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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:I'll tell ya what I want!
Time:10:27 pm.
I want a wall altar. Something to entirely decorate the Northern wall of a room. I can't wait till Nick and I move in together, cuz then I can do this! :)

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:Sex is gooooood
Time:2:18 pm.
Mood: cold.
Mom had to go downtown with Wrigley this morning, so she asked me if I would like to be dropped off at Nick's until she and Wriggy were done. Huh, yuh! I always like to see my Nicky. :) So after Nick ate his breakfast, we went upstairs and worked off those calories. LMAO! He's become a little sex fiend, that boy! I just hope he doesn't get sick of doing ME and want to go do other chicks. He tells me, "NO! I'd never do that!" and I believe him, but the worry is always in the back of my mind, thanks to Rich the Dick (ex-husband). Heh, Richard the Dickard.

You know, this past June 15th would have been the 4 year anniversary of that stupid waste of a marriage??? *scoff*

LOL! I went from talking about dick to talking about Dick!

Mom had to run into Wayland to pick up some stuff for the horses and afterward, we hit Subway for lunch.

So, both types of hunger are now sated. ;)

I need a nap, I think. Read a little.

Nicky's gonna stay here with me when my parents go to Lansing for the weekend. I'm looking forward to that. :)

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:Framing shop and Jean
Time:3:23 pm.
Well I just called the Framing shop again and left another message. This time I talked myself up a bit, mentioning AGAIN that I am a graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design and that I DO have experience in cutting mats, choosing frames and whatnot, so hopefully (Frank, I think his name was) will call me back. Soon. Tomorrow, I want to drive up to Alpine to see if there are any stores there looking for ppl.

I also just chatted/argued with Jean a little on how his "cd is skipping", meaning how his life hasn't changed in the years that I've known him...has it been two years yet? Well whatever, he's not changed much at ALL since I met him. Constantly lamenting about his loneliness, joblessness, etc. Also pointed out that women probably don't want to date him since he's so negative and down on himself. He's way way worse than me. And it's like he's got some sort of social phobia. And the way he took my criticism was as expected. I'm not a very subtle person when I'm pushed, so I was kind of mean at points. But hey, I understand his viewpoint. I'd probably react in a similar fashion. But now he thinks I'm all up on my high horse, as he put it. *shrugs* The things he shot at me didn't affect me whatsoever and that is how I am when I know I am right. The only thing I would be wrong about here in this particular situation is the maner in which I talked to him- BUT! That's all said and done now, nothing I can do to change that. So I wished him the best and all that good stuff (all of which I meant!) and he threatened to disappear forever. He's overreacting just a tad, no? Pfft.

And those of you who know me KNOW that I am not cocky with many things at all, even when I *could* be. I don't like myself particulary and I don't believe I ever have. I've always been a pessimistic person. I don't need more negativity in my life to drag me down further. I do that enough myself.

I'll shut up before I put my foot in my mouth.

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:Just Crap
Time:1:56 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Looks like I'll be writing here for a while. OD is really messed up. Someone apparently hacked into it and it affected thousands of diaries. Figures that they'd hack into the server that my diary is kept on, huh? I'll have to go post this link to my favorites so they can come here to keep up with me for the next who knows how long.

Really didn't want to wake up this morning. Or at least not in the mood that I was in. It's like I knew today would be a crappy, negative day. See, this week is supposed to be rainy and since today was the only day that it wasn't supposed to rain, I figured, hey! I can mow the lawn today before it gets hella long and I'll have to rake up the clippings. Well, Homer fertilized/weeded the lawn with stuff, so I probably can't mow today at all. I'm really bummed about that too. I haven't anything else to really do... well that's not true. I can clean upstairs. I was just hoping to spend some time outside. Not that I can't do that still, but you know.

And I need to call on the framing job again. If they want to hire people so badly, then why don't they call them all back? I hate this world. The way it works, not the planet itself.

Learned something cool on the news this afternoon. Seems Indiana has deemed June 21st Rupert Day! Which is just cool cuz yesterday was Litha, too! And Rupert's been doing good things with his money and he hasn't changed, so far as I could tell.

