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    Thursday, April 3rd, 2003
    8:36 pm
    what ever day it is
    Well it has been awhile since i have updated. Not alot going on around here same ole same ole. Pe was pretty fun today untill the end when i allmost had to help some people with some fights and i locked my key in my god damn locker and had to cut my lock. Eh it happens im out ill hopefully update tomorow
    Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
    8:39 pm
    Tuseday the 25th
    Well yea today was actually a pretty quiet day, School was pretty basic cant think of anything interesting that really happened there. Hung out with Angel for a bit today about 30 minutes. Might go back to his house this weekend. Rob wanted me to do some shit with him tomorow or thursday but I got like family shit so I dont think I can do anything. So my plans for the disant weekend are Soccer game friday night (maybe) Hang out at angels and hang out at soggies with Rob and soggy well its 8 42 now and 24 will be on soon so I am gonna talk to my friends for awhile, Night all
    Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
    9:09 pm
    End of Monday march 27th? 2003
    Well it is the end of the day and not a whole lot has happend since I posted when I got home. I am really dissapointed that my parents wont let me go camping over spring break, makes me mad but I really wouldnt trust me and my friends smartness either.Heh well other than that nothing has been going on except for watching tv and what not tomorow I am probably going to hang out at angels house something I havnt done for awhile so yea. Eh i am out for the res of the night, maybe to play cs, maybe to listen to music, maybe to talk to friends I dunno what I am gonna do I am just our of here.
    3:11 pm
    Monday the um 27th? of march.
    Heh well today was a pretty average day but then again it wasnt. I woke up and found my head phones broken on one side which is odd considering they were fine when I went to bed last night. everything was pretty average. Web design 1st, english 2nd, PE 3rd, then lunch, then 4th period math. The few odd things that happened today was a friend said I have a future which is odd because all of my friends make fun of each other back and forth. Then at the ed of the day some freshman girl came up and started harassing us. First she turned to my friend Martin and was like "Hi my name is martin," in a really gay speach impaired voice and tried to shake his hand. I was confused because I thought she came up to borrow money. Then she turned to me and said the same thing and I was like..... "Um Hi" then she left. Judging by the situation I am guessing she was there to make fun of my friend Martin, only she didnt know who he was. Tomorow me and MArtin intend to get to the bottom of this and find out what the hell all of that was about.
    Monday, March 24th, 2003
    8:05 pm
    Rap up of the weekend
    Well this weekend was pretty boring to say the least. I basically sat around at home do to the doctor saying I should do so.So basically all I did was sat around played some CS with some friends, talked online, listened to music, tried to download a game that didnt work, and planned a few things. The one thing that did happen this weekend that will alter my plans I had for a few weeks from now. I was spose to go camping with Robert, Squeek, Ricky, and johnny however Roberts dad is no longer taking us and we will have to go alone and pay for everything. I have no problem with that but my parents tend to be strict as hell, for some reason and probably wont trust me. So now I have to convince them some how to let me go. I will figure something out..... hopefully

    Well It looks like its time to go chat for a while before i go to bed ill post more in the morning doo night all and happy reading.
    7:40 pm
    I just made 2 allmost identical post. God i am an idiot, eh well i am new at this so i have an excuse
    7:38 pm
    First day of using this journal thingy
    Well this is a new thing for me to do. This weekend has been more or less boring and dull. Well look for more updates as they come so yea.
    7:32 pm
    First day of using journal
    well i just got this journal thingy up even though im not 18. Hopefully there arnt people on this site that read over journal entries to make sure you are actually 18.