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[04 May 2003|12:47pm]
stayed at linda nordstroms last night.
shw owns a picasso which is kept in the bathroom so everytime i sat down for a piss, i thought, " wow, im pissing next to a picasso". she also has a roy lictinstein, a warhol, and a matisse.
life was good yesterday.
i talked to jeff s a lot.
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[17 Apr 2003|10:53pm]
im slightly jealous but not really.....
im scared that i could too easily get used to the idea of living here.
i don't want to go home.
home= war paper and memorization of my part in a play.
it also equals HELGA (which is good)
i want to forget him and i have....but im jealous of his friendships....his laughter with anyone but me.
why do i resort to meditating on such things that are probably just figments of my imagination.
i must keep reminding myself. i sometimes hate love.
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[04 Apr 2003|08:59pm]
[ mood | blah ]

odd odd odd day.
the stomp production at imax.
i left school early cause i feel like death, and then hardcore pretend to be a rich person in bellevue.
just for the record, I HATE THE EAST SIDE!!!!!!

things i hate:
people who are depressed and NOT medicated
unsalted butter
slow internet connections
runny noses
bad kissers
calls from all the wrong boys
overdue books

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[23 Mar 2003|04:16am]
i think today was fun.
i pretended to be a stuck up rich person at a $1500/table tea benefit for childhaven, sponsered by nordstrom. i ate too much food. i didn't pay $1500 for a table. i volunteered and thus got everything for free plus backstage privilages. scared all the pastel colored ladies by wearing neon pink tights with a 60's floral dress. crazy.

no boys.

i tell you this journal is for boy bitchin',
for real life fun.......visit my corporate livejournal, where my username is: littleloo.
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[18 Mar 2003|10:49pm]
not too much goin' on.
anthony not returning my calls, todd leaving me alone and wally being oh so gentlemanly.
i love pistachio ice cream!

tomorrow holds out running start dreams.
fuck you center school boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is confusing.
im moving home in june.
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[15 Feb 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | nervous and dreamy ]
[ music | moby ]


im so so so screwed.
this is gonna be a boy post.

#1 i do not want to be with todd.
#2 anthony is fed to the flock of seagulls even as a quasi friend. don't even quasi friends communicate?? ive come to the conclusion that he's more confused than i and people who are at different points in their lives should not be together.
#3 wally is so fucking out of all center school's leagues and i hope he knows this and doens't screw around thus morphing himself into the hoes we all have becum.
#4 tyson is really hotttttttttt and that sounds cheesy but shit. i can't even go up and talk to him. alexis git yer act together and get a gallery opening date. free wine. oh shit.
#5 may i go back to #3? i heart.

i was having a hard time yesterday and it didn't help having a fight with emily. this time it got physical. she hit me then i kicked her. could we be growing up to be like madre? hmmmmm. i do so like wally. why? manners he's genuinly interested in what people have to say. he has style and class and SPEAKS. i could talk to him for hours about oldschool seattle (NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE KNOWS anything about the arts scene as far back as wally and i, everyone else came in a year ago). freestyle. this break is well needed. ill be sewing and daydreaming. it's all in balance though. it's probable that the 25 other girls ahead of me in love with wallace will get in his pants. i know there is something bad about him thoogh. there always is and you don't see it until 3 weeks into knowing them. so i predict that those 25 girls will all loath him by the end of the year. *remember cali and juan?* we talked about jones. i told him all about how i had been a fan since 1996 when they would only sell it at this video store in the u-dist. my first flavor was fufuberry. he laughed. i told him that my second fav was pineapple upsidedown cake and that i was peeved that they didn't make it anymore. that's when he realized that i actually am a jones aficianado and have been around. okay enough with the boy.
get back to work.

