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Date:2003-05-28 13:35
Subject:hot hot hot!
Mood: accomplished

Saw Matrix Reloaded yesterday. The movies dont get slicker, and Keanu doesnt get hotter!

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Date:2003-05-27 14:06
Mood: bitchy
Music:How I wish I could Kill

How I wish -

There was no law against killing (or atleast badly badly hurting) people you really hate.

People didnt have such mountain high egos.

Everyone could see how everyone else was.

People didnt wear masks.

Just totally pissed off today. What a bunch of pseudos I'm surrounded with. Why is the world such a horrid place?

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Date:2003-05-22 11:34
Mood: horny
Music:Soak up the sun!

Its dull, rainy... and dull a coupla more times. Makes me wanna go to some beach, soak up some sun, and hopefully chat up a cutie. Beaches always remind me of (obviously) Baywatch.. and David Chokachi.

And some more ...


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Date:2003-05-20 09:45
Subject:These are a few ...
Mood: complacent

Some little known facts about moi -

1. I've been in a three-some. At least 6 times that I cn remember.

2. I've been in a four-some. Once. Thankfully, both these incidents occurred just after I'd realised I was gay... and was too chicken to try out something adventurous. So no hard-core action. Just touchy-feely stuff, and some spit-swapping. Thankfully age has made its impact. No wild, irresponsible sex for me now.

3. I loooooooove to smooch. I could do that all night.

4. Nipples drive me mad. Pierced nipples make me insane.

5. Give me a tight butt and I'll drool like a rabid dog.

Thats enough info for now. More coming this way!

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Date:2003-05-19 10:31

Last night I dreamt that I made love to someone I like dearly. No he's not my BF, just a close friend... who's pretty happy with his guy. And he knows that I have a major crush on him, but he also knows that there's no way I'm gonna screw up his relationship with his guy.

We're way too good as pals for that. So what does it mean? Did I dream bcoz I lust (secretly?) for him.. or does it run deeper?

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Date:2003-05-17 12:08

Saw this bunch of sexy studs at the gym yesterday ... why do all the men I fall for have to either be straight, or taken??

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Date:2003-05-16 14:15

I've been doing this for a long time, so a few more days shouldnt matter. Wondering how much courage it'll take to come out. Wonder what my family's gonna think. Wonder who'll still remain friends. Wondering if life's gonna be the same again.

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