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    Friday, May 21st, 2004
    1:31 pm
    lip piercing
    im in school right now :0oooo. hehe. bad kori bad bad.ok anyways im so fucking excited. im getting my lip pierced today "im so excited"(cat in the hat:)) i had it before but i had to take it out. cause of stupied caca-pepe school. oh everytime i get a mint out of my friends mint box somehow i dunno 3 mints always come out. maybe the mint box thinks i have bad breath ????? im just so confused.haha me and my freind are talking about ingrown hair on your legs and how they really suck big poopies.were listening to love songs by beyonce. iahve nothing to write but im so happy about my lip...........................................eeekkk...........thank the great poopie. ok im done.tootles. bye i love u. oh wait my lip is making me horney. i just wanted to put the horney mood face.hehe

    Current Mood: horny
    Current Music: caca
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