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[29 Nov 2003|02:43pm]

I did it in 8 seconds.
I deserved an A+!!
Take the How Dexterous Are You? Quiz!!

beat that asshole..

lol i looked at andrea's and then said...oh no.. i can so beat that.. and then amijo tried.. and got a f-- ... sucks to be her ;]
dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

hey! [29 Nov 2003|02:39pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | .. nothing.. im in a hotel. ]

I did it in 20 seconds.
I deserved an A-!!
Take the How Dexterous Are You? Quiz!!

dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

happy turkey day! [27 Nov 2003|03:05pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | TombRaider2.. mom snoring ! lol ]

so bored.. such a loser

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byebye now!!
dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

yo! [19 Nov 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | VictoriaSecretFashionShow ]

soo.. 16 eh? yeah.. its great, cept in the loset w.out my license.. lol the party kicked ass.. i had a great time.. big fun.. cory was gunna stay the night with me <3 .. but he had baseball in the mornin..and no1 was gunna be able to take him home.. so he asked me to stay the night.. so i told him as long as i get his bed.. and he is all like.. well that's fine..! i got silk sheets and pllow cases.. and yeah.. im like. effme. lol. ya kno what i mean? lol.. prolly not.. im feelin dorky..
not happy with momma.. she is sellin tonka.. he leaves tomorrow.. i will miss that dogg.. i love him to death, and chance is pregnant again.. i cant wait for more puppies to get attached to ..fall in love with..and then get my heart broken when they get sold.. lol
last night was our first game.. it was aginst ft myers.. and we tied 1-1/.. i scored the goal for my team, it was beautiful.. it was at about the 4 yard line.. oppostie field.. i loved it.. but 1st half .. i couldnt play too much... im playin on 2 rolled ankles.. a torn left hip flexer. and my left thigh hurts like hell.. yeah it all sucks.. but i love playing for north..and i am not gunna quit till im hurt till the point i cant move..

later gater..

M A N D E R . B E A N Z

dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

yo yo!! [15 Nov 2003|12:05pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | home depot rox! ]

Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Birthday To the one and only ManDerBean
Happy Birthday To Me

ahhh.. the power of cheese
beautiful day, weather is nice
i hope today works how i want it to.. i want my damn truck now!
lol... i love my dad.. mom is great.. but she obviously wasnt thinking when she bought me a cake.. is like.. a circle one.. and like.. feeds 10 people.. thats a laugh.. told my dad not to buy the sheet cake that would feed alot more people
whatever, im chewin a straw and watchin the news.. happy 16th to me.. byebye

1 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

life sucks [11 Nov 2003|06:36pm]
[ mood | shitty ]
[ music | TrueLife//FriendsWithBenifits ]

well right now.. its like the one year aniversary or my mother telling us about the divorce.. and everything thing is just about ruined. supposedly she tried to make my party behind my back..it was goin to be huge.. and my donnell as my dj and she was gunna charge people at the door.. like 2 bucks. and wheni found out.. i was pissed. you cant charge people to come to ur birthday party! that s bull.. s i was mad.. and i planned for it to be at julies.. and now larry and i have been arguing about how i broke my mother's heart and she cant go now and yada yada bullshit.. m bday is just about ruined.. i want to cry.. well no.. i have cried.. about 4 times.. and i hate it.. i talked to lauren she helped alot (iLu* babe) and things still suck.. larry and i got into fights about how he thinks he is hott shit and he 's movin out when he turns 18 to live with eric and pay rent and have 3 jobs and take care of himself.. and not go to college.. and im sittin here.. and sine i was 15 iwanted to be an anestesiologist for a surgeon and he has no ambtion in life.. and watever.. i am so mad.. ts all remindng me of the days i wanted to kill my self. but i never had the balls to mae that one slit in the left wrist... i still have letters to alexis sayin that i was srry and i didnt mean for any of this to happen, it was just that things were too hard.. and whatever shit just sucks right now.. i've been smoking, and drinking alot.. things are goin downhil.. and that is all ending.. i was just stupid for a few days..so now.. im hoping and praying.. my bday s good.. no more fights and its fun and everything works out.. and soccer goes better and things will ligthen up..

