny. Sarah and Jake were funny too..Sarah went down a little and then got like taken down and rolled all in the sand haha. We went on the boardwalk too, I wasnt expecting that. But I got mint chocolate chip ice cream. WOO! Brittany and Ashley got a whole bunch of ghetto stuffed animals and I rode rides with the little kids! like the teacup spinny thing...I made them go all fast sarah was like glued to the seat, it was funny. Me and britt went on the go cart things and swerved all over the place on purpose though, and then bill got in trouble because of us doing that haha. I'm burnt and my backs killing me. When I came home, i just passed out. I fell asleep til like 10. Cherenas playing retard games, thats the only bad thing about today...She better like give my card to those chicks at the front desk or something at the YMCA. God, I'm sick of all this stupid crap, but whatever.

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Fuck you [20 Jul 2003|09:36pm]
[ mood | Fuck you ]
[ music | Brand New-Magazines ]

People are fucking rejected, I'm sick off all of them. Cherena's a fucking retard I swear. Talk about being a hypocrit too, and yet she has the nerve to call me one all the time..."Just because I didnt feel like talking to you doesnt mean theres a bug up my butt" but fucking when I dont feel like talking to her she somehow always says the same shit except she uses pms or some other bs. Whatever, you sucked ass. I sat around doing nothing all day and my mom was in a bad mood like woah, I swear I was going to kill her too. I just did not wanna be near anything today because you all suck hardcore. And I dont want to go the beach tomorrow either. My aunts going and I dont like her but I have to go to "keep an eye out" on my sisters and we're leaving at like 7 in the morning and 2 little kids are going, god whatever. Cant wait to go to my aunt Jans house in like a week though...get away from all this stupid crap and get spoiled for a whole 3 days and I get away from my mom, thank god. God, my mom got me so mad I swear, one day you're gonna see me on the news because I'm one of those psychos who shot their mom, dude. She kept flipping out over the stupidest things, it got so annoying.

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I have two dads [20 Jul 2003|02:45am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Rasputina-The Olde Headboard ]

bwahaha, today was fun, I guess. When I woke up to go to the YMCA I was like dead tired. It wasnt as fun as usual today, but oh well...and no little kids were there, so yea. Then I came home and kind of didnt fall asleep like I was hoping to, but I'll live. Then later, like 5, Francine and Josh came by and we walked over to stonybrook to like Josh's ex boyfriends house or something. The kid josh went out with or whatever had like vampire teeth, was odd, of course hanging out with them I was like totally quiet, I hate when I get like that but whatever. And Cherena's like PMSing or something because has a total attitude and stuff, so whatever. woo...I'm boooooorrrrrrred. My mom went shopping and didnt get me the cheesey pringles that I wanted...or gaterade or water bottles so GRR. I'm like obsessed with hair extensions...I really am going to get them one day, dude...I better.
Awesome dreads
I've got one of those mini blowing fan things...theyre so fun to lick.

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Ass breath [19 Jul 2003|12:19am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Hey Mickey! WOO ]

wee! today was fun, like all day. wee...I actually kind of did stuff sort of. Starting off I went up to the YMCA with Cherena like usual, but today we rocked out to some oldies. Every old song we remembered we'd sing. LIKE THE SPICE GIRLS! and some bsb and hanson!...the real classics..hahaha....we didnt make any friends with little kids today though=( haha...I wanna volunteer up there some day because those little kids rock, like the ones we made friends with yesterday, like all of them said bye to us and asked why we were leaving. woo! And then later on me ash and cherena went up to the library but it closed in like a half hour so we left...we discovered ashleys orangish tan made her look like an oompa she decided to scratch me for calling her that and now I have a scratch mark on my arm, plesant....but after the library we went to the pharmacy and I got air heads and lollipops which mike ate most of them..grr...oh well, then later on me, cherena my mom and ash and britt all went to the movies...haha, my mom and the kids saw finding nemo and me and cherena saw terminator 3 haha, because it was the only one with the same time, but oh well..I got those awesome cookie dough things I like...and earlier Jess called me, I havent talked to her for like a million months so that was cool..but I told her to call me back when I was at the, I'm gonna go blast some awesome music..maybe that brand new cd that gives me the urge to listen to tbs, but whatever...WEE

