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12th January 2004

10:43pm: The Much Awaited First Entry
Couldn't think of a better title, but you'll have to excuse me...I'm in the process of killing some math, great stuff. The point of this first entry is to bring you, the reader, up to date...and for me to see if I like this lay-out or not. I think I might have to make do though since the choices were limited and I have absolutely no experience in making lay-outs of my own. So if you do, direct some help in this direction please. *waves*

Ok then before i get 'jiggy with it' I'll have to warn that some content may be unsuitable for children under the age of 15...Right then now that we got that little tid bit over (because no one ever takes the warnings seriously) I can proceed with more randomness.

I don't really have all that much to say...Ah...let's see...I'm currenlty involved in 2 RPGs...I've been with one for almost a year now...and about 2 months with the other. I'm having issues with both at the moment though. On the first one, a bunch of people I role pleayed with left because of disputes with the admins and/or because they have a more active social life than the rest of us. We all write ridiculously long stuff on taht site. On the other one though, I'm half of the active characters I created a 12 yr old spamming monster and i'm trying to get the person in charge of the site to make me moderator...cuz she never does anything to the site and it's reaching the chaotic point.

On other news...I have to find a prom dress...which isn't cool...and a date....sadly enough the date will be easier than the date. But I guess that's how things go. I'm proud to announce that I lost some of the Holiday pounds I gained...and not so glad to anounce that evrything aroudn me has become painfully hectic.

My parents are getting a divorce...out of the blue, i sister is being accused of child porn I think...I'm not too sure about that because I only hear snippets of things. I have a test tomorrow in College-prep chem which I don't have the notes for...My ACT application thing missed the 1st now i ahve to get it in by th 2nd deadline and pay extra...and I have a load of math to do right well as shower...and it's 11 pm now...I love how the night just kinda fades into morning wthout notice...Well for me anyway.

*Scratches head* I think that's it for this entry...more to come though, so stay tuned.

Current Mood: frustrated
Current Music: Sweet Surrender--Sarah McLachlan
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