im out-

2 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

yo! [10 Nov 2003|12:25am]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | MeAgainstTheMusic//B. Spears ]

heyy ! soo.. my b-day is saturday
i lost my Varsity position.. dont want to get into details
finally got a good hookup.. (non sexual)
thnkx liz for everything! and
sat. night rocked..
im turnin 16
gettin a job at daddy d's.
heartless is awosme
lucas and korey have been around alot.. lucas is gunna here to coach me when track rolls around!
gabe has a torn acl.. and that happened when everything was great for him.. he was leading scorer..and e is cimin back around this weekend.. lol im so excited. lucas is great..
i need to lose weight.. amijo is doin so good.. she has lost like 25 lbs.. in like.. 2 months.. so i will do the same.. lol bad ass.. and then
saw brian, emily, caro, liz, dani..and many many more at the rodeo.
old flames suck.
talked to cowboy joe.. very hott. lol sarah put a dollar in my pants.. lol
got very buzzed and a little drunk last night.. lol
drove the bronco around (when i was sober)
did the heart walk
had a cyclone car wash
smoked some blacks
have 1 1/2 left in my purse.. and that smell never goes away...
imma put it in a baggie... lol
my sweet 16 party is saturday..
im sick as hell.. sore throat's blow.. lol
not too much to say.. time for bed.. later dude.

<3 manderbeanZ

2 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

Boo!! [26 Oct 2003|11:44am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | a Hunting Show ]

It's a beautiful day, i just wish you were here. )

3 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

ahh drunken nights [19 Oct 2003|10:16am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | skynard* pour some sugar on me ]

lol yeah.. so im slowly gettin better at typing in this thing.. ok.. i tried to update.. but shannon called.. and i talked to her for 30 min er so..and now im goin to bed..
*im hott.. really. i mean hot and sweaty
*roberto and cory are hott
*i was talkin about gabe the other day
*chris is cool
*simonetti is cool
*i like regina
*im grounded
*billman is hott.. and he like.. is alwyas next to me at football. lol
*cory is a hottie.. but we are too good of friends
*i wanna get trashed and get back at my parents..
*need new belly rings
*im 16 next month!
*need a car damnit!
... too tire.. need to sleep...

* im hott, sticky, sweet- from my head, to my feet-((skynard*))

<3 ya!

dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

heyy good lookin' [05 Oct 2003|07:36am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Smallville ]

heyy there! long time eh'? yeah well.. lots has happened.. the roberto thing was good at 1st.. but then it ended.. no reason to tell why, lol but it isnt bad.. lol uumm.. on lighter news.. things with cyclones is better.. im playin more up to par.. and feeling a little more comfy with the team each time i play.. but i there have been a few things wrong with me, at first my calves were in the process of healing ( when you work out for so long.. your muscles rip in order to expand, ), then this week, i was sick betond belief, i was runny nose-red watery eyes-coughy-sneezy-weak-sore throat kinda sick... he kind that really sucks.. and now.. i have a boil on my knee, and its sore..and i cant strech the thing at all.. it burns and its swollen, and is red, that, my friend.. blows.

last night after soccer. me sissy ron amijo danni julie mike and dad all went to cracker barrell, and then me julie and mijo rode to julies and waited for brian to leave for homecoming with stephanie.. she looked so pretty, he hated it tho.. he hates gettin dressed up and all that it was funny.. he was in a very nice shirt tie, and dockers.. and cowboy boots.. lol it was great. so after he left.. me julie danni and mijo went to the mall.. one the way there..i was rambling on about cory right.. well.. 1st peron we see.. cory.. lol he walks up to me and asks about his dad or sumthin.. and ahh i dont kno what else hapened.. and julie was goin on about how hott he is.. lol it was funny, so i bought my earrings.. and then met my dad and bro in champs.. and daddy bought me a new sweater.. lol i like it..its a navy adidas one and its really comfy.. then we headed to get some grub.. and amijo an i saw trevor and mike.. trevor gives good hugs. .lol.. but it was kinda bad. neither of us were wearing makeup..and we smelled of soccer a la mode.. lol ok.. so i dont feel like typing too much more.. but i belive i will update again sooner or later.. have a great day..

i <3 cory?

1 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

heyy! [01 Oct 2003|09:14pm]
[ music | Us Womens Soccer! ]

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dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

uggh [14 Sep 2003|08:29am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | I Cant Be Your Friend Anymore ]

ok, ok so i kno i have a bad habit of posting in this thing but i have alot to get off my mind.. and i belive i have time...i dont really feel like gettin into detail with alot.. but certain things are football//roberto//homecoming//amijos' b-day//amijo in general... in sick of crap// my truck//my family// soccer//i dont like cyclones..//

