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Monday, December 29th, 2003
8:17 am
Hey people yes so i know its been a very long time since i updated....oh well get over it! lol well there hasn't been ANYTHING truly important going on in my life right now but lets see...
school- just sux can't wait to get out of norwood high. everybody has told me that after christmas break it goes by really fast, well you better be right cuz i am sick of high school. last year i was like "oh its gonna be sooo sad when we graduate. i don't wanna leave!" but once like 90% of my friends graduated last year i was just like "PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!" yea so other than that i'm doing pretty well in school honors with distinction first term probably 1st honors second term what ever i don't really care.
college- can't wait to get there!! i have FINALLY finished all of my applications!!! WOOOO HOOOO!! they have been all sent out and now its just the waiting period, which really SUCKS!!! but i can wait...i guess! hopefully i'll hear from every school by febuary vacation.
work-all i do is work thats why i never have time to go out it really sux!!
gymnastics!- gymnastics season is finally here and we are doing soooo awesome!! i can't wait til our next meet!! which is our first home meet!! which is a spirit point event!!! YOU GUYS ALL BETTER BE THERE!!! its at Gymnastics Academy of Boston (down by mad maggies) at i think 7:30 on tuesday january 6th!!! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!!
alritey i'm outie! practice this morning!! WOOO HOOO!!!! cya

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Sunday, November 30th, 2003
9:53 am - long time
yea so its been a long time since i've written...alot of stuff has happened i don't know where to begin...where did i leave off?? oooook so yea i'll start with where i think i left off!! lol
jazz-once again the wonderful season of jazz ensemble has begun again! can you sense my excitement, cuz it sux. this is going to be a very interesting year. who knows what will result for it. all i know is that it is a very rookie band. rhythm sections eh its just not the same...i really miss my guys, which andrew will definatly confirm because i complain about it everyday! lol its basically just me and andrew, he's the only person i really talk to during jazz yea so it is going to be an interesting year

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report card-yea so for the first time in my high school career i got honors with distinction!! i'm sooo happy!! i honestly worked my ass off this term so it really paid off. now i know people are gonna be like wow your so stuck up and shit but you know wut i'm soo proud of myself (that sounds really cheesey! lol) and i don't care about wut other people think!!

You are Fresh Mint.
You are caring and friendly. You have a nurturing
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so as you can see i'm having a fun time with quizzes!! lol
applications-the ongoing battle! lol i don't think i will ever finish. my goal was by thanksgiving break, yea that has SOOO passed and did not happen. i've only gotten one out and that was sacred heart cuz i had an interview. so i hope to have them all finished by the end of this week cuz next week starts the CRAZYNESS!!

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GYMNASTICS!!!- yes so finally gymnastics is starting again!! i'm SOOOOO EXCITED!! its great! even though i suck it is soo much fun! i love all you girls!! we get to start practicing a week from today!! YOU KNOW! last year was soo much fun and this year is only gonna be better!!

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alot of other stuff has been goin on too but i'm tired and its shower time so i'll finish this later!! i'm outie luv ya all!! kisses Sarah

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Friday, November 14th, 2003
9:04 pm
wow...what an absolutely CRAZY week, i don't even know where to begin, how bout monday...

MONDAY- School, of course! got dismissed at 1:00 to get stuff ready for the semi. went to the walpole mall, got a necklace and my boob tape (btw NEVER use that, yea it works but it hurts like a BIZNATCH when you have to take it off!! ouch i just hurt thinking about it!) got my hair done @ 2:00, didn't get out of there til 4:30 so i was extremely far behind, cuz i still had to go to CVS to get make-up, camera, and other crazy stuff. went home did make-up was late getting to mel's house, missed all the pictures, and left for the semi. the semi was fun i enjoyed it, after that we went back to mel's house and i left early cuz i had to work the next day.
TUESDAY-worked all day, did homework...all that fun shizz.
WEDNESDAY-the best day of my entire life...this was the day when i got accused of plagerizing (i can't even spell the work let alone do it!!) so yea that really sucked! supposedly i did it on my latin paper, hmmm did neone know that using a definition is plagerizing!! well i didn't!! but i guess it is! so i cried 2 times that day at school. people saw me cry, i hate it when my friends see me cry, i think that's the first time for the ones that saw me, i don't want to be pitied. but i have to admit they were alot of help, so i left school that day not knowing whether or not i was going to get suspended the following day!
THURSDAY-another HORRIBLE day luckly i found out i was not being suspended and that this incident would not be on my college transcripts, it was just a bad day all around so much stuff was going on with everything in my freaking life
FRIDAY-today, school then work then home cuz yea i never go out yea i'm a winner i'm outie have a great nite everyone hope you are all out having fun

