*yawns* (4)   
11:54pm 14/06/2003
mood: tired
music: Failure - Unloco
Jeez, 12:00. Sleepy sleepy. I love updating on this. Tis fun updating TONS. :)
Hehehe (3)   
10:24pm 14/06/2003
mood: hyper
music: Here We Go Again - Riddlin Kids
The animation thingie works. I'm gonna make myself an icon. :D

Notice how all of my titles have started with "hehe" and "yoyo" or something.
yadayada (2)   
06:13pm 14/06/2003
mood: bored
music: Outtathaway - The Vines
I'm waiting for my animation factory thingie to download. So I can start making some icons. *rolls eyes* Slow ass computer.
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heyheyhey (1)   
02:31pm 14/06/2003
mood: amused
music: Somewhere Out There - Our Lady Peace
Is this actually working? I finally found one just like LiveJournal. For free even! HA! Take that stupid LiveJournal!
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