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greasy hair rox my sox [11 Jun 2003|06:01pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | LED ZEPPELIN!! ]

woooo... yeah
today... was boring, i guess john payne called me when i was at counceling... haha... i want no calls from john... haha malley said that he likes me when i wash my hair :-/ NOT COOL. i'm not washing my hair...

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[08 Jun 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Riddlin' Kids "I Feel Fine" ]

last night went and saw 2 fast 2 furious with malley, james, and john. good movie. too many wiggers as malley said. haha they were all like "oooooh DAYMN!" whenever they saw a hot chick or an awesome car. so we'd be all like "ooooooooh! DAYMN!!!" haha we had to sit in the second row... it was a tad bit too close. haha john put red sharpie all over my arm. i was like "hey! stop!" haha oh well. it twas fun. i really need a boyfriend though. haha malley and james were all being boyfriend/girlfriend like *haha?* and i was like ... ehh i want one. heh. oh well.

i had the two of the WEIRDEST dreams ever last night...
1- I was listening to Malley talking about me to someone and she was saying "well a lot of people are nice to her and stuff, but she really doesn't have any friends besides me"
haha it was odd... that's all i remember from that one... the next one is really weird though...
2- We were at the Landon's band concert, but i didn't feel like playing... so i didn't. and austin came up to me and was like "will you hold my drum?" so i held his snare drum during the concert.... haha then i couldn't see him cause i was sitting in the front row so i moved to the back row, by his family, so i could see him... and they were being really nice to me and stuff. and after the concert we couldn't find austin so i was still holding his drum *haha* and i was walking to his familys car so i could put the drum in their trunk... and they invited me to dinner with them... so i went and austin wasn't really talking... but his family was being all friendly and stuff. and then when they dropped me off he gave me a kiss right in front of his family, but they didn't say anything.
yeah, that was a very weird dream. i didn't understand. oh well... i think i'm over him. that's good. finally! haha but then again, i've said that before and then i start liking him all over again, which doesn't make any since cause i haven't talked to him since like... after graduation, and i was just telling him his brother is hot. haha oh well...

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[07 Jun 2003|05:50pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | !THIRD COMPROMISE! ]

welp today i did nothing... fun stuff. goin to the mall tonight with malley and i guess james is coming with. hopefully it shall be fun. we're gonna go see 2 Fast 2 Furious also. woo hoo. that's all i have to say...

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[06 Jun 2003|07:32pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Sublime's greatest hits CD *whoop whoop* ]

why hello there sexy mothers, i forgot some stuff in my last entry so i thought i'd put it in here:
*i had a lot of fun chillin with my cuz jayne. she's awesome. malley, her, and i had a lot of fun talking about underwear and takin craps. *haha*
*after a while i got reeeeally mad at some people. i hate it when people ignore me. it really pissing me off. like this one chick, laura, she's all acts like she's a big christian and stuff, but she's a really big bitch. she like never wanted me and malley around. we actually started crying. not cool at all.
*i always seem to like guys i know i have no chance with. such as... seth, michael, austin. i really need to get outta that habit. i'm not cool enough for cool guys. :-(
*i really need to find a boyfriend. it's not even funny. i hate being lonely. it's really not cool.
*my rents painted my room like BRIGHT red when i was gone... very awesome. cept before i had this glaze shit on my wall, and even though they put 2 coats of primer, and 2 coats of red paint, the texture still looks funny cause of the glaze. so i guess sometime soon ima put another coat on. so now i have a neato room... well neater than it was before.

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soo soo tired!! [06 Jun 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | Ben Folds ]