current mood: confused

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Thursday, November 6th, 2003
8:32 pm - having fun with quizzes tonite!!
You are DORY!
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i really need to see this movie!!

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6:16 pm - BLAH

I'm Michelle Tanner!

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created by Katie

yea so this week has been really shitty...i've been soo stressed out and certain people aren't helping by annoying the crap out of me to the point where i feel like crying yea, its crazy that out of the many times i've cried this week...none of my friends have seen, well i guess i hide it well, college...i can't wait yea there is 215 days til we graduate!! its no soon enough for me. semi in 4 days, that should be alot of fun i really can't wait i'm out soo much work to do tonite, never gonna finish mental health day tomorrow i think, doubt it though

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Saturday, November 1st, 2003
8:57 pm - its been awhile....(song cue)
yea so alot has happened in the last...oh i don't know how long, but i really don't feel like filling you in on every detail of my life so i'll just highlight the important parts.
1. the ongoing burden of college apps and essays OH the FREAKIN FUN! yea i just can't wait for those to be over
2. semi is coming up! goin with laura! gonna be fun lol
3. work work and more work...i need soooo much money!!
4. yup i once again have screwed up my knee yea if neones keeping track its been 3 times on crutches in a span of one year!
yea thats about it...if i missed something it obviously wasn't that important lol! i would just like to say that i CANNOT WAIT to graduate!! its not even funny!! lol yea so christmas is comin soon!! can't wait...another thing that has been bothering me lately is the fact that i'm a senior in high school and have never had a boyfriend...thats kinda pathetic oh well theres not much i can do about it...i guess guys just don't find me attractive, or there is also the "your like a sister to me" thing that i've heard like 30 million times! i love it oh well i'm of too pick up my sister from a party cuz she has more of a life than me...woo hoo

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
12:06 pm - weird
nothing seems to be going right lately, and i honestly don't know why, its kinda weird but oh well. i like this guy and he has no clue so i don't know wuts up with that and then theres the semi...still don't have a date. but even on top of that theres the college apps and doing well in high school i'm soo nervous, wut happens if i don't get into any of the schools i want to..then wut do i do. i don't know its all soo crazy. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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Sunday, October 5th, 2003
5:47 pm - holler at me
yea so i really can't wait for gymnastics too start!! we had the meeting the other day and now i'm just REALLY excited! i need to get into the gym, i haven't gone in a while :-\ yea so i worked like ALL weekend wtf! friday 3:30-9:30 saturday 1:30-7:30 and sunday 9:00-5:00!!! oh god! yea then saturday nite i went to katie's house cuz she came home for the weekend and we hung out cuz i hadn't seen her in like FOREVER!! yup so the semi is in 40 days! grrrrreat!!! still need a date, i have a dress!!! lol

current mood: drained

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2003
5:41 pm - by popular demand
by request i have updated my journal...HAPPY IAN!! lol j/k you know i luv ya!

alrite so alot has happened since i updated, so i'll just go over the MAJOR things lets see

*senior pics-went AWESOME!! i'm soo happy! i got my proofs today i'll bring them in tomorrow and ya'll can tell me which ones you like!!
*work-quit shaw's cuz it sucked ALOT!! i'm oncall for learning express cuz i LOVE working there but i can't be back there full time cuz you know the whole money situatin with the car. (BTW i love my car...or my little red firetruck as marty calls it!! LOL) so now i'm working at frugal fannie's...i train there tomorrow should be fun!