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bored! [17 Jul 2003|11:42pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Marilyn Manson-Tourniquet(I like the Rasputina version best) ]

roar! I took some goofy looking pictures of me trying to do the lip thing that ashley does...I kinda cant do that at, well I've been doing nothing all day. I made muffins!! and I ate like half the mix like usual...I love eating that stuff dry even though it gets all over me because I'm a pig! well, the only thing besides going to the Y every day was me running with bill...he is ALL talk dude, "oh I can keep up with you for 30 minutes" PFT...he died in like 10 minutes. ha, that was expected though. Today...I slept and walked to the post office. exciting, I know. erg, mikes stayed here longer than two days...but I dont really mind him...hes...funny. haha, but whatever. He told me how he robbed a 7-11 with a ski mask on and hid in the 7-11...and how he's cheated on his gf or somehin..."what she doesnt know wont hurt her"...I'd kill a guy if he said that dude. eh, oh well...I'm gonna go sit some more! WOO. haha...chipper...funny word.

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hfs098hf3 [14 Jul 2003|11:17pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | The sound of Howard Stern's sexy voice ]

erg, stupid server and stupid blurty. eh, oh well...Today: went to the Y, came home and literally did nothing. I've been bored all day! The only thing that I guess you could count as doing was went to rite for like 10 minutes with my mom, but hey I got a laffy taffy and some m&ms so WoOo. Yea...there's nothing to talk about, my life is...lifeless. haha, well last night mike was alittle messed up on his bag of "poop". he's a moron...and the fan kept like slowing down, it was funny. I slept in ashley and brittanys room last night and me and brittany were talking...and ashley was sleeping but she kept waking up because of me and brittanys talking...well I guess when we got her mad enough she decided to like stage dive onto me while she was was so funny haha. I changed my wallpaper? It's pretty...see for yourself:
My Desktop

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I lost my leg in the war [13 Jul 2003|11:05pm]
[ mood | ]
[ music | Atreyu-A letter to someone like you ]

Today sucked ass. Did nothing all day, but that's not unusual. It's so funny watching Ashley and Brittany fight, Ashley just like attacked Brit and Ashley ended up crying because Brittany punched her in the back, haha. The only thing I did today was run for 30 minutes with Daisy. After running with that fat dog, I cooled her and me off in the house, woo! (a reason to wear my bathing suit) haha, I love it...even though I look like a monster in it, oh well. My brother Mikes gonna be spending two nights here to work with my uncle or somthing...Hopefully I wont see him all that much haha. Beetlejuice was on today!...too bad it was in spanish, now I have the urge to watch it. I have to stop overplaying music...I constantly play out music, but whatever and kazaas making me mad dude...and I wanna see atreyu like aug. 28th but my mom sucks ass. Oblong reruns tonight!(not like I havent downloaded a lot of them) YES!

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eh [12 Jul 2003|10:39pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Funeral for a friend-Juno ]

eh, today was boring. Woke up around one to find my mom dressed like a hobo/whore...she had these baggy ugly shorts on with some shirt that fits me dude, her stomach and boobs were just like hanging out..."I need a teens opinion of this outfit"..well yea, once she changed her and my dad went on like a 6 hour tow so I had to watch ashley and brittany all day long. My mom came home with groceries, and of course nothing I like, but maybe thats a good thing, heh. Dirtys laying in my lap! He can be so cute...despite the fact that hes clawing the hell out of my boob trying to get comfortable. eh..and dude, I'm not going to stay on cam if youre not going to talk to me for like a half hour straight...haha, I think I get annoyed really easily..I'm gonna kill brittany in a minute, but whatever and dude, I typed in this song name and this came up?

Hai jazba junoon
To himmat na haar
Justajoo jo karey woh
Chuay asmaan

Mehnat apni ho gi
Pehchan kabhi na bhoolo
Sab ki nazron mein
Kabhi na bhoolo

Pakistan hai tumhara
Pakistan hai humara


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haha...I thought this was neat... [12 Jul 2003|02:27am]
You are Brian!
You are Brian Molko!

Who are you?
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I dunno
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My Little Shirtwaiste Fire

What Rasputina Song Are You?
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WOO...RASPUTINA bwahhaha...

You are a true faerie, or as close to it as one can
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Bravo, keep flying!