I'm really stressing out about money. I had a collector call everyday last week, every 10 minutes during the morning hours until they talked to me. Mom didn't tell me that those calls were for me until three days later. How was I supposed to know they were calling for me???? I didn't know they were collectors! They could have been anyone! THEN another "out of the area" call came in this afternoon. I answered. NOTHING. HELLO? HELLO?!HELL-O?!?!.

Nothing. Fucking idiots.

I'm feeling violent today.

I tried one of my SlimFasts this morning and it was okay! I don't feel sick and it didn't taste like ass, so we're good.

***listens to mom and bruce talking. No, I can't mow the lawn today***

I worked on some more boxes this morning, too. I'm not liking this one I did. Could always sand off what I painted and re-do it. I have a round box that I want to paint the Pagan Wheel of the Year on. On the lid. It'll be neat when it's done.

Homer irritates me. Btw, for those of you who don't know, I sometimes refer to my step-dad as Homer because he looks like Homer and isn't so bright sometimes, so, Homer. Bruce = Homer and vice versa.

Nick's got a job interview at the Best Buy on Alpine tomorrow morning. I'll write about it since he isn't. We were thinking of moving out that way since there's a huge apartment complex neighborhood thing out that way that's really pretty nice. They're cat friendly and we can get a 2 bedroom for like, $500/month. Hell of a lot cheaper than living in Easttown or downtown somewhere. And there's tons of stores up on Alpine that I might be able to land a job at soon. Problem is, I need a car of my own. Therefore I need LOTS of money to get one. My dad will help me (my biological father) and meet me half way on it, so that will be of massive appreciation. But I've also got bills coming out of my ass giving me long, deep paper cuts.


I want to go away. I don't want to be near anything here.

May as well clean upstairs.

Kris is, I guess, coming down on the 8th of next month. And Sage's new word is "No." But she says it with a lilt at the end, so the tone of voice goes up. Almost like a question, but it's definitely not a question. She picked the no thing up from Kris yelling at her dogs, probably. It will be so strange to see and hear Sage talk. Guess I expected her to be a lil quiet one for longer.

I hear Homer moving about, russling papers in his office. Rubs me the wrong way.

I can't fucking mow. Great. Now I can't mow for like, 2 days since they say it's gonna rain and be stormy. We have a very large lawn. I hate raking up grass and dumping it. Wish I had a friggin' machete to hack shit back as I mow around the edges of the property. Gonna have to take a saw and cut down some larger branches that keep taking over everything.

Eh. I'd best call that framing shop now.

(Curse me, Damn me)

Time:12:14 am.
Got to BioLife at like, 4pm. Had to drive thru a mini rainstorm that slowed me down a good 10mph. No biggy. Everyone at BioLife was really nice and the new sampling went well. I will call in like 10 days for my results to see if I can start donating again. I NEED to donate. I didn't realize how far that money went until I didn't get it anymore.

Yeah, I'm posting here until the DM at OD gets the glitch taken care of.

We went out to dinner at 68th street grill tonight. Stuffed myself. Felt hugely fat, and so when I got home, I loaded the fridge up with the rest of my SlimFast that I had leftover from a long ass time ago. The cans read Best before September 2002, so we'll have to wait till morning to find out if they still taste okay. If they don't, that's like, almost a dozen cans wasted. No, the SlimFast thing is temporary. I hate that diet plan, but I need to get rid of it, so why not now?

Mom talked to Lauree about my low protein today. Lauree used to be an ER nurse. She just told mom what BioLife has been telling me: Eat more protein. More meat than anything else. Apparently the meat has something else in it that will help more than just protein shakes and all that, so I'm considering going back on the Atkins diet. Not strictly of course, but basically. I need to discipline myself. I've gained like 15 pounds since I started dating Nicky. He's gained weight too, but I think his belly is cute! He lets me grab it n shake it. It makes him laugh. LOL! Yeah, TMI perhaps. Too bad, you already read it!

If I go on Atkins really strictly - like the induction part - for a long period of time, I'll lose weight that much faster, but that really limits what I can eat since you can't eat more than 20 carbs per day on the induction phase. Eh, I don't know what I'll do just yet.

I feel like there are mosquitos ALL over me just starting to bite thruogh my skin. I feel them in my scalp, my legs, my arms. My back.

