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    Sunday, October 12th, 2003
    12:35 pm
    hey nothing new on clay exept that his father is abusive and his sister commited siuisied two years ago and clay thinks that it is because he changed his last name from grisom to aiken

    Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
    11:57 am
    Alright well nothing knew on clay exept that he should have won because more people think that if clay won he would be sooo much m,ore famous then ruben is now.See clay didnt win american idol but he is selling more albums then ruben is! besides my sister says that clay needs a body guard becuase if he did not people would be all over him. She also said that ruben does not need a body gurad because he himslef is one@! Now i may not like ruben but i think that is real mean but when i tell her that she just says so what clay should have won and not him so there and then she sticks her tounge out and me!! One more thing,clay is supposed to have a solo tour in january and i might be goping yeayeayeayeayea



    Current Mood: hopeful
    Monday, October 6th, 2003
    9:29 pm
    new journal
    Hey everybody!!!
    Yeah i have a new journal but i may still update on my other one i dont now.as you might see mabey i dont know that my username is clayfan2003 that s becuase one of my most favorite singers is clay aiken.Well i was thinking about making a new one that said something about clay and well here it is a journal that talkes about clay.it may talk all abot clay and all of the recent things that he is done.I will tell you about that in just a moment.In my other journal I will be talking all about my life and what i have been doing for like ever.
    Ok latly clay has been in LA. My sister's and i saw him on nickalodion or however you spell it.He sang two of his BEST SONGS. he sanf i will carry you and invisible.Ok what i thought was sooooo funny about i will carry you was he almost started to sing at the wrong part.in invisible he kept on making...ok 9i cant explain but i guess you would say he was being....violent to the camra.LOL i think that was funny.ok well i will be gone now byebye

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