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    Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
    12:44 am
    so i pulled a 180 on the on ramp on to the 8. it had just started to rain after the thursday thrice show and kara, mark and i were getting ready to get on the freeway. the car in front of me fishtailed a little and then i started to fishtail and in a matter of seconds we were facing the opposite way on the on ramp, watching all the cars come at us. as weird as this was, bryan was the first car to reach us. lol. the thing is, is that i wasnt even trying to go fast, my rpm's were also really low because i had just shifted into third gear and went into the turn on the on ramp. we werent even freaked out, no hearts racing, just calm, saying wow, that was fun. lol. so we made it in the end. bryan saw the whole thing ha hahahah. wll its late. i should get to bed now. hopefully no fishtailing for me tomorrow when i go to school!!

    later kids xoxox
    Thursday, October 30th, 2003
    3:50 pm
    now that the chaos is basically over and i have a chance to sit and think, i will.

    the fire was scary. thank god it stopped before it got to cottonwood. first of all viejas. my god, what were they thinking. the fire was seriously less than two miles away from the casino and they didnt evacutate the casino. the outlet mall evacuated. i swear, just to make a buck. so valet had to move all the cars up to the front and then most of the valet staff was sent off. finally at 330 i got to go home. i had to go down dehesa, which was basically closed, but not formally closed. going down dehesa was so scary. there was fire up on the ridges and it looked unforgiving. it was simply amazing. and my god it was close to cottonwood.

    finally got home, and the next morning at 830 we got the mandatory evacuation notice. i was sleeping. but man did i wake up fast. luckily the fire was stopped.

    so many houses were burned. i saw the homes on harbison, it looked like a war zone. unbelievable.

    thats it for now. i hope all of u are doing well. bye.

    Current Mood: loved
    Current Music: yellowcard - rocket
    Sunday, October 26th, 2003
    12:35 am
    well i just got back from the taking back sunday/ saves the day show. man that was a great show, two thumbs up. taking back was awesome. last time i saw them, i was sneaking into pit so i didnt really get to see them. but this time i was rockin out with them. soma was packed im telling u. the floor was moving. the lead singer for tbs is one hell of a dancer too, lol its really funny to watch

    then saves the day came out, they played so many songs. and still didnt play all of them. u know how some bands will play every hit song from their cd's, well they have so many good songs that they just cant play em all. some of my favs that didnt make the setlist were third engine, drag in d, and sell my clothes. but other than that, one hell of a show.

    well im done for now unless i think of anything else to write tonight. peace out
    chris xoxox
    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2003
    10:57 pm
    oh yeah, some dip shit called me pancho tonight at work. that fucking pissed me off man. fuck u bitch ass white boy.
    10:55 pm
    anyone out there going to saves the day/ taking back sunday??? well it seems as though im the only one going. but fuck it, i'll go alone. im not missing this show.

    well ok time to do homework. i hate school! :)

    Current Mood: stressed
    Current Music: the starting line - cheek to cheek
    Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
    9:27 pm
    this is the part where i say i love u and u dont even hear me.

    Current Mood: nostalgic
    Current Music: Thursday - Marches & Maneuvers
    10:30 am
    la la la la la
    yay. im at school right now. i can think of a hundred places i'd rather be right now. my bed is at the top of the list. im so bored rght now. i hate school. i hate my classes. except history, i dont know why i like that class but i do. i have a lot of homework that i dont want to do. i need my paycheck. i havent been paid in weeks. im starting to get pissed. im just going off on a rant. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

    today is a special day, although painful. brings back memories. oh well.

    i like the early november. i think senses fail is annoying, but damn them they have some catchy songs. same thing with the used. thursday is the new band im listening to. theyre not new, but theyre new to me b/c i havent listened to them before. im done. go marlins

    Current Mood: bored
    Current Music: i cant play music in the library :(
    Saturday, October 18th, 2003
    2:52 am
    what the hell happened?!?
    nothing can illustrate the sorrow inside due to the fact that both the red sox and the cubs didnt make it to the series. sigh... so go marlins. beat them yanks.
    2:40 am
    finding food in my house is like quest for fire for the cavemen.

