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Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Subject:New Christian Sci-Fi Spot
Posted by:solshine702.
Time:10:27 pm.
Hello all!

The Christian Sci-Fi discussion has moved!!! Check out my blog Sci-Fi / Journalist at

Recent posts include:

"Blood and Chocolate"
"James Cameron is back!"
"Children of Men"
"The Princess of Neptune"

And many more!!

The Christian Sci-Fi genre is very much alive and growing in supporters and fans. I have some great links to the top CSF sites, here are a few to check out:

Speculative Faith at
A Christian Worldview of Fiction at
Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour at

Once again...please check out my blog Sci-Fi / Journalist at for recent updates on all things Sci-Fi.

Hope to see you there!!! Take care and God bless!!
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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004

Subject:It's a New Year!
Posted by:solshine702.
Time:2:04 am.
[Get Pumped!]

I hope everyone is still pumped about the beginning of a new year. Expect more in 2004! We haven't had any recent posts but it's a new year so lets join together and do a new thing! If anyone has fresh ideas as to what they want Christian Sci-Fi to be please voice your opinions, remember this is our group.

What cool sci-fi book, TV or movie are really getting into now or pumped to get into?

[Jake 2.0]

Anyone catch an episode of Jake 2.0? Is it any good?

[Write On]

Have you been working a good sc-fi script, short story or fanfic? If so, we wanna know.
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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003

Posted by:coolpearls.
Time:3:14 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American.
This is my website of some of my stories. I have Roswell fanfic and a few original stories. I have lots of stories I'm going to add, the website's only just beginning to be worked on, but I thought I'd post the link anyway.
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Friday, March 21st, 2003

Posted by:solshine702.
Time:10:45 pm.
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Hey! I did a google search for some Christian Sci-Fi related websites. I thought they might be of some interest to you all. Something to check out if you're bored. I won't give my full endorsement for these sites because I'm not familar with them but they seemed like they were cool. If you know of any good sci-fi websites do share. ::smile::

I'd start off with the second link. Enjoy!

Sci-fi Christian Yahoo Group
What a Slacker Sci-fi
100 Top Sci-fi
Geocities Sci-fi
Writer's Universe
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Subject:Let's Get this Party Started!!
Posted by:solshine702.
Time:6:28 pm.
Welcome and thanks for joinging the group. Are you ready to get this community up and going? I definately am.
To get the ball rolling let's start off with a couple of Top Five Lists.

Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies:

1. X-Men
2. The Matrix
3. Terminator
4. Spiderman
5. Men in Black

Top 5 Sci-Fi TV shows:

1. Roswell
2. Smallville
3. The Pretender
4. X-Files
5. Dark Angel (Season 1)

Those are my it's your turn! Got any ideas on future Top Five Lists? Post them and we'll answer away.
Until then...

"The truth is out there"
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Thursday, March 20th, 2003

Subject:Wanna join?
Time:1:53 pm.
Mood: artistic.
Are you a Christian? Do you like Sci-Fi? Than this community is for you!

Come on and join. ::slight smile:: you know you want to.
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