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Monday, May 12th, 2003

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    Jessica is really getting on my nerves. My groceries are disappearing right and left. I don't mind her eating some of them, but eating most of them before I ever get a chance to eat them is crap.

    She made a comment the other day that she doesn't eat a whole lot...umm. I think perhaps she should have said that she doesn't eat a whole lot of her groceries, mine are a different story though.

    Less than two weeks to be her roommate though and I am very much looking forward to that aspect of school ending. No more anime...no more annoyness...no more eating my food...no more FFX...no more taking up the entire room to play her stupid games and watch shows that are about as interesting as Burl Ives's Christmas special.

    2 years has been way too long. But, the end is near. Thank you God!!!!!!!

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