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Thursday, March 27th, 2003

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    first entry diary journal thingie
    well Amy got me to do this so if u have a problem with a guy having one... haha... i don't care. this morning i heard this awesome song on the bus "girl the bad guys want" by bowling for soup so i had to dl it when i got home, that was the highlight of my day basically, boring huh? the third quarter ends tomorrow, ahhh only one more to go...sweeeeet!!!! only 74 days til school is over. went to guitar practice but found out that the dang gon guy canceled so that kinda ticked off gma hahaha sux for her, it didn't bother me til on our way home the dog sneezed in my ear, i hate u Casey. can't wait for the other essay in history on civil disobedience, woohoo ugh. that means we have to read that paper thats worse than sleeping pills Libby. hahaha u deal with a lot of crap from the guys, sorry. anyways my day was as usual...living today, dying for tomorrow to come.

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: "girl the bad guys want"

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