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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

Subject:more shit that pisses me off
Time:6:51 pm.
Mood: irritated.
Music:Korn -- Trash.
I just read this article on CNN that was about some bitchy conservative college kids not wanting to fulfill a reading prerequisite before coming to campus. It seems that the abovementioned campus wants students to read the Koran before attending any classes. These students are bitching because they say it's "against their religion." I say that's bullshit. All the god damned university wants you to do is read the fucking book. They aren't saying you have to become Muslim or wear a burka or any of that shit. Get the fuck over yourselves. This would be different if it were a public high school and it were a class that was required, but you don't HAVE to attend that college. Scratch that sentence. It would be better if high schools taught comparative religion. Kids these days are only getting one side of the story and it's high time they stopped having the world handed to them in a tinsel filled basket. Learn about another fucking religion, and then carry on with your meaningless life. The other side to it is, if these kids have a problem reading the Koran as a prerequisite for college, then surely they would also have problems preaching their religion to other people who don't believe the same as they do, right? BAHAHAHAHA! Wrong. Thats right bitches, I'm betting the majority of these kids spend their weekdays bitching at their professors because they don't like what's being taught, and then go off on the weekend and preach their asses off to anyone who appears to have a shitty life. Talk about hypocrisy. Now, later on in the article it does mention the professors bringing up their political views when it is not pertinent. That is not something I agree with. Kids shouldn't have to agree with their teachers' political viewpoints to get a good grade at any time.

You probably all think I'm a radical liberal. Well I've got news for you, kids. I'm neither conservative nor liberal. In fact, I despise both of those labels because they always have a shitload of bad connotations that follow them whereever they go. I'll tell you that I'm damn proud to support gay/lesbian rights, and with no less pride will I say that abortion should be a choice anyone can make, but having our right to carry a weapon taken away? Fuck no! Do I think that it's wrong to support Israel? Fuck no! I can agree with both sides. This brings me to my next point, gay/lesbian rights. I do not understand why this country is so fucking divided over whether or not two men or two women should be able to have all the benefits of getting married. Seriously, what the fuck. No, I wouldn't do it, but what business is it of mine if someone else does? What business is it of anyone's? Some people need to step back and evaluate their lives right now. You have thousands of people dying in Indonesia right now, and yet these idiot bible thumpers are still hell bent (no pun intended) on pushing this anti-gay legislation. Sit back, relax, and have a cup of this:
Whenever I read these articles about people being against gay/lesbian rights, I feel like my IQ has dropped. I would carry on, but I think just writing this entry is causing me to become dumber. Have a shitty day.
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Saturday, December 18th, 2004

Subject:hey bitches
Time:10:15 pm.
Mood: devious.
Music:Korn -- Daddy.
look, i'm back, and pissed off as ever at the world. isn't it wonderful? it's already saturday night, and i'm having this lovely feeling of withdrawal from life. soooo what shall i bitch about today? Oh yes, how about school. Now, I know you're all tired of hearing about my issues with school, but jesus christ, it's not like i make you read this. Anyway, it's like the stream of work never ends. As soon as you finish all but one of your assignments, you get 3 more. The last assignment is inevitably chemistry, since G is such a cool teacher and doesn't assign due dates for shit. This makes him very cool. Go G. Have I ranted lately about the little kids whose parents wait with them at their bus stops? Well if i did, you get to read it again. Seriously, if, by the time you are 5 or 6, you are not independent enough to wait at the end of your driveway for 10 fucking minutes, you do not deserve to live in a house with a driveway. The worse parents sit their with their kids in their CARS. Seriously, if you have THAT much spare time, DRIVE YOUR KIDS TO SCHOOL BITCH! My god. Some people are so ignorant, it is sickening.
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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004

Time:8:15 pm.
Mood: quixotic.
Music:10 points to anyone who knows what quixiotic means.
Nathan says:
wtf, wheres "Nate got his gat, it pwns everything."