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: the early november - make it happen
    12:47 am
    la la la
    i wish they gave traffic controllers 9 mm's instead of flashlights. ppl would listen to u more if u were waving a gun instead of a flash light. lol. i broke my flash light last night. i must be an idiot. yeah. ok good night. muah
    chris xoxo
    Thursday, October 16th, 2003
    6:09 pm
    ignore this please
    6:09 pm
    so much to say
    ive got so much on my mind and not enough time to put it on paper. man when i finally let it all out its gonna be deep. u have no idea. everything is just all built up and its dying to get out. what a feeling.

    Current Mood: creative
    Current Music: the early november - the course of human life
    Sunday, October 12th, 2003
    11:58 pm
    i hate stats. i hate comm 103. i will be so happy when these classes are over. there will be a celebration.

    Current Mood: stressed
    Current Music: rage - renegades of funk
    Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
    7:13 pm
    go go go
    go sox!! go cubs!!

    Current Mood: sick
    Current Music: cubs and marlins on fox
    Monday, October 6th, 2003
    9:54 pm
    so sad
    i learned something the other day that made me so mad. i almost couldnt speak. it made me sick to my stomach. ive never felt so angry before. stephan, u better pray u never meet me. u are lower than shit.

    Current Mood: enraged
    Current Music: weezer - say it aint so
    Sunday, September 21st, 2003
    3:43 am
    its been a while
    its probably been a couple months since ive written in here, so here goes....

    first off, the band. we are making progress. i guess the biggest news is that we lost our bass player ryan. but let it be known, ryan left on extremely good terms and he will always be apart of AWN. within seconds of ryan departure, we re-aquired tim malcuit as our bass player. we are happy to have tim in the band and we know he will contribute like no other. finally, i met joey. finally. he is an amazing guitarist and i could only hope to be half as good as him, ever. ha ha. we hope that he can join us in AWN while setting time aside from his other band (name currently unknown to me). but joey c'mon kid, u know we're goin strait to the top. and we just wanna bring u with us. ;)

    second, school. san diego state is wow. its much more different than high school, thank god. not to say that i didnt have good times in high school b/c i did. my highlights were senior year, getting caught drinking at school, baseball, insert something really cool that i forgot here, and my hopeless attempts with love. but college has started! the classes are less strict, but variable in difficulty. and there is a hell of a lot more ppl. parking is a total bitch, by far worse than valhalla parking of 02-03. ive heard cuyamaca is gay. same old ppl with smoking everywhere. its like highschool with smoking? thats the impression i got. i pray for each and everyone of u at cuyamaca. it cant be easy.

    third, ashley. ashley is my g/f. she is the bestest best girl ever. lets see, i guess ive know her for about a month now. she is awesome to be around and i have a blast with her. i cant say enough good things about her. if ur reading this ashley, i love u.

    this is about all i have to say for now. hopefully it wont be 2 months b 4 i write in here again.
    until then
    chris xoxo

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: zebrahead - now or never. mutha fuckin zebrahead bitch
    Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
    11:03 pm
    i'll leave u with a song
    i wrote this today. enjoy

    -dont follow your heart-

    I don’t remember the reasons
    For your reason
    I don’t remember the feelings
    In confusion

    All I know is im still down from you
    This feelings back and its killing me again

    Remember me Im the one u were
    afraid to love
    Can u fathom the pain inside
    Never to know

    But im ok, its like old times
    Next to you, but far at the same
    don’t worry, I’ll be just fine
    I just, I just, I Just wanted to say

    I don’t remember the reasons
    For you reason
    I don’t remember the feelings
    In confusion

    All I know is I’m still down from you
    This feelings back and its killing me again

