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  2004.09.14  00.21

The taste of an ulcer on its way out is a very comforting feeling. It's incredible how my tongue knows the inside of my mouth so well, that it can tell exactly which phase the ulcer is in. Please ignore my poor grammatic structure.

A few minutes ago after I knocked on the bathroom door and no one said anything from the other side, I opened it and my suitmate was standing in the other doorway waiting for me to come in so she could say "What the hell do you want?" I didn't really know what to say, but before I could say anything she let me know she was just kidding. I just mumbled something about having to go to the bathroom really bad. I didn't really like the whole exchange.

It's weird. Lately, my mom hasn't been emailing me at all. Usually she emails me almost every day. Hrm.

I cannot even begin to describe Kevin as of late. One day last week we were at his house (yes, His House teehee) doing some of his work when the doorbell rang. Since he was busy reading something, he asked if I would answer it, and of course I didn't mind. When I opened the door, a representative from Posey Peddlers was there with a delivery for Brittany Burton. I accepted vase and as I was walking back to Kevin I read the card: Thinking of you, Thanks for all your help lately. I love you, Kevin. By the time I got back to Kevin's chair, tears had welled up in my eyes and by the time his arms were around me, I was all out bawling. Just typing it now brings those same tears back to my eyes. Kevin noted that it was only the second or third time he'd seen me cry out of joy.. and I could tell he was pleased with it. I was more than pleased with the roses. We discussed later why one buys one's loved ones roses. He thinks it's really just to show that one is so in love with one's loved ones that one will do anything, including send expenseive flowers, to get that message across. Love makes you do crazy things, and spending money on that kind of thing is just sweet, not a bribe.

It seems like ever since then we've been in a different place. I can't remember even a small quarrel, although there are always little spats to go through. He has just smelled better than ever, felt better than ever, looked better than ever, laughed better than ever, tasted better than ever, etc. etc. etc. I just can't get enough of him.. I think this also has to do with the fact that he's very busy during the day, usually working from 6:30am to about 8pm at two jobs, so I don't feel like I see him as much. That and he has been the same way about me.. I love not taking a moment for granted with him. He just.. AH!

I have a presentation tomorrow about The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. I think it will go okay.

I am so tired my eyes are watering and my nose is running. See you kids around

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Music: simon and garfunkel-the sound of silence

  2004.08.30  12.39

Wow.. what a busy week!

Today we find out if the work we've done will get Kevin the better loan. As Katie and I decided, the appraiser is preparing to tell us our destiny. I'm nervous.

My roommate and I have gotten to where we don't really speak. oops.

My lap top is dirty and so are all my jeans (paint splotches and whatnot). oops, again.

Hope your week is beginning well.. mine is hectic.

Mood: drained
Music: I'm too tired to listen

  2004.08.20  13.37

Somebody's alarm is going off and has been for the past 15 minutes. It's driving me crazy!

I forgot to tell you this a minute ago.. this morning when I got out of my shower and walked back into my room, I saw this little dot on my sheet. I didn't have my glasses on or anything, but I feared the worst. After further inspection, still without my glasses (thank God they turned the clock off!!), a lump formed in my throat. There was the center ball, a smudge of yellowish red liquid, and a number of leg peices scattered within a few cubic inches on my bed. My dad had just noticed I was out of the shower and called out a greeting, to which I responded 'Mm. Come here.' He came right in and I showed him the remains, and he called my mom in for back-up. They both decided it was a bug, but it was "too many pieces to see what it was." Yeah right! It was totally a spider.. that was apparantly in my bed with me last night. Without realizing it, I must have crunched it and rolled around in it for awhile, mutilating it almost beyond recognition OR it was crawling on my leg and I killed it just by unconsciously swiping at it. Either way, it grossed me out and I really wanted to take another shower. I told this story to Kevin with the opening "the worst thing happened this morning," although, like he suggested, I realize there could have been so many other bad things that could have happened. (it could have been on my pillow!)

So I kinda think the smudged stuff was his blood, not mine, and I haven't found any bites or anything. I do think they come to me though, I seem to get them on or in my stuff much more often than anyone else. Just last night and this morning, my dad and I ran into 3 between the two of us.. I guess maybe they're really bad this year?

Anywho, I really am going to the store now. Good day


  2004.08.20  13.01

Well.. I'm at school! Just arrived today. I have about half of my stuff in the dorm, and my parents are bringing the rest tomorrow. Katie and I will soon be roomies and guess what kinda luck she got! She's two doors down, across the hall.. which is incredible for having just registered within a few weeks. I got this room reserved last April, and they told us there probably wouldn't be any available in this hall.

Anywho.. Katie's at band practice, and I don't have anything to do. I guess I'll read. or paint.

Maybe I'll go to the store..

Who knows?

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  2004.08.18  01.20

You know, I guess I kinda take the "Current Music" field to be more of a "Current Noise" field.. I'm not always listening to music, but I like telling you guys all about my surroundings. If there is actually anyone out there to tell.