ahh there is to much goin on..
Xo ManderBean oX [8:23 PM]: -so what didja do this weekend
InfiniteRage692 [8:24 PM]: layed around took vikadin, u
Xo ManderBean oX [8:24 PM]: lol went out... bowln mall amijo's...
Xo ManderBean oX [8:24 PM]: not alot
InfiniteRage692 [8:24 PM]: TOLD U U 2 WOULD BE FRIENDS AGAIN
Xo ManderBean oX [8:24 PM]: got sme kick ass earings
Xo ManderBean oX [8:24 PM]: yeah
Xo ManderBean oX [8:24 PM]: but im still not happy with her
Xo ManderBean oX [8:24 PM]: there is alot i need to talk to her about
Xo ManderBean oX [8:25 PM]: i think ash her and i are gunna have a long talk tomorrow
InfiniteRage692 [8:25 PM]: y
Xo ManderBean oX [8:25 PM]: b.c the way she treats people just gets on my nerves..
Xo ManderBean oX [8:25 PM]: to me it seems like.. the way she acts... she is the center of the friggon world... it litterally is her way or no way
Xo ManderBean oX [8:26 PM]: he opinion goes and she is hott shit
InfiniteRage692 [8:26 PM]: ooooooo
Xo ManderBean oX [8:26 PM]: but.. really she is just self centeredand concieted
Xo ManderBean oX [8:26 PM]: ya kno?
InfiniteRage692 [8:26 PM]: i cant believe we lost
Xo ManderBean oX [8:26 PM]: me either
InfiniteRage692 [8:26 PM]: im soooo sick of losing
Xo ManderBean oX [8:26 PM]: im sick OF you losing
InfiniteRage692 [8:26 PM]: y?
Xo ManderBean oX [8:27 PM]: she is here right now.. and ya kno what she is doin?..
InfiniteRage692 [8:27 PM]: masturbating?
Xo ManderBean oX [8:27 PM]: sleepin.. i took a shower.. and she went in my room.. got out magazines..and layed down..and when i got in there.. i was lookin for homework.. which i stll cant find.. and she goes.. hey turn off the light
Xo ManderBean oX [8:28 PM]: WTF is that... i need to do homework..and while im cleaning and lookin for shit... she tells me to turn off the light so she can sleep!
InfiniteRage692 [8:29 PM]: kick her min the balls
Xo ManderBean oX [8:31 PM]: yeah... i wish

ok that is a major problem i guess you got the jist of it.. and personally i think i am an awsome friend.. i mean she doesnt kno it.. but im plannin a friggon party for her..and im workin my ass off to get it together..

Xo ManderBean oX [8:36 PM]: bein the nice person i am.. and the pushover i wish i wasnt... im gunna most likely keep my mouth shut
InfiniteRage692 [8:36 PM]: theres your problem
Xo ManderBean oX [8:37 PM]: well mat.. i hate fighting... i hat gettin in arguments...so i usually keep shit to myself...
Xo ManderBean oX [8:37 PM]: but now.. i cant take it anymore...
InfiniteRage692 [8:37 PM]: so write her a note
Xo ManderBean oX [8:38 PM]: no.. i wanna say it to her face

pushover. yeah that's exactly what i am.. i really need to stand up for myself against her.. its a load a bullshit the way she bosses me an ash around..and she really thinks that she is superior to us in a way...

ya kno what she said to me today?.. she thinks im bi-polar.. honeslty. i think i am ..all the damn time i have the craziest mood swings.. maybe it is just around certain people.. (dad-mom-amijo-larry) the people i am closest to... are the people who kno me the least.. ya kno? does that even make sense.. i dont even kno who i am anymore... i need to have a friend that i can tall all this...that will be lauren and or shannon.. they keep my shit and dont diss my opinions or shoot me down about stuff... can you guess who does?

on a lighter note.. roberto.. he os gorgeous.. lol tall dark (puerto-cuban) football player.. shy an sweet... lol he is adorable.. and well the one day that we were in the locker room he looks at me and sees me watchin him try in his uniform..and well he looks at me then luis and goes.. hey luis -and he flex's his bicep.. ts beautiful..and then he sees me still lookin.. and does that whole wink-nod-smile deal.. it was hot. then i told ashley to tell him i had a thing for him.. right? so the next day she goes to him in class.. and is all like.. hey roberto.. one of my friends thinks ur hott.. and he asked which one..and when she told him it was me..she said his smile got soo big.and he started blushin... it was so cute..lol and at the games hwere in doin jv water.. he comes up and stands by me..an doesnt say anything.. but he will look down and try to make it unobvious..and i kno he is doin it..so i look up and either make a face or smile at him.. lol its all fun..and man o man .. he has a great body.. andi can get him.. lol

a weird thing about him however, is that i keep dreamin about him.. and you kno how they say the person you think about before you go to sleep is the person you will dream about?.. well i have dreamt about him all week..lol its crazy- i dreamt of us last night.. on his couch er sumthin..and its winter i think... im inhis sweatshirt.. with a messy bun in my hair and we are just cuddled up watchin a movie..-- i want all that back..like.. now.. i miss love..and kisses.. good kisses.. nick was a shitty kisser.. o well .. uumm.. i dont have much more to talk about but i guess this hisa good update b.c its long.. i will prolly write back in a week-

i have soccer conditioning all week.. 7-8 so i dont have cyclnes.. -good shit.. and i will tel yall what is wrong with all that later.. i dont like talkin about it.. so.. byebye

--is the song a coincidence?... even tho its about a guy lovin his best grilfriend... sayin i cant be just your friend anymore.. still .. in another way.. it fits..