last but DEFINATLY NOT LEAST..semi comin up, have a dress..need a takers??

lol j/k
luv ya

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Friday, September 5th, 2003
5:27 pm
ok i'm really CONFUSELED!! i thought i really liked this guy and i thought maybe there was a chance, and he changed...but i think i'm wrong once again....i don't know...i just needed to get that off my chest.

ok yea so school started on wednesday, we're SENIORS!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! i'm sooo happy you don't even understand!! lol yea so worked thursday nite... today (friday) got my senior chick shirt which is HID-E-OUS!! i'm really upset about that cuz they looked really good last year :( oh well today i had to run like a MILLION AND ONE errands for my mom...and i pulled a lem...most of you don't understand that...but the ones who do totally feel my pain :( :( :( :( yea so visited kay a work...more errands for my mom....went to pick up the boy at fooooootball and watched all the sweaty hott xavarian guys OOOOH YEAAAA!! lol so tonite...i don't know wuts goin on but i def need to do sumthin! tomorrow i gotta work til 5:30 then i got to babysit for my aunt sunday....homework...grapes of wrath paper...OH WAIT I HAVE TO FINISH THE FREAKING BOOK FIRST!! I'M ONLY HALF WAY DONE!!! :( alrite foodage time!! c ya cool kids lata!! i'm outie


current mood: confused
current music: listening to floor routines for gymnastics

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2003
GUESS WUT!! i got my license!! YES BABY!! GO ME!!! i'm soooo happy!! yea so now i just need a car!! i wanna buy a used one but my mom wants to buy a new car and i think i'll get hers and just finish paying it off cuz it only has 4 months left. i don't REALLY wanna do that, but hey its a car. yea so tonite i went and helped move nicki (my cuz) back into was fun. i REALLY REALLY wanted to go to katie's tonite for a little get together but my moms a BEAST and wouldn't let me take the car!! WTF I HAVE MY FREAKIN LICENSE WUT GOOD IS IT THEN!! yea so hopefully she'll let me take it to the ICC show on friday nite, that'll be fun cuz i haven't seen any of them in a really long time!! so yea nothin really tomorrow, and friday, and saturday...beach sunday and probably monday...tuesday hopefully gettin my hair done!! then school wednesday!! thats CRAZY SHIZZZ!! we're seniahs!!! HOLY SHIT!! lol lem!! kay comes back on sunday!! i miss that gurlie!! ok i'm outie! talk to ya'll lata!!

current mood: hyper
current music: SO YESTERDAY

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8:30 am - OMG NERVOUS!!
yea so today i have my license test and i'm SOOOO FUCKING NERVOUS!! :-( wut happens if i fail...AAAAAAAAAAH :-( ok yea so last nite, hung out with lem!! haven't seen her in a while! i missed that girlie! lol but we had soooo much fun! lol i really hope that i have a car by the time school starts!! i NEED to drive to school...or i don't know wut i'll do :-( alrite well its time to go start reading some more...i gotta finish this book NOW!!! 300 PAGES LEFT!! lmao! i find it very funny he he he! alritey i'll post again lata to let you know how i did!! FINGERS CROSSED!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

current mood: nervous
current music: PUMP IT UP!!