Are you a faerie?
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Boing [11 Jul 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Evanescence-Lies ]

bwahaha...I'm kinda tired, but whatever..woo today, I had an ICE CREAM CONE...with rainbow SPRINKLES...I've been dying for one of those in the longest time and my dad finally took me and got me one...on the way home from the, the mall was okay..boy, Josh can talk...he can talk like woah and can go on forever...but I got new balls for my barbell and I'm gonna put them in! WOO! Theyre pretty and josh kept asking for them and I wasnt planning on giving them to him..and we walked around with some chick cari..didnt really know her...and then some chicks talked about us because me and cherena were like hitting on two ugly guys hahaha..not hitting on them, but yea, you know...Michelle was there too, but her and Nate were all mushy like, so yea, wouldve been funner if she hung out and stuff instead of being all flirtish like!...haha, but whatever...and driving home in that "ghetto" convertable thing was fun too, with Cherena moms glasses are crazy dude. That was about it for the mall..but me and cherena had fun at the Y today too, some little boy on their basketball team or something kept waving to use and saying his friends wanted to make out with us...they were like 8 or something but it was cute haha...thats probably all I can get is some 8 year olds...and dude, Matt is so nosey, I swear. I posted this thing up for like 1 sec. on my profile and a minute later hes asking about somethin and finding out about my boyfriends...STALKER...and I'm falling in love with these evanescence and rasuptina songs...TOURNIQUET! wee..probably spelled that wrong, but whatever

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Woo! [10 Jul 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Black Hand of Set-Nile ]

Woo! Today was alright...went to the YMCA with Cherena like usual..but today on the ghetto track thing there was this old guy who kept elbowing was kinda funny then he yelled at us for going the RIGHT way...and he was like shoving us and stuff...haha, oh well...then I came home and DIDNT sleep, as shocking as it is..but I'm like falling asleep as I type this, heh...then around like uh, 8-8:30ish went to Wal-mart with my mom! was new bras and panties!(ha, I know you didnt need to know that) oh well...and *someone* IMed me today after like 2 days and I'm ALL happy! Cherena's probably mad at me because I didnt go out today, like everyday, but whatever, I try. ah, and I really want that frickin vertical industrial dude...hopefully my mom will take me sometime soon...and and and HAIR EXTENSIONS...anyone feel like giving me 100 bucks? They should be like 200 but if I can get 100 by the end of fh season my mom should pay for the other 100? hopefully..(

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Quizzes... [10 Jul 2003|12:41am]
woo! this layouts hot(hopefully one day a background will appear haha)..thanks to julie! woo..I love when we actually talk..nothing but good comes from her a bunch of quiz crap

Nearly a virgin

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drunk flirt
Drunk Flirt

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roar [09 Jul 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Bleeding Through-Just Another Pretty face ]

Today: Woke up, went to the YMCA for 3 hours dude and then slept-my exciting day! now that I got that off my chest I have nothing to talk about? haha....well know...I hate being told I'm immature and people cant ever talk to me? haha...I guess it's kind of true but whatever...I have like 50 more years left to act mature so stfu dude. whatever though...finally talked to julie? haha..woo! and yeah...why do you have to be 18 for this stupid thing? eh, oh dads gotta stop buying fudgesicles dude..I had like 2 more of those and 2 DUNKIN DONUTS! woo..oh well...I cant find my ugly glasses..guess its time I should clean my room haha

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Erg.. [08 Jul 2003|10:47pm]
[ mood | Psychotic ]
[ music | The New Zero-Rasputina ]

Each day seems to be getting better and better, fucking ha...that'll happen...god, I'm really sick of this computer and I'm just sick of everything. Sick of staying inside but that's my retarded problem...I hate staying in but I dont wanna go out, but I go on windows 98 and install psp and deleted cs and ALL my music because I didnt think it'd make any diff. on there for windows 2000 but it did!!!! So now I have no music AGAIN, god and I had to reinstall cs once again losing that little tiny favorites list of mine. God...This not eating craps not going so well either..all I do is eat...yesterday I had like 6 fudgesicles*blush*, and today I had like 3 pieces of pizza, I'm such a cow..but oh least I havent been drinking anything but water? ha...and like 3 people stopped talking to me within 2 days..I love being hated.

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