I think I'm getting tired. I still have to clean my felines. I never did do that last night. Hmm. Lazy.

The Elmo song just popped into my head.

After I was done at BioLife, I waited around for Nicky to meet me there so we could see one another for a little while. I was all bouncy for whatever reason. He's so kewt. :)

So ya, this scatter-brained entry has come to an end!

Lucky devils.

Monday, June 21st, 2004

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:Cuz OD is 2
Time:11:41 pm.
It's Litha!! The celebration of the Summer Solstice. :) I will be celebrating today by being crafty! Crafty as in productive (until night) then I will do a small ritual to the Maiden Moon later tonight. :) Maybe I'll hunt online for some recipes and try some out.

I still can't access my notes or any other page in my diary save this page and the diary maintenance page. I put up another graphic on my front page and I can't see it yet. I hope the DM gets this shit figured out by tonight.
Rainy day here. Cold. Was woken up abruptly by my mother hollering at me to get up. Seems she just wanted me to listen for the phone cuz she'd be outside.


I got up anyway, thinking that the hay would arrive soon, but that didn't happen. It's about 2:30pm now and still no call from Joe, the hay guy. Bruce doesn't seem to think that the hay will be delivered today since it's raining and that's okay with me. I want to stay inside today.

But I have to go to BioLife at some point to give them a vial of my witch-wannabe blood. No, I really don't think I have what it takes to be one, honestly. Maybe it's just not time.

Mother and Lauree wanted to go riding this morning, but that didn't happen cuz of the rain. They went out to lunch, I know that. Woo.

But ya (damn I'm flighty today!) I worked on some boxes. :) I have a small keepsake box entirely done now except for varnishing. One of my best so far! I wish epoxy wasn't so damned messy. The nozzles (sp?) are so big that it's hard to mix an isolated spot and it dries too fast. Suppose I should get a HOT glue gun, maybe that will work better for me - hopefully it'll have more adhesion than my cool glue gun. So yeah, I'll probably post this box on ebay as well as some shoes I don't wear that are like new. Shit, I only wore them each like, 3 times, tops. And I take care of my things. No scuffs, nothin.

Things to do!

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:Cuz OD is farting....
Time:11:37 pm.
I can't access my notes and I can't access any other pages in my diary either except the faves page and this page. Ah well, the DM says he's working on it.

Nick and I didn't wait too long to jump each other's bones after we got back to his place after the West Michigan Therapy Dogs picnic. I was a day of dogs, hot dogs and well other phallic, dog-related things. ;) ;)
La la la, so anyway, with all the sex, my memory is shot at the moment on what exactly we did that evening. I remember napping.... and sex. Oh yeah, we dicked around online, looking at future things and then we had MORE hot dogs for dinnah!

Then we slept in each other's arms all night. :) I needed that. YES, I realize that I sound like a 14 year-old cooing about her new boyfriend. I rarely do this, you know that.

Stayed in bed all Sunday morning SINNING in the eyes of Christians. Didn't get out of bed until his dad came up and said, "Daylight in the swamp!" I was like, What did he say??? Struck me funny. Never heard that one before. So ya, we got up and Nicky cooked up some eggs, sausages, turkey-ham slices and toast. Yes, the man cooks. And very well too, as he should - he's worked in restaurants before.

Then we just chilled on the couch, watched TV and cruised the job listings. I found one for a framing shop and one for cemetery groundskeeping. :) I'll be calling on those in the morning.

Mother had called my phone a couple of times this evening, but I didn't hear it. The phone was upstairs in my purse and I was downstairs in the living room. Right then I knew I'd be in some shit. It's Father's Day and I still hadn't come home. Nicky drove me home shortly thereafter.

Out in the barn, mother expressed her disappointment to me that I had not even called to wish Bruce a happy Father's Day. Honestly, it did not cross my mind to call him. Not once. I remembered to call my own father (whom I never did get in touch with tonight), but not Bruce. Needless to say, I felt like an ass. Really really bad.
Mom and Bruce had to run downtown to get the results for mom's TB test (required for WMTD) and so Nick and I stayed to close up shop in the barn for the night.

