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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003

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    Hello. It took forever to make this thing, because it was being dumb, so this is going to be short. I just wanted to say something, so I would have an entry. I will write in here everyday. Well at least try to. I am currently single, but I do have my eye on somebody. ;D Well, that's really all for now. I will try and write more later.

    ¤Little Miss Priss¤
    What up dawg
    Hey to all my fellow readers.

    I was at home with my brother all day. He was being an ass wipe. I mean you dont hold a dog down on his back, cover his eyes, and then flick his nuts, and laugh when he jumps. You just dont. Garf! Anyway, other than that, my day was alright. I was able to talk to Josh today. :-)

    Later when my mom got home, she told me that David is going to probably move out again. He has done it twice before, and we are all sick of it. The only reason my mom has kept him around is because we need his money to pay the bills. He has been cheating on my mom since September, and he has lied to her numerous times, and he says he loves us and would never do it again. A few months later, he does it. But he hasnt even bothered to tell my mom yet. She went to ask her boss how much money was in the account for this week so she would know how much she could spend, and turns out it was just her pay check. David had deleted his check from going into my moms account. So my mom knows, but he doesnt know she knows. And he actually has the nerve not to tell her. GARF! he makes me mad. So when he moves out this time, it better be the last time. I'd rather have my mom working 2 jobs and struggling to pay the bills, than to have him come back into our lives. Hes nothing but a jerk. You dont move out, then the next day come cry your eyes out, begging to come back, come back, 2 months later move out again, comes back and crys his eyes out more, starts to see a counsalor, and now tells my mom that the counsaling has made him realize that hes not the right man for my mom and that he loves her as a best friend, but nothing more. What a jerk. My mom deserves better than that. So he can go right on back to hs ex wife and pretend everythings fine. Just as long as my mom doesnt let him come back. Ugh. He has nerve. A lot of nerve. He should just be a man and tell my mom the truth, not just move out without anyone knowing, or using the counsaling as an excuse. Its all bullshit.

    I might do something with Josh. I told him to call me, so we will see if he does. I hope so.

    Well Ally left today. I dont think she is coming back until the end of July. GARF. Oh well. Im used to being bored, whats a couple more weeks?

    ¤TIME TO GO¤
    Well, I'm going to go. I will write more tomorrow. Talk to you later.

    ¤Little Miss Priss¤

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