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Saturday, February 1st, 2003

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    so yeah surprise!
    after school anthony invited me to this 911 media arts show. i hung out with aubry. we went thrifting and had pizza in the u-dist. the film show was quite fun and artsy fartsy. i hate how at school you can be really mean and not talk to eachother but then right after school you can be best friends. that pisses me off. im going to star in my own movie. the movie called alexis' life. starting now im going to say yes to things i like and say NO to the things i don't like. im gonna tell people just exactly how i feel. CAREFUL PEOPLE THAT I HATE. gosh so yeah. sorry i haven't posted in a while. iforgot my fucking password. oh yeah... as a side note, im going to stop swearing too.

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