The craziest thing happened today. Kevin and I went to the bank before we left to go to Jonesboro and a man asked us if today was the 16th, and we both responded that we thought it was the 17th. Then I'm filling out my deposit slip convincing myself that today is actually the 16th and Kevin mumbles something to me. A little distractedly, I ask him what he said and he repeats, "Happy anniversary, Brittany." I sat there dumfounded for a few seconds.. I couldn't believe that it had gotten all the way to our anniversary, not to mention 10:00 am, and neither one of us had even thought about it. Not even a few days before. It was like it just totally sneaked up on us. Crazy.

Tonight Kevin called me a kooky little princess. And for awhile he made me laugh as Josepheus.

Did you see, the people who do not support Democrats came out with their own kind of ketchup, called none other than W Ketchup. It took me a minute to really believe it when Kevin sent me the link. They don't want to support the 57 Heinz varieties, the 57 overseas factories, or the liberal things Heinz supports, like Kerry running for President. Ouch. What a low blow.. too bad ole Teresa didn't pick another family to be born into.

First thing this morning Kevin thanked me for my valiant effort last night on the eBay auction, but I felt even stupider for him to see how many times I tried to get it.

The man is coming tomorrow to pick up the Cougar and I will be a bit sad to see it go. But the good thing is that it's helping Kevin get his house and it's definitely worth that.

Only two more days until I move to the dorm.. and it's going to be a little weird. Last time this year, Kevin was moving into the dorms across campus, so I had him there with me. But right now, Kevin's going to be staying at home working until his house is ready to be moved into, which won't be until the end of the month. *sniff*

I guess I've stalled going to bed long enough.. but as Josepheus pointed out, I slept all day long in the car.

I hope I get good at 'disc' golf! ..or at least mediocre

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  2004.08.17  01.19

Hooray! I just finished my purse! It's black and red and white, and some parts accidently ended up looking like an american flag. My grandmother gave me some crazy trim to put on the front flap, and I'm really excited to get to wear it.

I've been left in charge of bidding on an ebay item for Kevin, and I'm really nervous/excited to do so. He had to get some sleep tonight so I offered to wait up until the auction was over and try to get it for him. I have 31 minutes left.

Most girls get bad zits during that time of the month, but Kevin pointed out today that it seems like I get ulcers instead. sucks.

Now I have 21 minutes left.

I got a new pair of glasses the other day.. Kevin found them early and we looked at a whole lot more, but just kept coming back to them. I really like them, and they're a lot different than my other ones.

I broke my first pair at a park with Kevin. Luckily I did so after seeing the bat. He was flying real crazy. And it was the first one I'd ever seen outside of the zoo.

Okay ten minutes left.. time for butterflies in the stomach. I reallllly want to win this for Kevin.

Wish me luck!

EDIT: Sad day tonight.. I bid what Kevin said, even a few over in an attempt just to win...but the original bidder must have put some crazy high top bid on because I ran out of time tyring. *sigh* I looked for more but I'm not too sure what I'm looking for.. at least he said there are some others listed. Goodnight

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  2004.08.16  01.01

I'm incredibly excited that Kevin's getting the house. Now the only things we have to do are to move in.. decorate.. find someone to rent the apartment.. get a puppy.. and let me plant my garden this spring. or whenever.

The other day I watched a show that kinda made me sad. It was a show of Home Improvement that had a rare tone of solemnity. Jill had to have an emergency hystorectomy and when she found out she got all messed up about it because she was afraid Tim wouldn't find her desirable anymore. Just listening to her actually almost brought tears to my eyes, I guess because I was really sympathizing with her. Whew. Tough stuff.

Our yard sale was pretty successful, I'd say. And we sold one of Kevin's cars on eBay tonight, this guy is getting one of his friends to look at my dad's car tomorrow for him and Kevin's other car should sell pretty easily.

One of my favorite songs at the moment is Volcano by the Presidents. I hadn't been exposed to their music much before a few weeks ago and Kevin did an excellent job of highlighting the best for me. I just can't get over their lyrics.. they're my favorite kind.. smart and wordy but not stretched to make it fit..

It's crazy how certain things remind you of other things. This weekend has for some reason been like that. And right now, for some reason I'm listening to random songs from high school and the Ignition remix by R Kelly really throws me back. I remember my friend Camie's favorite part is where he says 'it's the freakin weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun.' Haha.. thats a dumb thing to remember.. I can just see her singing it.. in between 3rd period and my lunch, her 4th period. *sigh*

It's crazy the way I feel about Kevin.. like.. I can't put it into words that absolutely cannot be debated. You know what I mean? Like.. I cannot convey exactly the way I feel, not even to him. I can't squeeze him tight enough, kiss him hard enough, smile at him big enough, laugh loud enough, cry hard enough, or love him long enough. I have somehow woven him into every aspect of my life, and I would have it no other way. The other day I accidently found a present for me and he went ahead and let me have it; it's a heart shaped locket. I left it at his house because I felt bad for finding it, but today I found the perfect picture to put into it. It's the most adorable picture of Kevin when he was like 4 or 5.. he's got a little red sports coat thing on and a black bowtie.. it is just absolutely precious. Tonight was totally a Dave Matthews 'Crush' night.