3 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

good morning! [08 Sep 2003|06:14am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | daddy wont sell the farm ]

well hey there sister girl! lol.. yeah yeah i kno, i havent written in forever.. there is quite a bit goin on.. like
alli is 16//i am not gunna get the bronco (my decision) b/c 8-10 mpg... not good. //brian collins is so hott.. //bowling//dunbar guys->brock?//new phone! yay! i'll get yall the number when i see you, and its a nextel!//i <3 my physcology class//we got 2nd place to kissimmee -we were drinkin b4 the championship game , and we lost 9-0.. lol//

ok im leavein for school.. i will try to write later this week... bu as long as you knew a few things.. lol

i love yall!!!!


dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

.- heyy -. [26 Aug 2003|09:41am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | the OC ]

yeah so there i was..

lol. ee! it stormed again today, and so i was at mich's hangin out with hima nd mike.. mitch slapped my ass and it hurt like hell, i was pissed, o well. then dad took me to sports authority, and i got a new soccer ball.. its metallic silver.. it rocks ass! lol i love it..

long island iced tea is my new favorite drink.. (move over code red!) lmao (p.s thereis no tea in a long island iced tea)

lol , there was sumthin i had to say.. o yeah, i saw the bronco for the 1st time tonite.. it even has the flood lights on top!!! it has the corny stripe thru the middle tho so its darkish green on top and bottom, and a lighter green in the middle.. its cool tho.. i like it, im so excited.. the dude wasnt home tho and it was 9:30, so we didnt talk to him about buyin it... its mine baby!!! more on that later.. byebye!!

4 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

whoa. been forever! ` [24 Aug 2003|06:59am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | TimeOfYourLife // GreenDay ]

heyy`' im so back! lol wow.. school rocks.. (i havent written in 3 weeks! must tell) my classes are the absolute best.. except 1st.. with chase and mat.. lol we have math. and we are friggon doin the easiest stuff... i love everything about school this year.. im way more involved.. maybe more than i should be ( spanish club, sprot med. club, key club, football watergirl/ trainer, gunna have soccer explorer club and track.. ) and on top of all that i have buttloads of homework and cyclone soccer and then i am finna start practicing at bayshore.. but look out world amanda is back!

wow... i feel better than ever.. im happy withmy appearence.. im gettin back in shape.. my hair looks good..and ppl think im hott.. lol (mediros keeps his ears open and tell me what the guys all talk about in the field house when all the girls arent in there) yeyeah!

hmm soccer.. that rocks.. we have won the past 2 games.. 7-1 and then 1-0... the 1-0 game..we played a kick ass number 1 team..and won! it rocked.. they were good..and we kinda played like shit.. we are gunna kick ass at labor day.. i hope :/

danni and i are tiight.. like..we a re together everyday..and we have so much fun.. amijo and 9i have alot of fun, but danni i can have girl talk stuff with, ya kno?

this is just about the 1st time every i have been completely happy with myself and everything around me ;]

my dad and julie are awsome.. i kno its kinda early.. but i want them to get married...i love julie and danielle and brian is cool too ..

well i guess i will give you real updates later..about deeper stuff
i cant wait to go to school tomorrow!


3 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

- o0 babii !- [07 Aug 2003|04:10am]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | x-men-. the carto0n.- ]

wow! i just got back from gettin my hair done... ooo gurl!! it is back to shoulder length.. and it has white/blonde highlights..and then dark brown lowlights.and then i left tiny streaks of my gold hair.. and i have coffeeish brown underneath... i love it so much!!!.. lol eee!.. i cant wait to see yall when i get back to FL.. and cori- is ur hair blonde yet?... caro- how the hell are ya!..
i cant wait to see the look on everyone's faces.. no1 knew i was gettin my hair done..and i have to admit that i really was gunan do that really really short cut.. but.. i didnt.. i dont have the balls.. lol ya kno?.. well i will be back later.. to update.. justin and pat are here!