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
9:46 pm - OvEr
yea so its over, done, caput...yes i am talking about summer with a week to go and 3 books count them 1-2-3 and 3 papers to write yes 3 i don't know wut i'm gonna do. yea so license test tomorrow...i'm really REALLLAY nervous. uh huh so today...i worked, then i came home and went to go car shoppin w/ my mom...we found some nice ones jsut need to decide!! then me and lem went out...we're CRAZY chickas! if you saw us tonite you'd understand and contrary to popular believe we were not on ANY THING!!! lol yea it was fun. went to ice jack, marty and cj came, i hadn't seen marty in a long time...actually since the infamous party!! lol yea he looked hatt with his little goatee thing (i like it marty...keep it! lol) yup then they left us, marty's a bad boy and i have to talk to him about not being a bad boy nemore (he knows wut i mean!!!) then me and lem had to show this guy how to get to the bank and he tried to hit on us but i rolled the window lol...i wish it was always that easy!! he he he then we went to cvs saw paul and life savers (HOLY SHIT!) good stuff then home

so yea i was talking to this guy the other nite (i already wrote about it) and he told me that i didn't need a guy to be happy...but there is a guy that would make me happy, just being with him makes me feel special...ok thats it no more!! lol i'm not telling who it is!! :-P i'm out!!

BTW does neone wanna go to mix fest?? if you do let me know cuz i'm gettin tickets!! its gonna be nasty!!! lol

current mood: hopeful
current music: the remedy by jason mraz

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Monday, August 25th, 2003
10:12 am - no summer left :'(
yea pretty bored now have sooooo much summer work left and i'm not gonna finish it :'( yea OH WELL!! so yea i've been in a pretty weird mood lately. i haven't wanted to really do anything. i don't know why but yea its weird. but last nite i talked to someone and he really helped me!! thanx hun (you know who you are) he really made me realize that i don't need to impress everyone or be perfect...i just really need to start being myself cuz i haven't been really i've never truely been myself and i feel horrible so yea enough of that. this morning my mom woke me up at 7:30!!! i had to go with her to the xavarian book sale yea so she told me that there would be no upperclassmen so i didn't need to look goood but yea there were TONS of well. then we went to the high school did the whole schedule change thing and i'm not happy bout some of the changes :'( i'll post my sched. lata and stuff...then we had to go to the bank and shizz and now we're goin to the jr. high so my sis can see it then lata we're goin to look at cars alrite i'm out


pd 1. AP STAT (sorry ian no more math buddies :'( )
pd 2. AP ENGLISH (neone in that??)
pd 3. AMERICAN GOV/INTERNATIONAL ISSUES (w/ clay, ian, and cory!! WOO HOO)
pd 4. PSYCH/SOC (ne takers??)
pd 7. LATIN 3

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
yea so the summer is almost over it really sucks! but yea you know i want to go back get it over with!! AHHH i don't wanna be a senior. i just want to get out of high school and go to college and get away and TOTALLY start over. yea so i haven't done much since the last time i updated. i've worked, driven alot, gone to the gym, read...ALL that good stuff! so yhea w/e hope everyone had a fun time at camp!!! did you like my letter!! talk to you all lata!! bye bye!!

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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
7:24 am
OK i was really bored this morning!! and i dont' feel liek reading!! yea so lifes been boring. i've been constantly sick so i haven't really done anything except work and gymnastics. i found out i'm lactos intolerant i can't spell! yea so no more milk and cheese and ice cream (AAAAAAAH) for sarah unless she takes a pill!! BOOO! yea and my allergies have been gay again so it hasn't been fun. 13 days till we go back to school and yea i still have 2 and 3/4 books to read!! go me i did absolutly NOTHING this summer. well at least nothing worth remembering. i had a goal this summer to change cuz obviously there is something about me that isn't attractive to guys but i haven't figured it out i haven't done anything i planned to do this summer WTF THIS SUX!

[ series 1 - you ]

-- Name : Sarah
-- Birthday : 6-22
-- Birthplace : boston
-- Current Location : my house
-- Eye Color : brown
-- Hair Color : brown
-- Righty or Lefty : right
-- Zodiac Sign : cancer

[ series 2 - your favorite ]

-- Music : pop!! woo hoo!!
-- Cartoon : hmm i don't know
-- Color : pink
-- Slushy Flavor : lemon lime! mmmmm good!
-- Magazine : Cosmo
-- TV Show : i don't know i watch wutevers on! lol
-- Song at the Moment: its about time by lillix
-- Language : english...hellz ya!!
-- Spice Girl : ummm i don't know!! wut kinda question is that!
-- Food & Beverage : chocolate!!! and lemonade!!
-- Subject in School : umm yea school isn't fun...but i guess latin
-- Weekend Activity : chillin w/ my chickateers!!!
-- Ice Cream Flavor : chocolate peanut butter
-- Roller Coaster : that one we went on in busch gardens, you guys know the one that is really high and fabio got hit with a bird on? rite!