I would say something smart, but Nate has some awesome quotes, so instead I'll post them here


The fucking constitution should have "Would you like fries with that" at the end.
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Subject:people suck.
Time:7:53 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Music:The song stuck in my head!!!11two .
90 QuEsTiOnS )) Please fill it out too and send it back!!!
Okay, you all know the routine...copy (not forward) this email and paste it onto a new email that you will send. Change all the answers so that they apply to you, then send this to a whole bunch of people you know INCLUDING the person who sent it to you. The theory is not that you will learn lots of little facts about your friends, but that you will piss them off by forcing them to fill out this dumbass survey. I just hate these guys, but i have to send another one anyway, because my head is way too far up my ass for me to consider not sending it. This is long, but it is way -coughnot- worth it. Do it please! Some of these questions are weird...but oh well its not like you've ever received anything like this before so DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111ELEVENTYONE
1) Name: I have never understood this question. Seriously, if you don't know my name, why the FUCK are you sending this shit to me
2) Nicknames: Nicknames? Who the hell has more than one nickname? If you do, you clearly blow dogs for quarters.
3) Height: I have seen people put "I don't know" behind this. Who the fuck doesn't know their own height, at least to an approximation?
4) Hair: Brown
5) Siblings: Shit, you people try to fucking stalk me, why the fuck would you want to know the names of my skidmark laden siblings.
6) Do you like to sing? Yes.
7) Do you like to sing in the shower? No. Singing in the shower is pointless. If you sing in the shower, I will hunt you down and fuck you up.
8) Birthday:
9) Sign: Stop! um.. actually i donno lol... <--- If I boldface an answer, it was left there by the person who sent this to me, and should explain why I feel stupidity should be painful.
10) Address: Zounds! I am a 12 year old kid who is going to give out her address to anyone who fucking sends me this email!!!
11) Righty or Lefty: Pull your head out of your ass.
12) Have you ever cheated? Nope! You are a preppy whore. You may only be 12 years old, but you have clearly fucked every guy in your class. Don't bullshit us.
13) Marital status: Single and perfectly fine just having fun! See above.
14) Do you have a car? What, you want to ask me to drive you somewhere? Well guess what you whore, I hate you, and everyone in your family. In fact, I am going to drown your family in an Olympic sized pool of bleach.
15) Movie: Too many to pick! You could have saved yourself 20 secods and left this blank.
16) Song: um... too many to pick! but i like hip hop, christian rock, and some rap!
17) Book: I don't like reading so i don't have a fav. book. but i like teen people magazine This has to be my favorite. Teen People? Holy shit, you're 12 years old, in fact, I don't even think 13 constitutes "teenagerdom". Why the fuck are you reading Teen People? It's such a shitty magazine anyway...
18) TV Shows: UM>> i donno... i like lotz of them Yes, you do know which TV shows you like. I bet your favorite TV shows are the amateur porn flicks you star in.
19) Actor: f they're hot i like them a lot... no lol.. jk.. i really don't have one See #12
20) Actress: i donno Holy fucking shitz0rz. Not only can you not spell out "I don't know", but you can't spell I dunno
21) Food: I couldn't live without italian! She seems to have pulled her head out of her ass long enough to answer what kind of food she likes.
22) Number: Stfu.
23) Cartoon: I hate all these teenybop kiddies who think cartoons suck. Cartoons kick ass. If you don't like cartoons, then I'm going to administer the punishment described in #14.