welp kiddies, i went to church camp this week. i really didn't want to go, but i have to admit i had fun. there was a very, very kickass band there. michael and seth *hot, hot hotties!* were REALLY awesome. the name of their band is third compromise, if you wanna hear it talk to me and i'll letcha listen to the CD i bought from them. *they aren't a christian band.* seth & michael were really hot. haha wow. they're gonna be seniors i believe. they were very, very awesome. michael is a really good guitar player. he played a lot of non-christian shit for us. he played some third eye blind song for us like perfectly, and when he was done he was like "that was the first time i've ever played that" haha it was awesome. i wish i could just play random songs like that. seth's bass was very cool. he had like pennywise, the distillers, lars fredrickson and the bastards, dropkick murphys *i think* and some other awesome band stickers on there. wow. it was very awesome. malley and i wanna catch one of their shows sometime. it would be very awesome. i like them both a lot, even though i don't know them all that well. i have a strong attraction to guys who play in bands. i wanna hump em. i didn't really mind singing the christian songs and stuff cause third compromise was playing and they made it more hard rocking. haha they would jump around the stage and crap. i didn't think i could enjoy that type of music that much. they played "shine" by collective soul. it was really awesome. they played a lot of cool songs from back in the day... *90s* haha, then there was britian, he wasn't part of third compromise, but he played the keyboard and occasionally the trombone with em. he was awesome also. the drummer for third compromise was pretty good. he didn't really fit in with the rest of them... haha he wore like abercromie and had his hair fixed all the time. i got pictures of seth, michael, and britian. *yay* they're really hott. i bought their CD even though they weren't supposed to sell them, if you wanna check em out i also have the band website, just ask me for it. yeah, so enough of talking about them... haha i think i could go on forever.... but i'll move on...
overall i had a lot of fun just hangin with people.

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[01 Jun 2003|10:26am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Electric Six "Danger (High Voltage)" ]

i leave for camp today... : ( i don't really wanna go. my mom woke me up this morning to go to the EARLY service at church... not cool. it was my last day to sleep in cause at camp they wake us up at 7 *too damn early*. i didn't even stay for sunday school, i called my dad to have him pick me up, cause i really didn't wanna stay, i have allll week to be at church : ( heh, oh well. my brother told alex woodward at church that i have a picture of him in a frame by my bed. i was gonna kill him. i didn't have a chance to tell alex that i don't even HAVE a picture of him. haha actually... i have one of him and joe with "guns" to each others heads. ha. it's a great picture.
anywho... quiz results. woo hoo.

You are black, cold hearted and mean.

What color crayon are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your in less than jake. Your different and cool,
lots of people like you

What band would you most likely be in?
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yaaaay!!!! they're neato!!!

You have black hair. Sometimes you get depressed, but that's when you discover yourself. You're a very deep person and you will go far in life.
Black Hair!

What color hair do you have? (w/ pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

hmm... that is sorta true, i do seem to find a lot out about myself when i'm depressed...

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life is good but it would be a lot better with a boyfriend... haha [31 May 2003|03:13pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | White Stripes; Elephant ]

why hello there sexy bitches.
nothing really has happened... went to the mall with emma and malley last night. grrreat fun. my friends rock. i love hot boys with fart machines. hahaha wow. they were some sexy bitches. bruce almighty is a great movie. i'm leavin to go to church camp tomorrow. i don't really wanna go. but i guess i have to go now, and i wouldn't leave jayne all alone. well.. i don't know what else to say... leave me comments and continue filling out the little thing from two entrys ago. haha great answers kiddies.

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[29 May 2003|09:50pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | N.E.R.D. ]

Saints and Sailors- You just are like everyone else
who is depressed.

What Dashboard Confessional Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Again I go Unnoticed.

What Dashboard Confessional song are you?
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standard lines
Standard Lines
youre not over you ex, and youve seen them, you
still want to talk to them, but you also still
want them.

what dashboard confessional song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

heh, ain't that the truth...

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[29 May 2003|08:25pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Ben Folds "The Luckiest" ]

Lindsey _____.
Lindsey thinks a lot about _______.
When I think of Lindsey I think of ________.
I want Lindsey to ________ me.
Lindsey wants ______.
Lindsey needs ______.
If I could describe Lindsey in 3 words: _______.
Lindsey will never ______.
Lindsey ______ my _______.
I hope Lindsey never _____.
I _____ Lindsey because _______.
Lindsey is my _____.