[ series 3 - what is ]

-- Your most overused phrase on aol : lol
-- The first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning : i don't wanna go to work!!
-- The last image/thought you go to sleep with : um i don't know!
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex : eyes!
-- The Best Name for a Butler : Alfred
-- The wussiest sport : um badmitton is that even considered a sport??
-- Your best feature : don't have one at all!!
-- Your bedtime : when ever i'm tired like 9!! lol
-- Your greatest fear : never being loved
-- Your greatest accomplishment : hmm i don't know i guess i'd say girl's state
-- Your most missed memory : when i was like 5 and i could do wutever i wanted and there really wasn't any consequences yea i don't like growing up!

[ series 4 - you prefer ]

-- Pepsi or coke : neither
-- McDonald's or Burger King : McDonalds
-- Single or group dates : single
-- Adidas or Nike : adidas
-- Chicken nuggets or chicken fingers : chicken fingers!
-- Dogs or cats : dogs!!
-- Rugrats or Doug : rugrats
-- Single or taken : single
-- Monica or Brandy : neither
-- Tupac or Jay-Z : um neither!
-- Shania Twain or LeAnn Rhymes : Shania!!
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea : neither!
-- One pillow or two: two
-- Chocolate or vanilla : CHOCOLATE!!!
-- Hot chocolate or hot cocoa : theres a difference??
-- Cappucino or coffee : neither
-- Boxers or briefs : boxers

[ series 5 - do you ]

-- Take a shower everyday? : yup
-- Have a(any) crush(es)? : yup
-- Do you think you've been in love? : nope
-- Want to go to college? : yup
-- Like high school? : nope! wanna just get senior year over with!!
-- Want to get married : of course!
-- Type with your fingers on the right keys? : i guess so
-- Believe in yourself? : not really
-- Have any tattoos/where? : just wait til i'm 18!!
-- Get motion sickness? : i don't think so
-- Think you're a health freak? : nope
-- Get along with your parents? : nope
-- Like thunderstorms? : NO!

[ series 6 - the future ]

-- Age you hope to be married : 22-23
-- Number and Names of Children : 4 (2 girls 2 boys) girls-abigail and laurel boys- aidan and ian
-- Where do you see yourself at age 20? : in college
-- Descibe your Dream Wedding : oh ok i know the answer to this one!! the actual weddings in a church and everyones there and i'm wearing a beautiful white dress and my fiance is in a tux...i could go on...but i'd go on forever!! lol
-- How do you want to die? : in my sleep
-- What do you want to be when you grow up? : i thought i wanted to be a lawyer but i don't know any more
-- What country would you most like to visit? : australia i know that a continent but WHO CARES!!

[ series 7 - opposite sex ]

-- Best eye color? : blue
-- Best hair color? : dirty blond or brown
-- Short or long hair? : short
-- Best height? : like 5'10''~6'
-- Best weight? : i don't know not huge but not tiny
-- Best articles of clothing? : boxers!! yea!
-- Best first kiss location?: on the beach well it doesn't really matter a guess as long as its with someone you want to be with (and not in a moving vehicle thats SOOO RAUNCHY!!)