51) What do you think of soul mates? No comment.
52) Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf? no but itz only flirting She's clearly evading the question here, refer to #12.
52) What was the last thing you cried over or got tears from? 12 year olds don't deserve to cry. Their parents provide them with water and other nutrients necessary for their pansy asses to survive, therefore you don't get to waste that shit on crying. Hell, its bad enough that we allow them to piss, let alone something like crying.
53) What's something about guys/girls you don't get: y they fight so much about who's going out with who i mean just get over it Hypocritical bitch.
54) Worst feeling in the world: This was clearly meant to be a cheesy question, but I'm going with having someone outbid you on Ebay.
55) What's an object you can't live without: This chick said radio, but I'm betting shes thinking about something that starts with d and ends with ildo.
56) People know you're around when they hear? everyone having a good time and laughing Maybe she gives good head? I don't know.
57) What school do you go to? Cambridge Middle School That's not even the name of it you ignorant bitch. And by the way, thanks for telling the whole world what town you live in, that definitely doesn't defeat the purpose of you leaving out your address... oh wait -.-
58) Have you ever gone sky diving? How dare you insult skydiving by including it in your cockbite survey.
59) Do you sleep with stuffed animals? What are we, 4? Christ on a cracker.
60) Do you have any piercings? yes.... ears... and i'm gonna get my eyebrow pierced Eyebrow piercings are idiotic, and they look like shit, and they do not make you look goth, or punk, or unique. Just shitty.
61) What color is your room? mom's house: white dad's house: hot pink YEA! Pink is a shitty color. Especially hot pink.
62) What song are u listening to right now? i'm not listenin to music! but i guess the song stuck in my head! Must you put an exclamation point after everything you say? Holy shit do you really think we care that much? And saying "the song stuck in my head" makes no sense.
63) What are the last 4 digits of your phone number: cell: 8991 I wish she had included her whole number, it would not only show what an ignorant bitch she is, but also enable all of you to call her and tell her what an ignorant bitch she is.
64 and 65 have been edited out because, again, I do not allow idiotic, cheesy shit on my pages.
66) Favorite sport? Volleyball Volleyball sucks. It seriously requires no skill whatsoever, and yes, I have played it, so I can diss it all I want.
67) What makes you happy? Friends, Family, Music, Life! Drink bleach.
68) What's the next cd/s you're gonna get? Linkin Park Simple Plan.. i donno Green DAY! yea! um... yea i want lotz You told us before that you like rap and Christian rock. Linkin Park is all SATAN and EVIL and BAD. Did I mention before that your taste in music sucks cock?
I left out these next 20 or so questions, because unlike this bitch, I wouldn't plague you with a long and pointless survey like this. Oh wait. I just did.
89) What do you think of this person: i can't remember who sent to me but i think they r dumb for sendin me this letter that takes over a 1/2 hour to fill out! So why the fuck did you send it to me, bitch?
90) Do you want your friends to write back? YEs! if i have to do this they do to! You don't HAVE to do anything. You could have pulled your head out of your ass for the 10 seconds it would take to delete this piece of shit and done so. But no, you had to send it to all of your "friends" because if you don't, some 4534 year old midget in Bangladesh will have donkey balls stuck to his cheek forever. Oops, wrong forward. Tune in next week.
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Monday, November 15th, 2004

Subject:well im bored...
Time:11:05 pm.
Mood: okay.
Music: AC/DC -- Big Balls.
...and there really isn't much to write about, considering i found away around kraemer's bullshit. simply do the idiot work while his piehole is going 3412mph. w00t.

going ballin on friday... which we have off (YES!) and then next week we have a half day wednesday and thursday and friday off AND a late start that monday. w00 h00. did i mention that i got my gun? well yes, yes i did. so much fun... not a particularly excellent gun, but one that will serve its purpose until i am experienced enough to get possibly a timmy. well we had driver's ed today. and i get my temps saturday... w00t w00t

my sister's bat mitzvah is next saturday (Nov 27) so yay for her.... i guess. such things piss me off a bit lately. well thats all. another pointless post that no one will read... but oh well. if you disagree about anything i write, you are wrong... just like what this guy says:
yeah maddox is definitely a pimp. anyway, ciao
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Thursday, November 11th, 2004

Subject:Me > You
Time:9:39 pm.
Mood: pessimistic.
Music:Lost Prophets -- Last Train Home.
yep, thats right. i pwn j00r gimpy a55.

well its too bad that school is happening again tomorrow. but at least ill be missing my last 3 classes. the bad news here is that my last three classe are study hall, careers, and art. While careers is definitely not my favorite class, its quite tolerable compared to the rest of the bullshit i deal with over the course of my day. See preceding entry. Art happens to be my outlet for all the BS i deal with over the course of said day. That is, of course, unless i'm having an especially shitty day. Now, to business

im feeling particularly detached lately, like im trapped inside a glass ball where i can see everything quite clearly, and hear everything, not quite so clearly, but i can, and i can move and interact... but im just kind of off in my own little world. its uncool because im just not able to really communicate with people. and then of course theres the fact that i get so pissed off so easily these days. its not cool. its not cool at all and i want help but its like no one cares.

alright enough of my whinging, back to shit that pisses me off. how about those fucking freshman who are always all emo and wannabe goth and all that shit. how fucking annoying is that. i want to kill all of them for their idiocy. When i see people like ashley c. wearing a BAM/Element shirt that is black with pink lettering, it pisses me off almost as much as english, and it makes me want to walk across the choir room and kill her. i want to punch all her pearly white teeth down her throat. in fact, its just that look about her that pisses me off, like, "because im "hot" and "wanted" and "popular" im, like, totally, so much better than you! Kay?" no. you are not. you are a cocksucking hobag. in fact, i know many guys who would not find you hot, simply because you always look like you're eating shit. oh and by the way, Whore Ashley, if i ever get a chance to say this to your face, i most definitely will, because it might give your IQ a boost.

