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Monday, January 5th, 2004

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    If only I could breathe you in..every drop of you....
    Ok sooooo my mother thinks Im a know if i did actually act like a slut then I'd see her point but that fact is I really don't! Its just her 'assuming' things again. *sigh* it really pisses me off that she only has negative things to say to me.
    I rang Em and she wasnt in so I tell my mam n shes says 'Oh she probably told them to say that cause she didnt want to speak to you' WTF?!
    'How would she know it was me though, I didnt say'
    'hmmm good I dont think Emily would do that....' it any wonder that I'm fucked up?!
    Say for example ren had said something really nice she'll say 'oh he doesnt mean it, hes just saying it'
    I love my mommy but she realllllllly does my head in.

    On other subjects saw the infamous ex at the really fucking irritates me that i can still love him to bits when hes such a twat. Everything was all nice and fantastic between us which was great but then again it just reminds me how much I miss him. Not that anything will ever come of it again, I know we're over in the boyfriend/girlfriend sense. Everyone kept going 'oooh you two make such a good couple, why dont you just get back together' which did NOT help one bit. And it was SO BLATENT that twed had planned the whole thing!

    I feel the need to point out that I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on my phone in the past month, and its not even phonecalls i spend it on, its texts. I can't BELIEVE how much money Ive wasted, could have something to do with the fact I keep letting people lend my phone, well..not anymore!!

    K, there is loads more I could put in here but the truth is I just cant be bothered!
    Im probably going to be in a whole lot of trouble tomorrow so everyone, pray for me!! lol

    Current Mood: confused
    Current Music: Inme-Crushed like fruit

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