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Sunday, December 7th, 2003
11:13 pm - weeeeee
I think I am goign to start using blurty again, because no one will reply to it and read it. So it's like a real journal for me to express myself in.
Well, my day was....lets just say I've seen better. Much better.
I went to church this morning, which was awesome. "The message" as my church calls it, really seemed to speak to me. God is so awesome and works in so many different ways. The message was about being patient, and waiting for God to show himself in your life. Be patient, and things will look up. That really seemed to touch me and my life. It was just awesome how much that related to my life!!!!! God is so awesome, and works through so many different things, and people. I think God put Anna in my life, to help me. I have grown so much, and gone so far since the first time I ever looked into her beautiful eyes. Anna really helped me to find my faith in God again, and I thank her so much for that. She has ment so much to me and has been such an AWESOME friend to me. With her, I have gone so far, and changed so much, for the better. I am proud of myself, and not what I do. God put her in my life for a reason. Everday, I find new reasons for why she has been in my life. She is so awesome, I truly love her.

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Monday, October 27th, 2003
9:52 pm - Tom Petty is my boy....
'nuff said

Anyways, I had good day..... Got a 103 on my Marine Biology test. i'll have to set this as one of my memorys, i've never made over 100 on a test. as Anna would after school we went to the mall and goofed around then went to the cheese were Mickey was orientating 4 people, and guess who one of them was.... If you thought Mark McGwire you were close, JAIME!!!!!!! Jamie was the man, untill he got but then he got cleared because it wasn't his fault so now he's back...and Mickey said he'd call me later tonight...why do i have the feeling that he isn't going to call me? So then I showed Kevin the wonderland known as Georgetown Park.....we had fun throwing rocks at ducks....... it's good sometimes to just go somewhere to get away from life...away from homework, away from parents, away from stress..... it felt good to be outside while it was cold..and to be at a really pretty lake... So then he just brought me home and he went to talk to Kate... So now i'm watchin NFL and am about to feel the over powering affects of Goody's PM..... ummm Sleeeeppp..... Sleeeppp means dreeeeaaammms which means FeeerrrrRRRaRRRRissss!!!!! errr i mean what? haha.....well I'm gonna go ahead and go on to bed...

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Saturday, October 25th, 2003
6:45 pm - Yawwwwwwnnnn
I'm sleepy. My weekend's been great! I got to go get Anna on Thursday and we went to the Halloween Dance and to Atrox. LoL. I thought Atrox was funny as hell, especially just the way everyone else was so scared added to the humor. haha. then we went back to my house and watched this goofy clown movie. it was all right. Then me and Anna were together. :-) So then we woke up a little late on Friday morning and went back down to Tuscaloosa and Anna went to her classes while I read....and read...and read...and looked at the door hoping she would come in...and read...and hoped...and laid down then she came in! So then we spent some time together before eating and returning to B'Ham. Then we went to the Homewood game were i talked to Chris the entire time, then we went to Chuck E Cheese for a little while and mutated the birthday cake they gave us. HaHa! Then we went back to Anna's house and she wasn't feeling well, and she was so adorable! So i snuggled her up in the bed, and made her some chicken and stars...I hope she feels better. So then i woke up today at like 6:30 and had to go take the ACT's.....The Reading Comprehension whooped my ass for all 45 minutes, then the math section came along...I smell a 36 on the math section, and a damn near 35 on the Science Part. overall it wasn't too bad...except I had Mr. Snoddy again!!! and i had to listen to his monotone boring, slightly British sounding voice for 4 hours......So then I went to Guthries and ate and then hung out with Justin and Kevin all day....we did, you know the usual...played Monopoly, Evaded the Police, watched now i'm home...and constantly thinking about Anna...I misssssssssssss youuuu!!!!!!! So i'm gonna go lay down for a little while and watch the tale end of the bama game, haha they have scored as many points in over time as they did in the entire game so far....haha thats crazy.....then i'm gonnna hop up and hopefully go see my baby....well i hope everyone else had a fun weekend! adios

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
10:29 pm - BAM
Oh man if yall notice how pimp my journal is now, it's thanks to Anna! who is the shit! OK so right now i'm supposed to be typing an essay on what i learned this week in economics from playing monopoly. I didn't learn anything. I learned the hat character is luckier than the dog character. That is about it, oh yeah i also learned that the board we were given was missing some hotels. that sums up my week.HaHa. Oh when will mrs. wilson learn how to teach? mabye when she graduates from college. errr what? haha. well I am so sad. I couldn't get a job anywhere so i went back and talked to Mickey from the cheese and got my job back. It wasn't as hard as i thought. i didn't even have to suck up at all. So i start this weekend at some point i think. HaHa i gotta put this in
MulletMan402 (10:36:04 PM): *Popsicle Joke time* (Trumpets in background)
MulletMan402 (10:36:10 PM): what granted the fishes wish?
Adela303 (10:37:02 PM): hm
MulletMan402 (10:37:12 PM): do you give up?
Adela303 (10:37:17 PM): no
MulletMan402 (10:37:21 PM): haha
Adela303 (10:37:30 PM): genie shark
MulletMan402 (10:37:35 PM): nooo
Adela303 (10:37:36 PM): what
Adela303 (10:37:38 PM): shut up!
*Anyways my day went fine, Lets all celebrate self improvement week with CJ. I've already compiled my list of ways I want/need to improve myself. I am really trying hard, I've already worked on it! I feel good about myself I am improving myself, to make other people like me more and it's just a good good feeling inside. To know that i am doing something that will make Anna happier. I want to do things to make her happier because i know she has enough stress on her mind. Cool. Anyways......I gotta get to writing that essay.
*****Adela303 (11:55:24 PM): my own angel
Adela303 (11:55:27 PM): :-)

