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    Sunday, March 21st, 2004
    2:43 am
    BoRed! *listening to Faith Hill take me as I am*
    Hey i am really bored! its sunday and i hav nothing to do! this weekend was crazy! I spent it with Laura as i have the past 4 other weekends!! lol! u gotta love her! When i got to her hosue we chiled for a lil ate dinner (wow never knew how crazy that coulda gotten) lol!! then we went to Josh's and played Foseball..Pretty Pretty Princess..Chutes and LAddres....Green Eggs and Ham..Barbies...and more! then we watched finding nemo! LOVE IT!! after her mom left Jimmy and Doug came over and we palyed lacross outside it was a bit cold!! wow they were sooo cute!! we got home about 12ish! it was great we watched this really scary show when we got home! it was like these 2 girls and a guy were chilin at there house and an intruder came in and the girls woke up to the guy fighting him off and he died ect.. it was soo scarey and it was a tru story!! Eeekk!! well yeh i got school tomrrow AHH! college is on spring break to downtown DE is empty! well i really dun hav n e thing else to say i will right lata!!
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