well.... thats enough for now. have a nice day and remember... me > you
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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Subject:yeah lets all be alone with our thoughts and kill thought restricting teachers.
Time:7:51 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Music:Korn -- Freak on a Leash.
i hate english
i hate english
i hate english
i hate english
i hate english

do you? If you do, press 1. if you don't, press 2 and i swear you will not spontaneously combust due to radiation from your monitor (however the hell that would work...) if you don't care, you have more sense than i do and i congratulate you.

everyone should really read the "ways to tell if you are a goth" b/c my commentary for that is totally 100% pure awesomeness. of course, the AP people would be like "omgz0rz j00 ish n07 a 1337 h4x0rz!!!!!" but oh well, i hate them too.

yep ok time to go off whiny bitch mode and into... god fucking dammit we have school tomorrow. i hate school. in fact, i hate school more than almost anything else, and this is because teachers suck. because we are students, our intelligence and preferences don't matter for shit. in fact, i bet if some teacher were to rape a student, no one would care bc its just a student right? wow how this pisses me off. the worst teachers are the ones who give their favorite students better grades, therefore resulting in me getting a lower grade than i might have deserved. its not like id demand a better grade if i didnt deserve it, but seriously... dont give me this shit about getting a check on every fucking assignment, kramer, especially when i literally cover both fucking sides of the whole fucking page with writing. that is definitely going "above and beyond" and the obvious reason YOU don't think so is b/c im not one of your bitches. fuck you. fuck your grading scale. my writing pwns yours. this isnt kraemer being a tough teacher, this is about kraemer being not only a biased fuckbag, but also a thought restricting SOB. class discussions with open ended questions should not be limited to one answer. you dont say OMFGZ0RZ J00 ISH WR0NG!!!! if a student gives a more CREATIVE AND OWNAGE answer than you wanted. And, you use some fucking manners and not interrupt the student when he or she is talking. Asshat. Cuntrag. Cowfuck. i subscribe to all of the ahove. and that is my longass, strongly worded rant for the day. I'd like to close it off by giving a great big FUCK YOU to all the closed minded, thought restricting, biased teachers out there, especially the ones who teach language arts. This episode was brought to you by the letter ASSCLOWN and the numbers UP and YOURS.

EDIT: some people will email me saying that i should put a disclaimer saying that this post is not appropriate for children under 12. So, here it is. Disclaimer: This post is not appropriate for children under 12
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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Subject:i had a shitty day today
Time:10:41 pm.
Mood: irate.
Music:Cold -- Cure My Tragedy.
well its been awhile and i know no one gives a rat's ass but i feel like bitching!! yay!

well first of all, the stupid AP ppl lose the essay bit of my exam, want me to retake it, so i do, b/c college credit is cool to have, but then they're all OMFGZ YOU GOT A 2/5 so heres what i have to say to that

,/¯ /
/ /
/´¯/' '/´¯¯·¸
/'/ / / /¨¨/¯\
('( ´ ´ ¯/' ')
\ ' /
'\' _.·´
\ (
\ \

thats right hoes, the finger. next, i'd like to bitch b/c bush won the election. no commentary is needed here, so i'll put none. in addition, it has started to get cold out, which sucks b/c i went paintballing with my dad last saturday and btw that was fucking the most fun ive ever had, ever. holy shit. but its bad that its cold b/c paintballing isn't as fun in the cold. =( sigh. hmm.. waht else... oh. nothing else right now. but i need money for paintball stuff now. if you want to donate to my cause email me with paintball stuff in the subject line.
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Saturday, August 14th, 2004

Subject:rofl i havent updated in awhile but
Time:12:53 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Judas Priest -- (Take These) Chains.
ROFL i found this hilarious site that gives "signs that your child is goth" and here they are (i've boldfaced the ones that apply to me)

Wears black clothing.
fuck it, ill wear black until the make something darker

Has piercings or tattoos.
yes, my ears are pierced thus i am goth durr...

Wears a pentagram or an ankh (an ancient Egyptian symbol used in Satanic Ba’al-worshipping rituals).
ankhs are cool looking

Wears rock T-shirts.
i suppose xtian rock tshirts dont count now do they

Listens to GOTH bands such as Marilyn Manson, or to other antisocial music.
marilyn manson is ok, and btw most "anti social/satanic" music advocates progression through agression and other positive lifestyles.