    Remember me I’m the one u were
    Afraid to love
    Can you fathom the pain inside
    Never to know

    good, bad, alright? tel me what u think
    later on

    Current Mood: hopeful
    Current Music: Dashboard Confessional - Several Ways To Die Trying
    2:09 am
    just some news
    well i finally got my halfstack. its sooooo loud, i havent turned it past 4 on the volume knob, it goes to 10. yes i plan to bring down the house when we finally play a show. right now im teaching myself scales on guitar so i can get better at writing riffs b/c i might move to lead. i have set forth a goal that we will play our first show in later october. i doubt this will happen. but lyrics are coming together and chords, well theyre chords, what can they do. keep asking me about the upcoming show. bugg me about it, dont let me slack off and stop writing. and yes u are all invited, even u.

    next show coming up on the calendar is the starting line. that'll be fun. no doubt, i think its sept 4th. then my b-day on the 8th. then rufio on the 10th.

    dashboard's new cd is out, well its out today. so im gonna go pick that up after i get some sleep. i will also be going to the dashboard show.

    i guess thats it for now. i have so much more to say. but it'll just have to wait for another day.

    "I guess its luck but its the same. hard luck you've been trying to tame. maybe its love but its life you say. love is like a role that we play, but i believe in you so much, i could die for the words you say, but i believe in you so much, i could die from the words that you say" DC

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: Dashboard Confessional - The Ghost Of A Good Thing
    Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
    11:36 pm
    put it on paper
    I think it was yesterday, i was at soma picking up tickets. And so i'm waiting and waiting for the ticket guy to show up. He didnt come until a couple hours, but thats not the point. Anyway this isnt the point either but, these girls were looking for tickets also and she was telling me how the starting line played this song that her and her boyfriend loved and they were gonna go. But then this guy came down and he had to pick up 100 tickets to sell b/c their band (oh this leads to my point) their band just got added to the hornswaggle show, spelling? So we got to talking and he was talking about shows and he was telling me how much fun it is to get up on stage and play a show. It was almost like he couldn't explain it. And thats always how i thought it would feel, only now he confirmed it ten fold. So this is my dream. Put it on paper, write a book, and call it my biography. My ambition is to play a show, to get up on stage and rock out and sing from my soul. Can u imagine how that must feel? It would be EVEN better if the crowd were singing along, but perhaps that will come someday. i shouldnt ask for too much right. So this is my goal. I won't stop at nothing to make this happen. I'm in the middle of writing some music to this song called 'the best years of my life'. I have high hopes for this song. I feel like i could do anything right now. I'm on a natural high.

    i am a cokeaholic :) help me...

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: The Early November - Ever So Sweet
    Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
    9:14 pm
    so whats up
    well its been a couple days since ive updated so...

    we had band practice the other day. the band consists of me on guitar, bryan on vocals and guitar, ryan on bass, mark on drums and perhaps joey on guitar replacing bryan on guitar. anyway so joey didnt show up, bastard. and then we drove to the middle of butt fuck egypt to pick up surf boards that werent there. then we finally got back to practice, oh but first we stopped at in and out. in and out was good, well worth the elongated break. but anyways we got back to practice and about an hour later bryan's amp blows out. wonderful. the thing's a gonner. so now hopefully it wont cost too much to get it fixed. we have our first song done, but when i say done i mean we have lyrics and guitar. so its kind of done but not really. its actually not that bad, its called 'play on', b/c i know u were dying to know.

    and so now it looks like we are going through monsoon season. what the hell is goin on. or maybe its just a little tropical storm that washed up on the southern left coast. whatever it is, it sux. i was in my car and i had the top down and started raining. it was kinda funny. but i was more pissed b/c i had just washed my car.

    umm, lets see. i got my classes at sdsu and i must say college is going to be so much better then high school. my classes are on tuesday and thursday, how great is that. im starting class a half hour later then i did in high school and i only have to go twice a week. this is good. 4 day weekends every weekend.

    wouldnt it be great if mtv actually played music videos? and rap videos dont count. im sorry.

    im going to watch the movie 'gods and generals'. im always up for a good war movie.

    ok im out. xo chris :P

    Current Mood: nostalgic
    Current Music: The Starting Line - Thanks, You're The Best
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