[ series 8 - other ]

-- When's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal? : i have liek 2 million stuffed animals!!
-- How many rings until you answer the phone? : 2
-- What's on your mouse pad? : dell
-- How many houses have you lived in? : 2
-- How many schools have you gone to? : 4
-- What color is your bedroom carpet? : i don't know! lol
-- Would you shave your head for $5,000 dollars? : never
-- If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three things (not people) with you what would you take? : thats really hard!!! no people!! thats not fair!! :(
-- What was the best time of your life so far? : lol i really don't know

current mood: flirty

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
9:29 am - BORING!!
ok yea so this summer has really SUCKED!!! i need to make up for it in the next two weeks!! hopefully. yea so friday, went to gymnastics. that was good in a lot of pain still!! lol karen came in with the baby again!! she soooooo cute!! i want one!!! then me and clay went to victory, yea all gross and sweaty!! OH YEEEEEEEEA!! lol then yesterday i worked til 2 then went to my aunt's suprise party. yea that was kinda boring. so today i was supposed to go to the beach BUT i have to go out to dinner with the fam for my sisters b-day. um NO FUN!!! yup and then i'm workin tomorrow BOOOO!!! lol alrite i'll probably post again lata!! adios!! i'm outie!!

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Wednesday, August 13th, 2003
7:39 pm
A-HOLE [7:40 PM]: hey
Auto response from Chickie6224 [7:40 PM]: yea i'm in a bad mood...had a crappy day...people make me sad
A-HOLE [7:40 PM]: you had a bad day because you suck
A-HOLE [7:40 PM]: :)

yea that person shall remain nameless but w/e
i just really wanna get this year over with and then go to college away from everyone except some the chickateers, and clay and some other people. but oh well

can i just say that i really miss my goodwill girls! i got a letter from tyrra today and i miss them soo much more. i can't wait to see you girls soon! reunion soon?? i hope so...miss ya girls and love ya

current mood: crushed

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
12:04 pm - howdy kids!
yea so yesterday...didn't really do much...i wanted to start reading my next book i really did (maybe) but i just couldn't find it. oh well! then went to gymnastics at 7 to find out that it was supposed to be at 4? yea wut ever but then clay came and we went up to see karen cuz she was there with the baby!!! elizabeth lauren!! see is soooo cute!! she's sooooo tiny!! i want one!!

yea so then we drove around, went to wal-mart to figure out wut we were gonna buy karen for the baby...but then we realized that we had no money!! lol yea so then we called kay but she was too cool to pick up either of her fones!! Lol j/k girl! we picked her up, went to perks...then ice jack got ice cream...yea two days in a row!!! woo hoo!! wut about tonite?!?! lol then we drove around the center windows down....MUSIC UP!!! lol gts! then we went to lems cuz she was leaving for the cape and we needed to give her a hug!! lol yea so while we were waiting for her to come outside me and kay were dancing outside the car!! yea lem thought we were drunk!! (we wish!!) we scared people that walked by yea that was fun danced some more...then we left!! fun nite!!

well i gotta go babysit around 2 til like 7 so if neone wants to do sumthin tonite holler at me!! i'm outie!
oh and by the way some people are really confusing and suck at life!!! THEY MAKE ME SICK!!!

current mood: nauseated
current music: Magic Stick

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Monday, August 11th, 2003
10:39 am - aaaaaaaaaah summer work!!
yea so last nite me and kay chilled cuz no one else wanted to hang out with us :'( no its all good everyone else was busy so we went up some ICE CREAM! yea i'm a slob and of course made a mess with it!! lol then we walked down to papa ginos to see if people were there. went to cvs got some starbursts!! then hung out with paul...i hadn't seen him in like FOREVER!! where ya been?? so that was nice. then i came home around 11:00. yea so i sucessfully finished my first summer reading book!!!! WOO HOOO!!! 3 more to go!! yea i'm never gonna realistically finish!! OH WELL!!! no well i gotta do well 1st term so i can buy a car and so i can get into college...always good!! yea so i've come to the conclusion that i probably won't go to the semi cuz i probably won't find a date!! oh well! i'll just wear my dress to hmm...maybe a xavarian dance?? lol!! gts!! alrite well time to go start reading the grapes of wrath!! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!! i'm outie!! bye

current mood: crushed
current music: It's about time by lillix

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