Came inside and talked about what we could do to make some money. Ebay. I've got some shoes I can sell that I've worn not 3 times... maybe I'll sell those? Dunno yet. Nick suggested I sell some prints, but I can't do that without money to make the prints with first.

And to inspire us in our job hunts, we might go to visit an apartment complex up on Alpine (no, I don't expect you to know where that is, just read on anyway) since their places are nice and they are cat friendly. So in going there, that might lift our spirits and give us the kick in the pants we need to get movin'. Not like Nick needs a kick in the pants, *I* do.

In the morning, more hay is being delivered. I also need to go to BioLife to give them another vial for testing.

Saturday, February 21st, 2004

(Curse me, Damn me)

Time:5:51 pm.
Mood: uncomfortable.
FOD is down.
I'm getting sick. My throat hurts and I have a cough. Kris is getting it and now Bruce seems to be, also. And once Bruce gets it, mom gets it. *sigh*
Kris found my FOD and read 3 entries. I won't be deleting it, just changing it's name. Well shit, maybe I'll just ditch it because it's always FOD that causes problems for me. Well, blurty's caused problems too, but not of that magnitude.
I want Thai food, spicy chinese food, or chicken parmesian. I hope we go out for dinner again tonight. I have a feeling we won't though. I think tonight will be a fend for yourself night.
I want to go out and be by myself. Neh, maybe I'll just stay home.
Last night was bad. Today is worse.

Monday, December 15th, 2003

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Subject:I have returned. You may rejoice.
Time:10:30 pm.
Mood: busy.
I think I'll be coming back now. :) Wonder what I was doing while I was gone? Well I'll tell ya. I caught Sadam.

I have SO much to do and I don't know where to begin! Kay, here's the plan:

Tuesday: - Take Kenny into the vet for a recheck and a refill on Rx.
- Come home and do a philosophy paper, if not two.
- Do more laundry
- Work on presents

Wednesday: - Shower
- Do second philosophy paper (cuz you know I won't do two in one day)
- Re-write philosophy notes and vocab
- Clean some
- Work on presents
- Wrap and address Erin and Lyssa's presents

Thursday: - Mail presents to Lyssa and Erin
- Go donate plasma for $$
- Come home, study some more
- Get ready for class
- Stop by Meijer or somewhere to find those little candy canes
- Go to school, praying to the gods and goddesses all the way that I do well on the exam
- Meet Dan at Diversions and relax.

That reminds me, I got a C in Archetypes class. *phew* That class was tough!! I'm gonna miss philosophy class the most. :( It was a good class and we're just starting to get comfortable in it. The prof is awesome, too.

*sigh* busy busy busy.

I called Homestead today and cancelled the accounts. I called the vet on Kenny's meds. I called my aunt Pam to tell her when the symphony starts.

Yeah. I'm gonna go read the rest of my philosophy for the papers I gotta do cuz if I don't do them, I'm gonna be hurtin. I have till thursday to get them in.

Sunday, December 7th, 2003

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Time:6:52 pm.
I think I'll be disappearing for a while.

(Curse me, Damn me)

Time:1:48 pm.
Mood: cheerful.

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

(Curse me, Damn me)

Time:12:29 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
I just WON tickets from the classical radio station here in GR that I listen to!! They're two tickets to see the Grand Rapids Symphony on New Year's Eve!!! I have to go pick up the tickets!

But I don't know if I should give them to mom and Bruce as a Christmas present or what. I don't know that Bruce likes the symphony at all. I'll talk to Kris, she'll help. I feel kinda guilty keeping them for myself since it's so close to Christmas.

I'm so excited! I've never won anything on the radio before, this is so neat!

Soaps are on, gotta go.

:D :D :D :D :D

Monday, December 1st, 2003

(Curse me, Damn me)

Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
FUCK you, DNS ERROR! I made a full entry and you decide that you wanna fuck up and take a shit in my diary.

Fuck you. Go to hell.

Wednesday, November 26th, 2003

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:And....this is news?
Time:11:47 pm.
Mood: moody.
Music:Kris snoring behind me.
Yes, I'm a negative person who has a newfound hatred for God.