Fill it out... leave the answers in the comment section... chou

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[29 May 2003|06:58pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | The Music, Take the Long Road and Walk It ]

hey hey hey!
last night rocked so so much. amanda and i egged/tp'd/put dead squirrel on someone's sidewalk...*hahahahah*. most people probably know who it is... we have a master plan for someone else. it's going to kick so much ass. yay. amanda rocks. we slepted up in her tree house. there are some psyco squirrels in her tree! i thought they were gonna eat me! haha it was neato. her brother is one hot, sexy lump of muffins... *haha, takin john's stuff, he can be a hot, sexy lump of muffins with me!*... i saw him without a shirt. haha woo hoo! he was sleeping... *sigh* haha i don't want to like him like everyone else does, but he is rather awesome. i think emma might marry him or something. haha oh well. it's pretty damn neato. so i got went home at like 7:30 this mornin cause we woke up at like 7... i just came home and went back to sleep til 12:30. i had counceling, which was the fuckin stupidist thing i've ever had to do in my life. i hate being asked so many questions... what's the point. i don't want to do that anymore. heh.


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this suuuuuuuucks [28 May 2003|08:08pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | DC "Ender Will Save Us All" ]

ok. so i tell myself "i don't like him anymore. i need to stop complaining. think about the bad things he's done to you. you don't want that anymore." but even thinking about the bad things i still want him. it sucks so so bad. i really hate feeling like this. i feel like i've just been complaining about this ever since we broke up, but the feels are still there, they aren't going away. at times i'll think to myself "i'm over it, i don't need him" but i do. he was a great boyfriend. i looove just cuddling with guys, he's the only guy i've ever really did that with. i haven't talked to him in a while. he really doesn't want to talk to me. it really sucks. he's probably "in love" with becky. blah. at least i'm nice to my ex's... he's fuggin evil. i hate him so so much for what he did to me, but i love him at the same time. everyone is like you aren't in love blah blah blah. but whatever. i think i am, but i don't want to be anymore.i think about him constantly, it won't go away... i think i've learned a lot about what NOT to do in a relationship. heh. i cry too damn much. i need to stop. hopefully this "counceling" will help.
yeah, so i've been listening to "ender will save us all" over and over again... no one ever gives them a chance. i didn't really like them all that much til i started really listening to the lyrics, like malley said. chris writes great lyrics. they explain exactly what i'm feeling. right now this is what i'm feeling....

I want to give you
whatever you need.
What is it you need?
Is it what I need?
I want to give you
whatever you need.
What is is you need?
Is it within me?

It's hard to explain how I am getting by
on so little from you.
It's hard to believe that I would let myself
get so wrapped in you.
There's got to be something that would
be worthwhile for me to give to you.
We need a connection but you
seem to push me far away from you.

The harder I push the further I fall.
Well you don't mind me being headstrong.
But you don't want to sing along.
Maybe it's trite but I can always be wrong
Try not to be wrong.

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wooooo [28 May 2003|07:44pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Bush "Glycerine" ]

today was very boring except when liz came over for like an hour and we took a random walk over tanner's house, but he wasn't home... at least we didn't think so because we didn't actually knock on his door... haha we walked around the outside of his house trying to decided if we should knock, but she didn't think he was home, so we didn't. then when she was getting ready to leave we went out into my front yard and we saw a man in a truck go up to the house across the street *the abandoned drug house* and put something by their front door, so after he left we slowly walked up to the house and look in the mailbox, hoping to find drugs or money or something... *haha*, and there was nothing there, but then we saw a little buisness card for a lawn care service, so i guess that's what the man left. we were rather disappointed. someone does need to mow the lawn though... haha i have counceling tomorrow. woo hoo. maybe they'll put me on drugs. i don't really want to be put on an assload of drugs. i don't really think i need them all that much.

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it's too damn early... no one is online... [28 May 2003|11:03am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | DISTURBED ]

yeah, so i woke up at like 10:30 today... why? i'm not quiet sure... i went to the mall last night with kara and malley to do some "SHOPPIN." The evil lady at hot topic cought me, and i had to give them back. hahaha but i did sucessfully steal 3 shirts *one for me, malley, and kara* stealing is great fun. evil gothic lesbians SUCK. haha what do they have against us? damn them. so yes, jayne lefted a comment about her not like normal boys.. but she doesn't like boys who have police records and do drugs... haha i like em. it's great fun.

i had the oddest dream last night. we were back at landon and amber *blah* says something like "they are in love!" and they she was talking about austin and becky. i thought i was gonna puke. yeah, he was in love with me too. HAHA! he also said he never would hurt me and that he's never felt this way about anyone before... can anyone blame me for falling for him?he was all i wanted. the perfect boyfriend. she's just going to get hurt. oh well. i'm not going to say anymore. don't want to make anymore enemies...