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Sunday, October 19th, 2003
9:22 pm - stomach pain.......arrgg...
my stomach hurts. I am bored, I am lonely, I am sad, I am empty. Oh man i was looking at Mustang GT Parts. ohh shnap. I saw a badass body kit that has a pimp spoiler(* not one of those spoilers off of an airplane) it looked good, and i found some tight rims to go with that body kit and i found an even pimper side exhaust kit. wow. that would look so badass. on a black mustang GT. wooow. and then i found some 4:10 gears at a cheap cheap price. damn 4:10 gears would be badass on a Mustang GT( they would make it about .7 seconds faster in a quarter mile, which is a lot for only a couple hundred dollars) anyways. I miss my 3000 GT. I loved the comfort of it. The feeling of 300 horses under my foot and then the even better feeling that i wasn't stupid with that power. It was such a nice nice car. It had a digital AC screen and a button to do everything for you, even blow your nose. But then there was the problem with the fact that something would break, you take that in to get it fixed and something else would break while the first part was getting fixed. Bad news for the check book. The only good thing about that car was the coat of paint, I have never seen a red car like that. It looked better then the red Ferraris I have seen. Yowzers. anyways. I dont know what to write about so i'm gonna go read. Somebody leave me a comment so i dont die. haha. later.

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6:45 pm - booo Yankees.....
wow whoever made smallville was on acid when they made it. Every episode there is some super natural foe that Clark defeats in some outrageous way. lol. like throwing a bowling ball through a wall and hitting the bad guy in the head with it. one word. acid. anyways, I had been having a lot of fun this weekend untill today. Homecoming was a blast, my boy Kevin let me borrow his car, which I irrisponsibly kept longer than i had told him i would which i felt bad about. We went to dinner which was nice, then the dance and i felt bad because Anna didn't really know many people and I tried to make it as fun as i could for her but I guess i just suck at that, or i just try to hard or something. I have just been making our relationship into an ennui for Anna, which i guess I have. I just have such a strong deference for Anna and i think i realized why i always display too much mansuetude towards her. I just think she is the coolest girl in the world, and i think that i want her to think i am the coolest guy in the world, you know what i mean? I want to be as special to her as she is to me, and I've been trying so hard to do that, I just have changed from the guy she originally fell in love with. She hasn't been in love with me for a long time, if she has been at all. Well i guess we are just both not ready to handle the enormous connection that has been forged between my iron heart, and her heart of gold. sigh. mabye time is right, or i dunno. But anyways back to the weekend. I took Anna to this spanish festival saturday morning, it's in Linn Park( It's like a spanish city stages) and i thought that she really enjoyed it. I was so proud of her, she was like writing a novel in Spanish with every person there! I was blown away by how well she could speak, read, and by how much she knew about Spanish culture!!!! Then she went to work :-( then i picked her up and went rented Reality Bites(Good movie). But back to Anna and I. It's not like I act like a different person around her, i just try harder to impress her. I try too hard to be sweet and caring, when I should just be more of myself. The laughing, fun, crazy, CJ. Anna didn't fall in love with the CJ who always wants attention and always wants to be sweet to her and stuff. She fell in love with the guy who all we did was laugh when we were together, and didn't have a care in the world. sigh. I have commitment problems, and self asteem problems. Because i have never let Anna go in the past when she wanted it. I would never let her fly. And then I have asteem problems, because i think thats the reason i tried so hard to be sweet and stuff. I was just trying to hard to make her love me, when all I had to do was be myself. (slap myself across the face) I'm glad i've realized all this though and i hopefully will work on it. but Anna.... I'll always be your solid ground. Always.

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Friday, October 17th, 2003
4:08 pm - (vomiting)
wow I am watching's the "Opposite in Every way but love episode".....this is crazy...this one guy weighs 770 pounds, and his girlfriend weighs 125 pounds. It is crazy how strong love is...this one guy looks like nightcrawler from x men he has had all of his skin tatood black, and he stuck a 3 foot long sword down his throat. and his girlfriend is a girl getting her masters in college right is crazy. but anyways. my mind has been on a vacation the last few days. I have had nothing to worry homework, tests, problems, nothing! I have just been looking forward to tonight and tomorrow over the last few days...It's been great. And I am so happy with my girl Anna! Yeeeaaah well i gotta go...time to get ready for homecoming! BAM!