"Hangs out" with new friends.
ok, the one above says "antisocial". they imply that it is bad. but now, they WANT you to be anti social. how about we stick to one story here. and... hanging out as opposed to what?? playing? yes, im 15 years old i totally like to play with my friends -_-

Demands an unusual amount of privacy.
some ppl like to pray privately? and this is what teenagers do

Shows diminished interest in wholesome activities such as church, prayer, and sports.
"wholesome" activities. some ppl dont like sports?

Takes drugs.
when i am ill i take an ibuprofen. if you dont then you are stupid.

Kills people for fun.
see, generally, if you kill ppl, ppl find out and then you get a one way trip to prison. while it does happen, im pretty sure that 80% of ppl under 18 don't participate in murder "for fun"

Stays up late at night and/or drinks blood.

Watches cable.
b/c law and order is so fucking evil

Complains of headaches, boredom, nausea, stabbing pains or thirst.
i would think, that if you are thirsty, you would say so. same for if you are in pain. sometimes, when ppl get a headache, they like to tell ppl about it. oh and by the way, if you live in hicktown, USA, like me, you will probably get bored.

Is secretive.
CIA agents are secretive. does that make them goths?

Spends large amounts of time alone.

Spends large amounts of time with people you don’t know.

Misbehaves in school.

"Forgets" to do chores, possibly because of drug or alcohol abuse.
or maybe im just lazy?

Hears music when the only sound is noise, possibly because of drug or alcohol abuse.
or maybe, you hear noise when the only sound is music?

Uses a computer or the Internet.
well, obviously the ppl who made this website are goths, b/c obviously they used the internet

Plays video games or role-playing games
crash bandicoot is fucking EVIL!!! oh and pokemon too!!! so much satan

Reads science fiction or fantasy books.
harry potter... while not five star literature, there is nothing about it that promotes evil or satanism, in fact, all i see in there is like, positive lifestyle and lets all fight evil... yada yada yada. dumbshit ppl.

Writes angry entries in a secret diary (you can usually find the diary easily if you search your child’s room).
yes lets invade our childs privacy, therefore making him/her hate us even more, WE ARE GOOD FUCKING PARENTS!!

Has paranoid fantasies (many GOTHS accuse their parents of spying on them).
See. Above.

Pursues dangerous cult religions such as WICCA, SATANISM, HINDUISM and BUDDHISM.
idk, i mean, hinduism and buddhism are about inner peace and calm, idk how they are dangerous. as for wicca and satanism... you never hear about them killing in the name of satan/wiccan gods/goddesses do you. how is it dangerous.

Insists on spending time with friends while unaccompanied by an adult.

Uses the blood of Christian babies to inscribe pentagrams or other symbols on churches and schools.
cuz so many ppl do this.

Sleeps too much or too little.
one cannot sleep too much. even if they did, how does that relate to being goth

Eats too much or too little.
see above

Looks at pornography or otherwise shows interest in sex.
-cough- catholic priests -cough- oh and like every male older than 12

Is a homosexual, bisexual, or "pansexual."
as far as i can tell, catholic priests molesting altar BOYS is kind of homosexual now isnt it.

Smokes clove cigarettes.

Leaves syringes or other drug paraphernalia around the house.
this doesnt mean youre goth, it means youre a dumbass

Eats GOTH-related foods such as Count Chocula breakfast cereal.

Mocks authority figures such as teachers, guidance counselors or Jesus.
how can you not make fun of mrs eggebitch

Says, "I am a GOTH."
this most definitely means that you are not goth

Wears a pin that says, "I am a GOTH."
see above

Talks about going to GOTH clubs or parties.
as far as i know, goths dont have clubs or parties. if they do, this is a teenybopper wannabe goth thing, for those who think evanescence is the best band ever

Asks for locks of hair from casual acquaintances.
once again, cuz you know that so many ppl do this. actually, there was a thing in days gone by where lovers gave each other locks of hair, but whatever.

Owns more than one cast-iron cauldron.
maybe the person is into cast iron cauldrons. or maybe he or she is a harry potter wannabe. probably not goth.

Dances to music.

