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hmmm... [15 Feb 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | full ]

looks like it's woken up from a coma!

i like my blurty, but the LJ has so much more to offer...

but here i am a month and day later and i shall be updating.

so i guess i'll update about my day yesterday...

woke up around 8:30 (dont know why, but i did) took a shower around 9 and then left with Paul around 10 to go to Boston. We were either gonna go to the aquarium or the Children's museum. We ended up going to the Children's Museum because A) it was cheaper B) my mom gave me her MTA card so i didnt have to pay. it was awesome. i havent had more fun in a long time. we left there around 3ish and went to his sisters apartment. she's cool. i like her a lot. there we watched tv for a while, some Mr. Bean things, and most of Weird Science. then we went to dinner with his parents. idk why i was so nervous the day before. it was no big deal. it was like dinner with my family. his parents drove us back to Quincy-Adams then we Hit the mall. lol. i tried to look for a sweatshirt but, no luck whatsoever. so we went to Newbury Comics. i got the Fall Out Boy cd (take it to your grave) and i got Paul a t-shirt. a t-shirt with a tuxedo on it. mmmmmm sexy.

so today i did absolutely nothing. i hate being lonely. But Paul did come over at like quarter of 4. we drove around thinking of something to do for like 10-15 minutes then made the decision to go back to my place. he had to leave at like 4:30 for work so since then i've been doing nothing except looking online for prom dresses. no fucking luck. i think tomorrow im gonna be aggressively aggressive and call people and demand that they let me come over or demand that they come over here. lol.
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and thats the half of it [14 Jan 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Law & Order on tv ]

well lets just say i find out who ever wrote that rude and hurtful comment in ashley's LJ, watch you're back b/c you're not fucking cool at all.

anyways...lol yeah Michele had a lot of homework... the most ive had in a looong time. i had a good day i suppose. the highlight was in 4th period. we went to the wireless computer lab, the science one, and we were the very first class to use it. michele was pumped lol. i know i sound dorky but stuff like that makes me excited! lol

liz wasnt in school today... and she had my math notebook. cool? i think not. thanks. i had to re-do all my math homework before 3rd period today.

so guess who made wind ensemble? mmm hmm thats right. so did arnold, wag-bag, pauly boy and a bunch of other cool ppl... mmm hmmm lol

so tomorrow is EARLY-ALKA-ESCENCE t-shirt day. and michele is going to be wearing the same pants for 8 days straight. ooo yeah, pimpin it
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Who wears the panties in your house? [08 Jan 2004|03:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Thursday|A Whole in the World ]

I feel so bad for Liz. Orion yelled at her today and totally humiliated her. Lucky for her i found her right in time, after. lol. So I talked to her about it, well she talked and I listened. I hope she's gonna be ok.
Mrs. Glaser wasn't there again today! BANG! ooo yeah.
I totally zoned out in Mr. Burleys class today, but i did get some things to know to read for the test that im so gonna fail tomorrow... o well. He said something to me today about it. then he said "You know who I noticed doesn;'t come around anymore?" Chuck. Yeah, we're just friends. "Really? I'm glad that you didnt fall apart and not care about anything anymore. I've seen so many girls do that and it just hurts them." Yeah i know, but Chuck wasn't a big part of my life. I didnt really care when it happened. "Good, I'm glad. There are so many new things and oppurtunities in the world." So I thought, yeah i know, i have sooo moved on. and i have proof there are so many more good things in this world... and a certain person.
O man, i get these pop ups on my computer and what they say crack me up. there's one thats been coming up a lot and it said "67% of women are disatisfied with their partner's size. Penis size does matter." hahaha!!!!! love it.
so ashley said that she was gonna do the pants thing next week. i did it anyways lol. i think i'm deff gonna do it again b/c these jeans are soooo comfy. especially after being worn for more than 24 hours. ah speaking of smashley, we are going to make the EARLY-ALKA-ESCENCE t-shirts tom. so if you're a groupie, expect a gift in your near future.
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Yup, Paul Mcarthy's gay, and he knows it.... [06 Jan 2004|04:02pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | Mmmmmmmmmmm... ]

