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Thursday, January 15th, 2004
4:34a - ~my eyes are sore~
gay girl

You Do It Like a Gay Girl

Even if you're not a girl's girl, you act like one.

You tend to form deep, long lasting loves…

And after you've gazed into one another's souls

The battery operated sex follows!

Straight or Gay? Guy or Girl? Who Do You Do it Like?

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Buffy is proud of you!!Well Done!!
You've made Buffy proud!!!You know your stuff.

Buffy Quotes Season 4
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You need a boyfriend, but only if he has a vagina.

Yes, you read between the lines correctly...

You’re a lesbian.

Or should that be "read between the labia?"

Not only do you not need a boyfriend...

The mere thought of one leaves you completely underwhelmed and uninterested.

That’s not to say you wear flannel shirts and a tool belt.

It’s just that you know what you like...

And it ain’t a hairy, 9-inch (yeah, right) dick pointed in your direction.

Not unless it’s strapped to a hot mama packin’ 34C’s. Now that’s interesting!

Do You *Need* a Boyfriend?

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k. that's it for now with the quizzes, but i'll find more soon i'm sure. lol. fuck. my eyes are so sore! but whatever! i don't wanna log off. i'm havin fun. i'm too fuckin addicted to the net. it's grosse. lol. anyways... didn't get to squeeze my post in yesterday, which is prally a good thing, cuz it was a rough day. then again, jan 13th always is. doo would've been 26 years old this year. damn. it's a goo dthing me and mom quit our 'xmas decoration shopping' tradition last year, cuz obviously we can't do it this year. oy. oh! i 'lost' 20$ yesterday too, which makes me even more broke! fuck, eh? plus pms is kicking in. and i miss home. not really home, just.. my friends. all i wanted yesterday was to cuddle up with stinky and do nothing. oh! muffin & wonko broke up yesterday, and stinky & spooge broke up today. weirdness. so anyways... finnished my laundry today. pretty much been online since i got home. made plans with sophie to go for coffee friday, which should be fun. meh. we'll see how it goes. oh! got introduced to an amazing song today!!! johnette napolitano's "suicide note". *high five to jonah for the intro* hahaha. anyways... i'm gunna wrap this up and head to bed soon. i have to be up in... 7 hours, which rocks now that i think of it! woohoo!!! later!

ps: note to jonah: 'g to the night?' hahaha! bravo! i guess i just, just missed ya. lol. good luck on the interview!

pps: isn't that pic of sarah michelle gellar UBER hot? *creams* no one can disagree! but i'm sure kirsten will just for the hell of it! hahaha!

current mood: sleepy
current music: white stripes~hardest button to button

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12:12p - ~i REALLY should be getting ready for school...~

The ULTIMATE personality test
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MY COMMENT: that's creepy... wow. i know this is a stupid quiz, but it's fuckin DEAD ON!!! *creeped out*

current mood: hungry
current music: tegan and sara~superstar

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