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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
8:40p - Color-Ado!
Yes! We leave for Colorado tomorrow morning at 6 AM. I am so excited. Brian and I went to Wal-mart to buy a bunch of junk food for the road. I can't wait!
I cut my hair today. About 2 inches. It's still hella long though. It looks really good, so I was happy when I was finished.
Many months ago, before I had a job, I signed up for this babysitters thing online. Well, I had forgotten totally about it until a couple weeks ago, this really nice lady calls and wants me to watch her 1 year old daughter. She has a 7 year old son too but hes on vacation with his grandparents. Well, I was so psyched and I babysat for them for the first time last night. Unfortunately, Janna(the baby) was asleep, (unfortunate because if youve ever met me, I LOVE babies) but I got to play with their dog, who has yet to be named. He's a terrier/schnauzer and they got him at a shelter. He jumped on my lap while I played with their TiVo(total crap I might add). So I ordered pizza and had myself a great old time, haha. Hopefully next time, Janna will be up so I can play with her.
I have decided that packing totally SUCKS. I mean, do I pack my hair stuff before or after I'm ready to leave, because obviously, to get ready to leave, I'm just gonna have to unpack it to use the stuff, but if I don't pack it while I'm thinking about it, I might forget it so I get totally stressed out trying to figure out what to pack before and after and it always ends up the same way-pack it I said...packing just SUCKS.
So now I'm at Brian's and we're just gonna stay up all night because I won't be able to sleep since I'm so excited for tomorrow. Brian and I are probably sharing a room with his 13 year old brother, Kevin. Unless Kevin decides to sleep on a cot, which is actually likely.
So I gotta go for now. I might get on again later tonight.

You Know You Love Me,

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