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[01 Feb 2003|11:42am]
so yeah surprise!
after school anthony invited me to this 911 media arts show. i hung out with aubry. we went thrifting and had pizza in the u-dist. the film show was quite fun and artsy fartsy. i hate how at school you can be really mean and not talk to eachother but then right after school you can be best friends. that pisses me off. im going to star in my own movie. the movie called alexis' life. starting now im going to say yes to things i like and say NO to the things i don't like. im gonna tell people just exactly how i feel. CAREFUL PEOPLE THAT I HATE. gosh so yeah. sorry i haven't posted in a while. iforgot my fucking password. oh yeah... as a side note, im going to stop swearing too.
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[30 Nov 2002|06:31pm]
so the pertty parlor party went perfect.
everyone showed up, and then some (namely BOB, BOYD, and floozie, miranda)
dalaney and helga are ANGELS.
went to cookies and porn after the parlor.
british accents flying around midst porn, porn, and more porn.
went to an afterparty at roger's house.
he knows collette and angel.
too mush fun.
no on the blow, but yum was fun.
a whol lotta fun.
wouldn't trade it for the world.
i wouldn't change anything except for not getting alcohol.
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[28 Nov 2002|11:00am]
[ mood | hungry ]

food is the main attraction of this CRAZY CRAZY day.

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[28 Nov 2002|03:01am]
so yeah um.....
just got back from jason's haus. we watched CLERKS. he made me a whiskey sour which i thouroghly enjoyed. then proceeded a night of watching 3 hours of tv on mute while making fun of eddie and his relationships. matt is cool. i found out that he was the sound guy for bent kactus a while back. interesting. he knows EVERYONE.

earlier today i had to witness the first yelling tantrum given to zack by anna banana. yeah. i hate being the fucking mediator. the electrician is really HOT. a tattoo on his neck. I LOVE TATTOOS. especially on necks. hot sssss.

cous cous was nice. i enjoy our talkings of life. life would not be good w/out helga brigade.
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[26 Nov 2002|11:31pm]
today was most interesting.
first of all you know those days where you feel SO comfortable in what you're wearing?
today i was feelin sexy. i don't know why.
met with the puppeteer from SCT. i knew him already. weird.
i HATE art class. always will.
this fucking cat is driving me CRAZY.
so justin told me if i ever wanted to come over to just call him. i know that makes his girlfriend want to shit herself. i would never take him. i wouldn't even dream of it. argh.
so the most beautiful boy ever (namely BOB M.) is going out to dinner with emily to make her ex jealous (CLAY). i feel bad being cletus' friend and all but what can i say? he was secretly dating jessie. fucker.
lingere party is coming up and im so fucking ready i can't see straight.
grades are really bad but who the fuck cares? school is just the governments way of acceptance. am i cool enough to be accepted into the US of A's government?
apparantly NOT.
im not in love with anyone. i need love. i need to find someone. i feel it would be the only cure to this CRAZE.
im also afraid that would be the WRONG thing to do. im a bit confuzzled.
so aurora got HER ear peirced.
how quaint of her.
i guess we just love to copy eachother, though it's mainly her copying ME.
1. haircut
2. ear
i guess i DID dye my hair similar to her old coloring but that was completley unintentional.
i wish helga didn't have dance so we could terrorize my neighborhood and pretend we're 21.
she's my hero.
i think suicide would've come and gone by now if she wasn't here.
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tee hee! [26 Nov 2002|11:21am]
[ mood | awake ]

this pineapple bread sucked the moist out. i left it in our fridge. the school fridge. these writings of helga's are the only thing keeping me going. i would die if anyone i know wanted to not know me anymore. not because of the regection so much as me not seeing how their choices in life relate to their outcomes. patience is often forgotton towards the ones you love most.

had lunch at larry's.
we pretended to buy things while gobbling up every sample.
the pretending was needed so we wouldn't get kicked out like last time.
after school we went diving.
dumpster diving.
yes, anthony shyed away.

i hate math.

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[26 Nov 2002|11:06am]
gave away tirimisu joy.
very sad that a certain someone didn't hold up their end of the bargain today.
was expecting them to be a bit more mature.
fuck um.
we had fun.
dumpster diving across the alleys.
the carpet has naked girls on it.
ha ha.
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