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water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. [14 Aug 2003|06:49am]
[ mood | crazy ]

hello. today is thursday. i am going to wisconsin today. i know everyone will be deeply saddened without me around. but dont worry, im only going to be gone untill tomorrow night. im realllllly out of it now because i havent slept, so if i am not making any sence, bare with me.
last night was fun. abbie and brendan came over and we walked around for awhile and then went back to my house. then abbie decided to make us tea. it was quite an experience. haha. i cant think of anything else to write.

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[13 Aug 2003|03:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | the cure- boys dont cry ]

went to the mall today with my family. i got these really cool jeans from kohls and these awesome school shoes from hot topic. nice. i think im getting blisters on my feet from walking though. not fun. tomorrow i am going to wisconsin with my cousins. it should be a good time. yeah.
i am very proud of myself. i told someone something that i thought i never would. it was scary but releaving. im glad i told them. :)

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[12 Aug 2003|11:51pm]
This is a song about the seedy underbelly of the carnival
The part that only the kids know about
This is a song about 16 year old girls giving carnies head
for free rides and hits of pot

I wanna go, I wanna go
I wanna go to the carnival
But it cots $16 yeah
I wanna go to the carnival
But I know it costs $16 now

Round, round, round...
Gonna lose $20 while I'm there
See the girls with the feathered hair
They're wearing plastic, not real leather
Boots that go way up to there

Round, round, round...
It's by the Lacey mall,
That's where you'll find me, yeah.
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[12 Aug 2003|11:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | anti-flag- we've got his gun ]

uh huh. went to vals party. then abbie and brendan came back over. i am covered in sharpie marker because my brother decided to chase me with one and write all over me. thank you jim. right on. not much else to say. uh huh.
school starts in like a week. argh. i still have to read 2 books for english and write book reports and read a book for spanish!! eeeek!

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happy birthday val!!!!!!!!! [12 Aug 2003|03:49pm]
yeehaw. today is vals birthday. abbie and brendan are coming here in a little while and then we are going to vals house for a bbq. score. i made her a purse and a wristband. i hope she likes them.
yesterday was a good shoping day. i got two sweaters, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt that i am going to make into a skirt from the thrift store. also i got some random patches, some felt, and a lotta ribbon from jo-ann fabrics. it was good.
i better go get ready now.
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[10 Aug 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | stuffed ]
[ music | remy zero- save me ]

whoo man. i am bored. i have acomplished absolutely nothing today thank you. well, actually, i did download about like a billion songs, but thats it. and no one is home tonight so its not like im going out or anything... *sighh*.... i guess ill just read the rest of my book. and maybe start the report.... or maybe not. oh well. :-/
i found some really cool boutiques online today. awesome stuff. too bad im cheep. and shipping costs oodles.

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[10 Aug 2003|03:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | L7- shove ]

haha. so i was babysitting last night. and we were outside playing georgina of the jungle and all of the sudden the neighbors started yelling and whistling. the little girl i was babysitting turns to me and was like "i bet they got a stripper." haha. i laughed. and i also made like $40 for only babysitting for 4 hours. go me. the end.
i was sad. ashley invited us to sleep over, but i couldnt go.
kirsten was in the hospital :-/ she had a something on her tonsil. not fun.
abbies emma got a hampster. its name is weenie. haha! how awesome is that? i am quite jealous. its adorable. its a dwarf hampster, so its going to stay pretty small. its so cute.
i am trying to get a new code for my livejournal. i dont like the one i have now. it really annoys me.
work is over. i am sad because i really liked it. it was a lot of fun. i hope i can do it again next summer. now i need to start hunting for a new job. maybe at the cleaners on the end of my block. that would be easy.
i have had major cramps all week. i never get cramps. this sucks. argh.

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[09 Aug 2003|09:27am]
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[27 Jul 2003|05:39pm]
bla bla bla
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[13 Jul 2003|01:02pm]
"Avoid all needle drugs- the only dope worth shooting is Richard Nixon."
-Steal This Book
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[11 Jul 2003|11:37pm]
i want a good digital camera. that would be cool.
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[10 Jul 2003|07:29am]
i am tired. i need somekind of sleeping pills or something. argh.
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[08 Jul 2003|04:18pm]
this is my new journal.
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