Saturday, November 22nd, 2003

(Curse me, Damn me)

Time:10:32 pm.
You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

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This next one isn't so lovely 0_o

Seems like you are not in big trouble. Actually,
this result is actually BETTER than average.
You will have a perfect job. You will make a
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Many (wo)men will like you or did like you in
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The Quiz of Luck - What Will Happen In Your Future?
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(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:OH my FUCKING god.
Time:11:38 am.
I hate Bret Michaels. He's so gay.

Bret Michaels Poison
You are Bret Michaels of Poison. You are the
original good time party boy! You have a lot of
friends that enjoy your company, because you
are a gracious host and are always making sure
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Friday, November 21st, 2003

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Subject:This quiz is awesome.
Time:11:14 pm.
Mood: melancholy.
Simple, but very good results! And what's more is that I was born in the year of the dragon. :P Go me! I should get a tattoo of a dragon curling in the form of the symbol for Leo. That'd be sweet.

You are Form 5, Dragon: The Weaver.

"And The Dragon seperated the virtuous from
the sinful. He tore his eyes from his sockets
and used them to peer into the souls of those
on trial to make a judgement. He knew that
with endless knowledge came endless

Some examples of the Dragon Form are Athena
(Greek), St. Peter (Christian), and Surya
The Dragon is associated with the concept of
intelligence, the number 5, and the element of
His sign is the crescent moon.

As a member of Form 5, you are an intelligent and
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at how logical they are and you know that while
there may not always be a right or wrong
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are the best friends to have because they're
willing to learn.

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

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Subject:Forces of human rejection.
Time:1:58 pm.
Mood:hated and unwanted.
I hate you all in my own special way. You know, because you all probably think I'm *thpethal* anyway! Don't treat me like I'm stupid because Goddamn it, I am NOT stupid. And fuck you God, if you're real then you wouldn't let this world go to waste. David Hume is right in so many ways.

I'm glad I'm going to this Cradle of Filth concert tonight. I'm pissed and that music will help me. Seems like the arts are the only things that listen to me and speak to me with respect.

Saturday, November 1st, 2003

(Curse me, Damn me)

Subject:Now this is crazy!
Time:1:18 am.
Mood: blank.
Music:Norah Jones: Shoot the Moon.
Conversation with myself:

"What did you do this Halloween night?"

"Nothing. I stayed home, researched pagan stuff online and watched the Survivor that mother recorded for me."


"Yep, another nothing Halloween to add to the list of I-did-nothing-for-Halloween-this-year list. It's been that way for the past 5 or 6 years now."

"Don't really miss it, do ya?"

"No, not really. I wanted to stay home tonight anyway cuz I feel like crap. I want silence and quiet. I've had enough drama this week from Joe's stupid ass."

"Pfft, tell me about it."

"I don't have to, you were there!"

"Don't remind me of how stupid I am, I already know."

"Of course you do, you're me."

"Uh yuh."

"Dork. You didn't do any ritual tonight. I thought you wanted to do a self-dedication ritual?"

"I did, but I found one that says I should do it on a full moon, so I'm waiting. Besides, Samhain isn't about me, it's about the dead. I don't want to intrude on that."

"Makes sense to me."

"Of course it does."

"Stop thinking about that Drake idiot!"

"I can't help it. He's just so goddamn annoying and so goddamn ignorant and stupid and lame that I can't HELP but think of what he said at Liquid Room the other night."

"He can kiss my ass."

"I bet he would too."

"Shut up, I don't need the visual!"

"Anne Rice's new book comes out this week! I'm so excited!"

"What's it called....Blood Canticle."

"We have to get that."


*cough cough cough*

"Go to bed, sick ass."

"Am gonna."

(BTW, peeps, I know that the past two entries are public. I don't care anymore).

Friday, October 31st, 2003

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Subject:Rapid Babble
Time:7:08 pm.
Mood: irritated.
You know, I was looking at pagan jewelery when I somehow found myself looking at crucifixes. I thought I'd get a simple cross for Joe since he's born-again, doesn't wear a cross yet and would be touched to receive one as a gift. So I started looking for really simple, inexpensive ones. The feeling between pagan online shops and christian online shops is amazing. At pagan shops I feel clean, clear minded, welcomed, you know all that good stuff. But at the christian shops, I felt like a stranger and an unwanted visitor. To feel that just made me notice how different (although similar in many ways since the christians ganked so much from the pagans) the two are. Just the feeling that emanates from christianity doesn't feel right to me. Anyway, I changed my mind on getting Joe a gift because he's been such a jerk lately and because I can't afford to buy parking tokens let alone a gift. Whatever.

