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To gain a year is to gain a pound. [01 Mar 2003|12:12pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | "Here is Gone" - GooGooDolls ]

Today is my birthday. I suppose I'll attempt to make the best of it.

Mum sent me loads of Chocolate frogs for some odd reason. I think she still thinks I'm too skinny for my own good. Fred and George thought it was hysterical to send me a howler on my birthday; so when I opened the steaming letter all you heard was their two BOOMING voices rattling the building with their birthday wishes to me.

And those bloody gits called me 'Ronnikins'. I swear I could kill them.

Really now, all I really would want for my 18th birthday would be just to spend time with Hermione and Harry, possibly even take Fred and George's route to Hogsmeade later and fool around in Zonko's. You know, like old times. I just hope they're up to it.

Presents? I could care less. (Even though Hermione, naked, without interruption would be a splendid present if I do say so myself!)

Have a butterbeer!

[23 Feb 2003|07:35am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | "Far Away" ]

There's almost so much I can do. I'm only one person.

And I'm at the liability of watching someone I deeply care about, fall into my arms and cry. What is there to do besides kiss her and hold her and hush her sobs? Nothing. I feel like I'm doing absolutely nothing to alleviate her pain.

She still gazes off into the distance, deep in thought. Merlin knows what she's thinking about. Perhaps that same day is replaying through her mind, and killing her.

And the puny boyfriend can do nothing but hold her hand and tell her consistently... It'll be all right, love. It'll be all right. When in reality, It's not all right. It's not even O.K. It's disgustingly vile and wrong.

Bloody fucking hell. There's a time and place for revenge. When it comes, I'll be the first to snatch it and do everything I possibly can with it. And I mean everything.

Have a butterbeer!

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