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[27 May 2003|05:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Led Zeppelin ]

Borderline:Very High
Avoidant:Very High
Dependent:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

1. name = Lindsey
2. birthday = march 15
3. piercings = my ears twice... i want my tongue, eyebrow, and belly button done though
4. tattoos = none... i want some though!
5. height = 5’6 or 7... or uhh dunno haha
6. shoe size = 8 1/2
7. hair color = haha that's a good question, after attempting to dye it bleach it/dye it blue it's been some odd colors...
8. length = eh it's a couple of inches past my shoulders... i wish i hadn't cut it
9. siblings = 1 broha
10. pets = 2 dogs, my brother has a rather scary hampster, and a fish... i'm not sure if it's alive anymore though

11. movie you rented = don’t remember
12. movie you bought = don’t know
13. song you listened to = "Whole Lotta Love" LED ZEPPELIN
14. song that was stuck in your head = "Hands Down" Dashboard Confessional
15. song you've downloaded= Blind Melon "No Rain"
16. cd you bought = hmm... not sure
17. cd you listened to = some white stripes cd over at kara's
18. person you've called = my house haha
19. person that's called you = dunno
21. person you were thinking of = dunno

22. you have a bf or gf = no : (
23. you have a crush on someone = eh sorta
24. you wish you could live somewhere else = sometimes *shrug*
25. you think about suicide = if you know me at all, you would know that i think about it often
26. you believe in online dating = No
27. others find you attractive = a few people that i know of do.
29. you want tattoos = yup
30. you drink = beer taste gross... daquaris are good though haha
31. you do drugs = hehe ; )
32. you like cleaning = no
33. you like roller coasters = yes
34. you write in cursive or print = it's a mixture of both. haha

for or against
35. long distance relationships = against
36. using someone = depends...
37. suicide =If you're gonna commit suicide. Go for it. Your choice.
38. killing people = for
39. teenage smoking = for
40. doing drugs = for
41. premarital sex = if people wanna do it, it's fine with me
42. driving drunk = eh, whatever
43. gay/lesbian relationships = whatever floats your boat. haha
44. soap operas = heh stupid

45. food = dunno. good food?
46. song = at the current momment... probably "Falling" by Ben Kweller.. it's greatness
47. thing to do = sit. listen to music. sleep. hang with the homies. go on "adventures"
48. thing to talk about = dunno
49. sports = surfing or skateboarding, even though i don't do either, i like hot skater or surfer boys
50. drinks = dr pepper... it makes the world taste better
51. clothes = whatever the hell i feel like it. probably something i picked up off the floor.
52. movies = *shrug*
53. band = too many too list... probably DC
54. holiday = I dont like any
55. cars = hmm chevelles and old mustangs are neato... and my dad's hippie van!

have you...
56. ever cried over a boy= heh, yeah..
57. ever lied to someone = ... yeah
58. ever been in a fist fight = haha no.
59. ever been arrested = nope

60. shampoo do you use = whatever is in my shower
61. perfume do you use = don't wear any
62. shoes do you wear = CHUCK T'S
63. are you scared of = rejection, being alone
64. of times i have had my heart broken?= one time... still broken damnit
65. of hearts i have broken?= not sure
66. of boys i have kissed?= uhhhh
67. of girls i have kissed?= does kissing on the cheek count? tehehe
68. of continents i have lived in?= One
69. of drugs taken illegally?= bwahaha
70. of people i would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?= very few
71. of people i consider my enemies?= a lot
73. of cd's that i own?= around 40. then i have like 100 burned cd's. haha
74. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?= dunno again
75. of scars on my body?= hmmm dunno

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[27 May 2003|02:18pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | Blind Melon "No Rain" ]

Whoop whoop!
So... nothing at all has happened! Summer has been kinda BLAH so far. Hopefully things shall get better...

great lyrics my friend...