So starting tomorrow me and A. Dack are wearing the same pants for a week. disgusting... yet fun... lol. Mrs. Glaser wasn't here today... whoop whoop! Michele still hasnt finished her homework from over vacation, she's pretty lucky she hasnt been here to yell at her. yup yup. i have found a new word/two words or w.e you want to call it... i have not said it since i thought i was "cool"... whattup. yup thats right... whattup gangstaaa. Paul drove me home today. know what MD said... "Don't sit in the car and suck face!" shut up mom. yeah thats right Michele had a hickey, get over it. yeeeaaah. (haha you could have done better on my shoulder today...) mmmmmmmmmm... well the sister's bitchy and i shall update later
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I hate this... [02 Jan 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | Further Seems Forever|I am ]

So tonite might be the second night Michele doesn't have plans. Paul's supposed to call me back but I feel like he won't for some reason. I feel like I'm so boring to him. I really don't talk around him. idk why. maybe its just because i dont know what to say (duh). and maybe its because im kinda in shock all the time b/c i never thought i would be with him. its amazing lol. its sucks tho. i feel bad. he always comes up with things to do and i just sit there and say nothing. i dont know what we can do in brockton. im always over someones house or something. this whole week it was the mall and ashleys. and i dont know what he likes to do really. so i guess ill have to find out. yeah... thats the plan lol. its a good one too lol.

i spent the whoel day with my aunt today. it was alright i guess. it was a loooooong day. she trimmed my hair so it looks like what it used to... short. i think im gonna grow it out again, even tho its a lot easier to take care of shorter. o well. i cant really do anythign except wait.

so paul called at 6:01 pm. its now 6:55 pm. i really dont think hes gonna call. i dont balme him. im so boring. GOD this sucks! damnit!

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Isn't that Mark Von Holen? [01 Jan 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | Sum 41|In Too Deep haha some old school.... ]

So do you like it? i tink i do. not quite sure yet.

so today i went out w/ paul. mmmmm paul. nummy. then we went to jill's. got bored there and then left to go to the mall. haha. good times.

last nite at ashley's... all i have to say is GOOOOOOOOOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of fun. we played rock paper sissors and the loser got slapped. haha. also good times. i believe i am also going over there again tonite. mmmmmmmm i reckon.

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I don't want to go... [30 Dec 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | The Early November|Ever So Sweet ]

My dance teacher just called. She invited all the teachers and assistants out for dinner and a movie. I have made the decision not to go because I have plans with the EARLY-ALKA-ESCENCE. Plus, I hate Liz Pedro (as if you didn't know). So my mom starts yelling at me. I yell back. We're not talking. I find that I've been really bitchy lately. It's that time for the visitor again. This sucks. Just a day away from New Year's and I have to be cursed.

Michele is extremely bored. A. Dack is babysitting till I don't know when. And Arnold... I don't know where she is.

Who wants to be an EARLY-ALKA-ESCENCE groupie? No questions, just join.

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I love you Carson Daly! [29 Dec 2003|05:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

New York, New York, my how many Asians you have... and what a population. The show was fabulous. and even though i got like an hour worth of sleep, i was so energetic. i felt like sleeping during the show but once we got to walking there was no stopping me and jess lol. it was so much fun. just a piece of advice... be careful of the asians... they cough so much. i was surprised i didnt get SARS. o man we ate at PLanet Hollywood in Times Square and i was shocked by the prices. a meal... i forget which one... was fucking 32 dollars. so i got a kids meal. so did the parents... except jessica lol. did i hate the bus ride... mainly because liz had to sit in front of me and be obnoxious the whole way there... so i tried to be a little more obnoxious than her. but on the way home... i listened to my new headphones so i didnt really have to listen to her. that was the good part. it was alright i guess... thats my overall thought.

