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[17 Apr 2003|03:59am]
So I went to go visit an old 'friend' in NYC, last night.. And no mater how hard she seemed to deny with her her mouth she just couldn't keep her hands off of me. Hmm, I wonder if Mr.Boytoy get's it as rough as I do. Before we even had sex I had 3 huge bloody scratches down my face, and she bit my lip, making that bleed, too. Although lucky her, she's got soe brusies, too. But, you know we all know she likes it that way, don't you sweetheart? Not to mention to licked the blood off my face and she had the most devious smile on her lips. As much as she screamed and cried, I knew she loved it deep inside. Mm, then she let me into the hotel room and oops, Orlando was sleeping. Too bad we had to be quiet... Maybe later. ;)
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