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
5:32 pm - hoooo raaaaa
Usual Day.....tired, lazy, sent to the office, whooped ass in know.....well my day started out by me being harassed by Coach Weems because i wore my ear rings to school today....he only saw my right ear ring and gave me a very rude response which i am not going to say in this journal. A few periods later, Mrs. Hamley who will send me to the office for having red stripes on my shirt by claiming that it supports communism, sent me to to the office for my ear rings....she couldn't just tell me to take them out, no she had to send me to the office. so Mr. Cain the principle told me to take them out. lol. eat a dick mrs. hamley. brrruuu hahahaaaa..... my day was tiring... I am going to watch baseball and lay my ass out on the bed for hours upon hours....i did a good job today though controlling my temper (thanks to my wrist band thing). I am proud of myself. Well i guess i'm gonna go pass out. later. I need a vacation. To The Great Barrier Reed to go Snorkeling! Not scuba diving* hehe ;-)

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7:33 am - need sleepppp....zzzzzzzzzzzz
Slept about 3 hours last night in between my thinking and getting up and watching tv and reading and thinking and sleeping and thinking. I am not ready to try to just be friends with Anna, and what makes it even worse for me, is that I am not mature enough to try to handle being in a relationship wtih her either, so after i screwed up our relationship, we try to just be best friends and i can't even get that to work. I hate being 17. I get upset over dumb things, which i shouldn't, and i am stubborn. Granted i had my reasons to be upset, i still should have just said whatever and gotten off the phone but i had to argue, i had to let her know how rude she was being. She still had an obligation to go with me, wether we are going out or not. Her word is her word, she told me she would go so she should, but she made other plans. And she says she couldn't get a dress, well why didn't she just tell me that when i asked her. That she wouldn't be able to go because she couldn't get a dress. And it wouldn't have made me upset if she would have just come straight up front and told me that she couldn't go instead of letting me find out another way. But i respect that she doesn't want to go and it's all right. But oh well. Long story cut short, I am stupid, and am a Fool. I think I'll just give us some time and try to stay out of Anna's life for a while before i do something stupid again. I am sorry. It's time for me to face the music and be a man. One day Anna and I will be able to enjoy the gift we have and be happy with each other. One day. We both just need time to mature and live our lives. I am sorry. Forgive me.

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Monday, October 13th, 2003
11:20 pm - idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot
note to self-GROW UP

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6:17 pm - silver pants and big ear rings......
well today was interesting, just like the tacky day every year at Hoover. I started out by waking up at 6:22 to go to make up my 200 point English test which out of stupidity, i didn't study for. so i roll up at school at like 7:30 and hike up all 3 floors to Mr. Snoddy's room. Mr. Snoddy is an old piece of shit. He had this incident on a Carnivel Cruise Line where he broke his leg and there wasn't a doctor on board or some shit, anyways, he sued them for all they were worth. Why he still teaches at Hoover i'll never know. so i go in there and i am taking my test when i realize that whenever a student comes in to make up work, which is like every 3.7 minutes, Mr. Snoddy greats them with this drawn out yeeeeesssssss...... after 10 minutes of it, it started to annoy the dog shit out of me. i heard it at least 30 times. i booked it through the test so i could get out of that damn room. so then i go get coffee, and go back to school to only be late for Coach Weems class... he shit a telephone. I walked into to the locker room like a minute late and he told me if i was late one more time then i get to start doing 10 laps for every minute i'm late. then he saw my coffee and he goes "whhat in the hell is that, you're bringing coffee into my STRENGH TRAINING CLASS? No wonder you are so damn skinny boy...."and he mumbled something as he walked off. Then i went to pre cal and played tetris and i was like 300 points away from the record when i died. shit. Went to Marine Bio, and i talked Mrs. Ward into letting me wear her big ass tacky earings....these things were HUGE. they hung down to my neck i swear. LoL. Then Mrs. Hamleys class were she mis calculated the grades and told me i had a 71 in the class so i got pissed and she re counted and told me i had an 84? yeah...simple mistake. anyways. I sweated my way through that class, because since today was tacky day, i wore a pair of Kevins 3 feet wide pair or pants that were silver and made of damn PVC. So it was like i was a walking sauna. These things could survive a nuclear bomb i swear they are so thick. Went to Monopoly in Economics where i dominated. I won the game and wound up with 15000 of the 16000 dollars that the game has. BAM. so i went to the mall after that with Cowboy George and Brent. I bought the funniest damn DVD on the planet, Anna we are going to laugh till we shit our pants. It's like these cute little cartoon characters, except it is made by like the makers of the simpsons and Beavis and Butthead, so they are ensane. It is hilarious. Then i came home. Good day. I am in much better spirits about the current predicaments that have dug there way into my life. Especially with Anna. I am in a much more positive view of what we are now. And much more hopeful, I just realize now this is for the better. And we'll still have each other in our lives, and we will still be ensanley happy around each other just like always. This is good. I'm happy. I thank her so much for the way she handles this, and handles my reaction to it. I envy her sweetness, and understanding, and loyalty, and how noble she is. She is so mature for doing this. you are the shit Anna. anyways. I gotta go get another job one day this week. Looks like i might have to be Party City's bitch for a few weeks till i can get a hold of a long time job. Yay. LoL. Anyways, i gotta go........lots of homework.....later...

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