so im going to ashley's tonite and herself steph and i want to go to the mall... ne one feel like giving us a ride? lol

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Get soooooooooooomme.... [25 Dec 2003|08:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Merry Christmas!

o man katelyn thats the best quote lol... christmas was alright i guess... ppl in my house are so bitchy in the morning so that kinda sucked... but the rest of the day was good... i got (not that much lol) an outfit from aeropostale (that i'll never wear lol), 2 collared shirts, a canopy thing that goes over my bed, o man the Chicago DVD, John Mayer CD, Allister, some jacket from Gap that im gonna return lol, and luaggage for the ski trip lol.

well thats all for now kiddos... update laters...

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Let's just say this always happens... [22 Dec 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Early November|Everything's Too Cold But You're So Hot ]

i got a card today from my aunt vikki down in florida and along with it she sent pictures of me and my family at her parents house in cape cod. needless to say i hated the way i looked. i skimmed thru them a few times and realized "wow michele, what the hell have you done to yourself? you really need to go on a diet." so its offical, im on a diet, on my own will and power, which rarely happens. so yeah if you see my eyes sticking out of my sockets like they did in eighth grade, don't worry, im just not eating again. dont be alarmed... trust me.

well my lesson got canceled tonite b/c she's very sick.

i get to go to New York on Sunday to watch the Rockettes and then do some after-Christmas shopping, so thats when i think ill get every one what they want lol.

o man do i greatly dislike my mom. she flips out on whatever i say. i said Oh my God today and she flipped to high hell. and she wonders why i dont talk/confide in her. she makes things so big from something so small... i think thats where i get it, but at least i can recognize whats a big deal or not big at all. but then again i feel kinda sympathetic b/c her and my dad arent getting along at all he's out every nite and we have no idea where he goes... and its like he speaks in code to his friends... he doesnt drink or ne thing but yet his friends ask him if they want to go to a "bar"...

speaking of which... he wants to take me and meg Christmas shopping for MD and i guess i have no choice but to go...

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I want my baby baby.... [21 Dec 2003|07:42pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

well today was the christmas show for dance... it went alright i guess. there wasnt many dances and they all had mess ups... i even messed up. but then again, i didnt go for 2 weeks in a row. lol jess saw her friend dave there b/c his little cousins were dancing, and hes the kinda guy who you wouldnt expect to go b/c its not his thing, but he did and he got a kick out of it i guess. jess was so embarassed. haha i was making it kinda worse but we're not gonna go into details...

but ne ways... i went to mall yesterday and got paul and steph something but idk if they're gonna like what i got so im gonna get them something to go along... but i just dont know what... ponder... (give me some hints lol)

i have to pee...

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Mmmmmmmm... [18 Dec 2003|08:44pm]
o man did i just stuff my face lol. that italian sub was good. went to east's concert tonite. was not exciting at all. they lack in percussion and brass. its terrible lol. theres too many saxes... i had to get out of there. lol i know i sound mean but hey, what can ya do? i didnt really pay attention b/c i helped MD w/ the bake sale for the cheerleaders... it didnt even seem like it was for them... it seemed like i did it for myself... great helping girls!

ashley got the pictures developed from the snow day we had at her house... i didnt get to see them yet... i really want to see the ones of paul lmao =))))

but i only gots a few minutes left so thats all for now kiddos... i gots a lot to write about MD later
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No doubt about it... this jack is into all types of metals... [15 Dec 2003|06:17pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

o man i love listening to old stuff... i.e. *nsync, backstreet boys, etc... it makes me realize how much of a dork/idoit/weirdo i was...

we had a fire drill today... during lunch might i add... jess had to save her nachos... but by the end of it the cheese was frozen lol

you know sometimes i feel like i say something and people dont care... they seem so uniterested... it makes me think that they think "o its just michele... shes an idiot so she wont notice if i dont care" well yanno... i do...

