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full! [19 Apr 2003|08:59am]
[ mood | refreshed ]
[ music | Asian Kung Fu Generation - Haruka Kanata ]

I got the full version for this song!! fucking rocks my head maN! duhduhduhudhudhduhduhhhhhhh~

DAMN! I love that little bass riff!! HOT HOT HOTTT! Makes me think of FLCL ... hahaa.... there's some totally badass riffing with that funny band... what's their facking name again?! shit! fak! I can't remember... it's not the fucking panckes (fuck you pancakes for ruining my panny cakes) and it's not the seatbelts...


shit, what's with all this domestifications of names?! oddballs man. yuk yuk yukkkkk~~~

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faak is the new green [19 Apr 2003|02:55pm]
[ mood | restless ]

damn. Today is such a terrible studying day. All I want to do is fucking DRAW DRAW DRAW. DRAAAAAAAw. you dig?! fuck fuck fuck!! I like to draw. And cuss like there's no tomorrow. Because it inflates the "badass" ego, u know?! HAHAHAaa fuck I have a terrible habit of cutting my nails super deep. Geez. I am so useless. I want to go home and practice chords!! Cuz I'm gonna be a fucking guitar hero before I reach the GRANNY age of life. Fuckf fufkfkfkfkk. I want to be as cool as Steve Vai.

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