1 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

hum .. dum [05 Aug 2003|12:16pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | GirlAllTheBadGuysWant//BowlingForSoup ]

well hey there!.. im here in indy.. not much to do tho..i saw connor(16) yesterday!.. lol his hair is soo big now.. i liek it tho..it is 7 inches long.. like.. curly afro.. too cute.. lol and eh is so different.. wearing like.. converse hightops.. and tight shirts..and you cant forget the belt buckle he got at goodwill.. lol its huge.. lmao and ash (20) and i have been hangin out alot.. crusin at night.. just listenin to music.. 'nann nigga' is our favorite.. we 'jam' to that. there are no clubs.. or nothin up here.. kinda lame but.. its all good.
i got to go shoppin yesterday.. pants are so expensive.. 40 bucks.. i got 2 pairs of those..and 3 other pairs for 20 bucks.. i need some more tho.. im not gunna wear 2 of those pairs to school.. they are more lounge pants. ((adidas capri things.. )) uumm.. o yeah..we all went out to dinner yestersay.. and i sat with conner ash and larry, me and conner got daquiri's ..and they were supposed to be virgin.. but they werent.. ahh they were awosme. lol and it was so funny.. we talked about sex with the parents all night.. lol. up here.. 'neckin' is just kissin, but down in FL.. when you hear some black dude talkni.. its like .. 'hey bitch when you gunna give me some neck..' lol..now.. you kno he aint askin for kisses ;] that nigga wants head!..lol we were goin on and on about that.. and then damn.. all these hott guys came in.. i was like.. shhiiitt!.. i go for the punkish guys some times.. and they were soo cute.. they had like.. longish hair (around the ears.) how i like it!.. lol and they were like.. grungy... damn. last night rocked.. its too bad whit(16) cant hang out with us much tho.. she has babysitting everyday from 8-5 and then from 5-30 till 7 she has soccer.. and we are out from like.. 6-11 everynight.. so that sucks for her.. so ..uumm. yeah im gettin out of here.. imma go shoppin.. so i will update later..and tell yall what's up.


2 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

'.indiana.' [03 Aug 2003|06:40am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | none ]

hey guys.. i cant get on aol from here.. so im me on mmy aim s/ns.. roxmiisox and then i have s0ccerbeanii so u can talk to me there.. or send em some screen names.. so i can talk to other losers!!! lol well.. imout.. cause im finna go out with ash and whit er sumthin.. byebye

- m a n d u h

dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

this sucks [02 Aug 2003|12:39pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | There's a hole in the word tonite ]

well.. i feel like shit.. mymother got fired.. and she is my supporter.. i really feel bad and perfect timing dontcha think??... yeah.. school shoppin.. i got enough shirts.. so last 2 weeks.. im sure i will be fine... but.. jeans.. i have none.. i iwll prlly buy alot more skirts.. but it will look pretty weird with a t-shirt.. lol so.. i dont kno.. my g-ma will prolly buy everything.. and the dying g-pa could.. ya kno..lend us a million bucks.. he is pretty damn rich.. lol and duane he'll shell out 20 grand.. that is pocket change for him.. he could hand my mother a brand new car..lol.. actually.. i think he is doin that.. lol.. why couldnt all this money come our way??... well mom got fired strickly b.c she made too much money... what kinda bull is that? so o well.. i leave for indy ni 20 min.. and i am workin out the entire time..my mian goal .. is to get back in shape to do my 7 min mile.. like in middle school and swim the entire length of the lake.. like.. 1/2 mile..... no biggie.. like.. if i can get the the middle and back.. i can get to the other side.. rest..and get back... ok.. well this shit has nothing to do with anything.. im just lettin out thougts.. so blow me.. i will see yall in a week.. bye


3 saY yesS!* dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

Yiip!!e [30 Jul 2003|06:15am]
[ mood | irate ]
[ music | InTheMud//BubbaSparxxx ]

lol.. yeah, im so gay.. lmao.. no.. uumm.. ok.. final schedule..

Algebra IB -Agostinelli
Chemistry H -Grossman
Spanish I -Pedraja
Physcology -Iriartei
World History H -Trexler
Drama II -Whitener
English IIH -Coston

so guys.. got classes with me??.. 2nd semester.. i switch 4th and 5th pd.. and 5th i have sociology.. sounds great, my locker is E2306.. next to spanish.. kinda.. im right in there with Maria.. my homie! lol.. Karo.. YOU should be up there! you and my new friend Linda.. you party animals you! and whoa! 4th pd. physcology.. i have with lauren ashley and amijo.. how bad ass is that?.. rock on beb! .. and well i gotta go.. im skippin practice ;[... byebye!


dO yOu liKe LoLliez*`

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