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WE'VE GOT (insert here)! [12 Dec 2003|04:01pm]
[ mood | calm ]

well then im happy... wanna know why?

i gots a 94 on my math test, i got out of detention, and i have a 78 in History (and jeff bogan is gay)

lets just say i had an awesome week so far. and tonite im going to the mall w/ paul (ha that rhymes) idk what im gonna buy b/c i only have 9 bucks... unless i ask MD for monay.

today is my lesbian aunts bday. lol. MD was gonna go to the party at some gay bar but shes tired and i couldnt imagine my mom at one of those bad larrys.

i miss my ashley lol. its true *hangs head in shame/embarassment* and my arnold and my wag-bag. i miss them all! its been so long since just the 4 of us have chilled. we all told who we had for the "secret santa" thing lol. it never fails.

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but then again... [09 Dec 2003|05:13pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Alkaline Trio|Armageddon ]

and there are some reasons why i hate snow days...

1) people never call
2) parents dont drive you anywhere
3) if you expect to go somewhere and you get ready and you dont go, you waste good clothes
4) you have nothing to do except eat which, in my case, makes you fatter
5) you'll eventually have to go back to school

now i think we all know that there are more problems, but those are the ones that fit my day. and it totally sucks because i still have dance tonite and i dont want to go b/c i have 90 pages to read by tomorrow and i know im never gonna get it done. i should really not go to dance but i already missed last week b/c of the game and there was stuff going on there that no one informed me about and i missed it all and it made me soooo mad. dammit all. but on the plus side, jess and i talked on the phone and we had the funniest conversation that, i think, ever. and let me tell ya, we have some pretty weird discussions.

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[09 Dec 2003|12:13pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

this is one reason why i love snow... no school baby!!!

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i tend to like to lick people... [02 Dec 2003|05:04pm]
[ music | No Doubt|It's My Life ]

i am so not looking foward tonites game...

o well... i got bored so here you go...

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[01 Dec 2003|06:50pm]
ok paul said he didnt say it... but i know he did lol but ne ways... its all good
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almost done w/ biology... so i think im gonna do this lol [30 Nov 2003|01:14pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | football on the tv in the backround ]

haha omg last night was so incredibly funny... it was me, wag-bag, tara and ashley over caitlins house and at first we watched finding nemo w/ her parents... good times. then we sat around for a few in front of her fire... it was cool... it turned different colors lol. we got bored tho so caitlin said that she wanted to show us something. apparently her dog has an infatuation w/ tara and like to hump her so caitlin told her to lay on the ground while he did and omg it was so friggin hilarious... ashley was on the verge of peeing her pants... lol and yes i did... it was that funny... but then chance got a little too excited so she had to grab him fast off tara before anything gross happened. lmao it was so funny.

but anyways... ive been thinking about this... yesterday i was talking to paul mccarthy and he asked me how it was going w/ paul and then he said that paul only wanted to be friends w/ benefits... should i believe him? hmmmm....

anyways... i gots to get back to the homework, i only got a lil left...

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yo yo b-baxter in the house... [29 Nov 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

o man was today fun lol. we had the parade and while we were wAiting for it to start people were playing random things and when they started to play Sing, Sing, Sing i just totally lost all control... lol i was doing the twist but like... in stephs words i was "bending in half" lol i guess you had to be there (if you want ill give you a demonstration... dont be scared to ask) then we kinda calmed down and i got bored just standing around so i walked over to steph and caitlin and i was doing this pelvic thrust thing lol and paul came up behind me and started doing the same thing... lol you had to be there for that too lol (and ill give a demo for that too if you would like lmao) paul had me meet his friend... jay i think lol he seemed cool

so i think we're going over wagner's house tonite... good times... o yeah ... and im out ya'll peace lol

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