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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

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    Long time, no see
    It's been a while to say the least since I last updated. This is more of a retrospective post than anything. It's eerie to read through old posts from a short time ago and realize how much things have changed. A little over a year ago, I was worried about my interview to get accepted to the credit union - I've since been sucked in and now I'm a board member and VP. Still the same old graveyard computer lab shifts, but now I'm the longest "surviving" graveyard ITA, as Tosh (the only holdover) has since graduated. Now the self-proclaimed 5AM party crew has a cast of new members. I used to be content with five classes per semester and now I'm regretting adding that sixth - it's rewarding but in weeks like this one, I feel like I'm consistantly reading Econ/Finance/Accounting notes or studying Deutsch/Français/中文.

    College has for all intensive purposes lost the fun edge it used to have. Meeting up with old frosh year hallmates randomly for dinner last night made me feel a sense of nostalgia - it's weird to see somebody who entered Penn with you in J.S. graduating and randomly bumping into others after months of not seeing them. People tend to disappear after freshman year. Last year had its moments too, and it was nice to know another room of people on the hall. Now the housing situation is somewhat isolating, and it takes a lot more of an effort to keep up with others. Everybody around me seems so driven for the future (which is necessary to a point) but they often seem to be forgetting that they're college students. Some days, I wish I could once again be one of those care-free Quad residents.

    I'll be getting ready to graduate in just a year. Only two and a half years ago, I was just starting off as a naïve frosh in engineering. A year ago I was pumped up to be working for Chris (the Congressman) all summer. Now, after three seemingly hopeless months of recruiting, when I thought everything had gone to waste, I finally got an offer for this summer (a paid job for once). And just to think, in six months I could know where I'll be working the next few years.

    There are both good and bad things all around: daylight savings time (good - longer days, bad - I still want that hour of sleep back), death of the pope (not to mention Terry Schiavo - a new household name, Johnny "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit" Cochran, Yassar Arafat a while back, etc.), the start of the baseball season, Penn's half-assed effort in the NCAA tournament against BC (but at least they made it)... too lazy to go on.

    On that note, enough procrastinating - back to my French paper.

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