Speaking of Joe, he was on yahoo a little earlier. I paged him and he told me that he was moving out TODAY (his doctor told him to be out by Sunday) and that the mass in his chest is benign!! I was right!!! I had a feeling the instant he told me that he might have cancer that it wasn't cancerous and everyone else felt the same way! And we were all right! What a trip. Anyway, he's going in for surgery, I have NO idea when.

Where's Joe moving to? Back to his parents place until he can find another apartment. Won't be long. His parents live two blocks away from the Liquid Room. So, so much for hanging out at his place after class. We'll have to meet up at LR or some other place.

I went to LR after class last night to check on my painting. It's up on the wall and it looks great. Shawn hung it a bit high, but I know why he did that. He did it just in case someone decided to fling their arms up with a drink in their hand. So now it has less of a chance of becoming damaged. Yeah, it's framed and secure, but Shawn's an artist too, and he knows these things.

April called me a couple of times today too. She wanted to gossip about her dramas and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with her somewhere tonight. I would have been up for doing something tonight, but my cough decided to make a come back last night and today I'm all achy and coughing up phlegm again, so I'm not going anywhere.

I wanted to do a ritual tonight, but I need things that I don't have and I want to dedicate myself to paganism before I do any sabbat rituals. I suppose I can still dedicate myself to paganism tonight, that would be cool to do since it's the pagan new year tonight. And the most powerful night of the pagan year. I love being pagan, it's so much better.

So this idiot dork named Drake comes up to me at LR and starts scoffing about how I have a small pewter cross on the same necklace as my pentacle. He throws a mini-fit about how I shouldn't do that and I explained to him that christianity is still Good, so why not wear the cross too? My predominant religion is paganism and once I dedicate myself INTO paganism I'll probably put the cross away, but then, maybe not! I DO NOT HAVE TO! It is MY necklace, my choice, and I'll do whatever the fuck I want. I don't go up to him and scoff at him for being a dumbass loser who always gets himself into stupid shit because he makes such stupid ass decisions! The boy is stupid and annoying. Life ain't so great for him right now ANYWAY, so screw that fucker.

Speaking of idiots (yep, there's another one!) Watson, a sweet guy, but DEFINITELY not my type. He and I have known each other for years although we're not especially close at all. He asked me last night if he and I could be toys!!!! Can you believe it?! My gods, Watson! What are you thinking?! You are NOT my type! Dood, have you not looked at the men I go for? Not to mention the fact that Watson seems to think he's his own coven wrapped up into one and that he can manipulate flames with his hands and his mind. Not saying it's not possible, but for someone like Watson it's just very very very VERY unlikely! He's not that powerful. Ugh, I'll spare you.

So today I've just been dicking around online, updating webpages and websurfing for more BOS information for my collection. Was printing it up so I could PUT it in my BOS, but the printer decided to be stupid.

Nevermind, I fixed it just now.

Mom and Bruce went out shopping for Christmas. I know they did because Bruce made a comment about having to get a bigger truck to bring back all of Kris and Sage's Christmas presents.

I'm in a snotty mood.

I ate soup and candy corn today.

Joe was telling me about Ronnie last night and all her tendencies to create drama. The things he said to me I will take into consideration, but I must say that I feel a lot more comfortable and trusting of Ronnie than I do of Joe right now. Ronnie may attract drama, but she doesn't give me a bad vibe. Not to worry, I take everything anyone tells me with a big grain of salt. And Joe has been right in the past about people! He was right about Rich being a dumbass, that's for sure. And he might well be right about Ronnie, I mean, they've been friends for like, a decade now. So I'll be wary of them all for the time being. And Joe won't be joining me and Ronnie for the Cradle of Filth/Type O show. He's changed his mind again. Whatever, dood. Brent might show up anyway and they don't like one another. Don't need that.

I hate myself and my life right now. I really do!

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