And I don't understand why I sleep all day
And I start to complain that there's no rain
And all I can do is read a book to stay awake
And it rips my life away, but it's a great escape

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summa time bitch! [26 May 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Radiohead ]

why hello there!
i just be chillin over at malley's house. she's currently in the shower though. hehe, yeah. so we left early from camping. it was too damn hot outside. i got burnt. i'd rather sit on my ass at her house. haha there were some rather attractive men with shaggy hair camping near by. we drove by them a few times in my dad's hippie van. haha woop woop. i almost died without music! ahhh. jayne came out on saturday night. we went thru the t-high yearbook trying to find a boyfriend for me. haha yeah, jayne likes NORMAL guys. how boring. haha she'd be like how about him... i'd be like ... uhhhh... how bout him, and point to a guy with a mohawk. haha i saw the most beautiful man EVER! he has dreads. malley got his sn from tanner, so i talked to him. yay. haha so that's all i have to say... everyone gimme a call this summer. we shall partaaay. *232-5967*


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I cried when I read these. It's so horrible. These poems are EXACTLY what I'm feeling. [23 May 2003|02:17pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | DC ]

Love is seeing him how nobody else does
Love is when you know he is not perfect but you believe he is
Love is thinking about him day and night
Love is when nobody knows how you feel
Love is the best feeling you can ever have

I like you because of who you are to me
I hate you because of what you did to me
I miss you because you got her and not me
I love you and thats how it will always be

Forget the times you walked by
Forget the times you made me cry
Forget the times you held my hand
Forget the sweet things you said to me if i can
I can nolonger pretend
I gotta remember you're just my friend

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[23 May 2003|09:14am]
[ mood | rejected ]
[ music | White Stripes... still. ]

You are a pretty serious girlfriend or boyfriend. You are also pretty unforgiving when it comes to someone doing wrong on your part. You get attached to people you like quickly. Once the re
You are a pretty serious girlfriend or boyfriend.
You are also pretty unforgiving when it comes
to someone doing wrong on your part. You get
attached to people you like quickly. Once the
relationship is over, there really is no hope
for friendship. It takes you a while to get
over relationships, especially when you were
the dumped. Sorry if you can't read the little
red writing, it says ''Why can't I feel
anything for anyone other than you?" -10
points for me.

Which Songs Describe You in (And Out) of Love?
brought to you by Quizilla

wow... is that not true?

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[23 May 2003|08:56am]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | White Stripes ]

jesus, i've been writting lyrics out the ass. i just can't write the music to go along with the damn lyrics... haha, but yeah, they sound like something my idol *chris carrabba* would write. i love him. haha

so yesterday was the last day of school. it was the most kickass day ever. it rocked. i was actually being myself at school. wow. haha

then we had graduation... i saw THREE HOTTTTT BROTHERS... austin's... emma's... amanda's... *sigh* haha, yeah. wow. it was kinda sad. i don't know. i have mixed emotions about leaving. all of my friends are going to t-high, but i just don't feel like starting over at a new school.

whoever left the first comment on the last entry explained things perfectly. i feel like I have been punched 10 times really hard in the stomach, i just feel like crying, and crying, and crying, and i feel oh so empty. i would like to know who left that...

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umm [21 May 2003|08:32pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Hot Hot heat ]

yaay! school is finally over! we have one more day! in some odd way i'm actually kinda sad to be leaving... i know this summer is gonna be awesome, but i won't have a chance to hang with everyone. i think the only person that i like that is going to west is jennifer patrick. i haven't been a good friend to her at all but she's always there for me. i've been rather evil to her, but when i think about it she's been extremely nice to me, she let me sit with her at lunch when i had no one, she's always there for me when i'm pissed or crying. oh, and i'm going to miss looking at cody's extreme hotttness. hahaha ; ) wow. t-high has some nice lookin fellas though. i like hot people. haha yaay!
i think one of the biggest reasons why i'm glad to leave school is that i won't have to see them. *cough*austin and becky*cough*. it makes me wanna puke. blah.


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