Back to the remembering things thing for a second.. it's really crazy how smells can take you back. I think they say that smell is the sense that can most closely associate memories and stuff.

I leave to go back to school this Friday, and I'm not too nervous.. I just have a lot of things to do first. I need to finish my purse, make my little hat toboggan thing, switch my fish tanks over, go with Kevin to Newport for his online classes, go with Katie to Jonesboro for something I'm not quite sure, decide what to pack, blah blah.

Anyways.. I guess it's bed time. Goodnight.

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Music: Swear It Over Again - Westlife.. you caught me!

  2004.08.13  14.43

I have even more news.. Kevin's been approved for the loan and now nothing is in our way!

On a sour note, Kevin's camera has been stolen. But hopefully it will cost half as much to replace it as it did to buy it in the first place.

The yard sale is coming along swimmingly, I just need to get some more tables and the Christmas decorations and we'll be ready.

Today is my brother's birthday and we're all going out to eat at Lotus.. its this reallllly good Thai place. If you are ever anywhere near Memphis, you should go. It's on Summer, really close to the exit from I-40. A little further west, I believe. Anyways.. I really want to go to this store and get Jason another little gift... so I think I'm going to do that.

After I go through this box of yard sale stuff.

Mood: busy
Music: We Looked Like Giants- Death Cab for Cutie

  2004.08.12  23.56

Guess what!

Kevin got the house! This may sound stupid but I am really excited. And I know it may come across as strange for a 19 year old kid to buy a house.. but if you think about it, renting a house is a big waste of money. Why not just take the same amount that you'd be paying on rent and pay it on a mortgage payment? That's pretty much what he's doing. He'll have one roommate to help foot the bill, and the crazy cool thing about this house is that it has an efficiency apartment next door that came with it, so he can rent that out and make even more money.

I just can't wait for my little vegetable garden and Samoyed puppy. It has a big backyard. Annd we'll get to paint some of the rooms and bring furniture in and use real dishes. *sigh*

I just found the most disgusting thing. A minute ago there was a mosquito on my arm and I smacked at it but didnt see it or any remains afterward so I figured I didn't get him. Then, when I was typing 'puppy' I made a mistake and had to look at the keyboard to find the Del key and it was halfway sticking out from under the Alt key. And it was dead as anything. Yuck.

Today at my occupational passing of time this man came in that Katie and I cannot stand for the world. Well, maybe for the world.. but that's cutting it close. Anyway, he's real pompous and has to tell everyone how much money he made the day before. Anyway, we can't stand him but we have to be nice because we need his business. (I work at Katie's mom's embroidery shop) He walked up to Katie and me and asked us if we're registered to vote. We both said no but we plan on doing it before we go back to school and conversation proceeded as follows.

Katie: Who do you like?
Him: Oh, I'm real conservative
Me (mostly under my breath): Don't worry I'll vote
[Katie explodes into uncontrollable and hysterical laughter]
Him: What? What?
Me: I said 'don't worry I'll vote'

And that was just the beginning. Since Katie and I were the least bit interested he spent the next thirty minutes telling us exactly what he thinks and why he thinks that. We had a few good points and he resorted to this kind of thing:

Him (in regards to Katie saying Bush isn't the best speech-giver): So you'd rather have a president who will have sex with a 21-year-old but can give good speeches?
Me: Well, that sex isn't relevant
Him: Oh! Look at what we've taught our daughters! Sex isn't relevant!
Me: No, that's not what I said.
Him: Oh, it's not?
Me: No, that's not what I was meaning
Him: Well what did you say then?
Me: I meant that him having sex with her was irrelevant to his intelligence. The human sex drive is a very basic and natural instinct.. anyone can have sex. That doesn't have anything to do with his level of intelligence

So it looks like I 'won' that, but it wasn't really a battle. Katie had to leave a couple minutes after that and he and I entered into a very nice debate. It was the first time that I actually had a "conservative" admit that a Democratic president was good (even though it was JFK) and agree with me on certain aspects. We decided that you like the way a party handles the government based on what affects you most closely, for example, his son is going to Iraq soon and my parents (and soon to be me) are in the education business. It's all relative.

Anywho.. I'm tired and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Maybe I can be in bed by midnight. LLater

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  2004.08.10  23.45

Welcome to the newest addition of my thoughts on the internet!

I don't really have much to say at the moment.. may seem to not bode well for the entire idea of me keeping up with this, but I have simply been too busy to have interesting days, although yesterday I did help my friend write an awesome 'closure letter' to one of her friends. Sad to say, but I am proud of us.

And yesterday in the shower I splatted myself in the face with my lathered shampoo.

I think Kevin might be buying a house soon! Annnd it's the one we love. I'm looking forward to school starting, believe it or not. Maybe because I'm a dork and have the button to prove it.


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