Behaves in any unusual or alarming way.
such as... blindly following rules like this?

they say if your child has 5 or more of these "symptoms" then he/she must be goth. guess im in trouble -_-

The link to the site is here in case you dont believe that anyone could be douchebagworthy enough to waste their time on such an endeavor.
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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004

Subject:you all get to read my bullshit once again
Time:8:13 pm.
Mood: bitchy.
Music:none as my g-d damn winamp won't fucking work.
id like to bitch today

first of all, id like to bitch about my sisters. they never do anything and yet they think that they do too much. i ask brenna to take out the fucking trash and she starts throwing shit at me. theyre all fucking brats except sammie and kenzie may have normalness potential but brenna is gone. most definitely.

second, id like to bitch about fundamentalists. stop fucking telling everyone that your religion is right and everyone else is wrong b/c i seriously think we are all going to die and find out that the greeks or the egyptians had it right all along and then im going to be laughing my ass off for all eternity. anyway, if you dont stop im seriously going to go on a fundie killing spree.

next id like to bitch about how people can say "bush is sooooooooo cool" and yet all they have to back it up with is "hes so sweet" or "hes just a real american guy". now, i am not a huge kerry fan. but seriously, bush has done so much shit that i really think that 4 years is quite enough. he pulls us out of the kyoto treaty (an effort by several world nations to cut back on greenhouse gas) he declines to have the US join the UN, he starts riots whenever he goes to foreign countries, his foreign policy sucks donkey balls and btw... no one died when clinton lied (even though he was a complete asshole)
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Thursday, July 8th, 2004

Time:10:14 pm.
Mood: lazy.
Music:CTR music (my cousin is playing video games behind me).
hello everyone i am on my cousins computer at their house in upper michigan. its 10:15 (their time) and that means that everyone back home in WI should be in their beddy byes... but are they? no probably not. what horrible little children. they will all face the consequences of their heresy. tsk tsk tsk. today we went fishing and someone wrote a comment about my four wheeler... who was that... hmm.... i shall have to find out. and if i dont. then. um. ill figure something out. mmmm cheetos puffs. yay for cheetos puffs. yesterday i had this huge double rack of ribs... w0wness. it was insano.

man it sucks b/c my friends from my dear old hometown i never get to see.... so sad! come on guys we should get together and "chill". lets do that MMMKAY?? kind of like the dude.. lumberg or something from office space. that movie was so cool. yay for office space. well... thats all for now. have a nice day everyone and ill pretend to miss you all till i come back on sunday MMMKAY? mmkay. ta ta!
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Sunday, June 20th, 2004

Subject:forgot to say...
Time:8:47 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Victor Wooten -- Show of Hands.
i forgot to say that i rode a fourwheeler for the first time ever yesterday and it was KICK A**!!! W000T!
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Subject:Hello, youve reached arnolds pizza shop
Time:8:30 pm.
Mood: tired.
Music:Building 629 -- Glory Defined. you should all go to that website b/c i said so and if you dont ill kill you. enough about that well today i went to the beach isnt that nice. see julia told me to update so im updating.

camp starts on wednesday and im not going. how nice? yes indeed. you dont care... an dim hungry and i have nothing to write and and and and dammit julia you have too much time. how about if i tell a story about a rabid monkey named fred. fred was a rabid monkey. fred bit a little boy and the little boy died. fred bit a little boy and the little boy cried. and then died. the end. isnt that nice. good bye ppl
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Monday, June 7th, 2004

Subject:SUMMER!! w00t!
Time:5:50 pm.
Mood: hot.
Music:Green Day -- Nice Guys Finish Last.
yay its summer! everyone should be happy!!! our last couple days of school were ok considering we had exams and exam days are fun, but some loser went and blabbed to our 6th hour teachers that we dont have to take our music exams so then we did. it was GHEY!!! but now there isnt any school and almost 3 months of wonderful funderful FR33D0/\/\!!!

hey as of today i am allowed to be on MSN again! yee haw! and i made a quiz on quizilla or at least i am working on one... ill put a link in here if anyone is interested or even if youre not... too bad.
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Friday, May 21st, 2004

Time:8:52 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:Kutless -- Perspectives.
Yeah... yesterday was my birthday... approximately 36 hours ago I turned 15. Yay for 15. This means i only have 364 days till i can legally get my license. hallelujah to that. i also finally got my room redone. the walls are blue, black curtain, black sheets, duvet cover with a celtic dragon on it, one of those chairs thats shaped like a dish, painted bookshelf and dresser black, one of those neato lamps that has like 5 bendy lights on it. its neato like a freato/dorito/cheeto/tostito/burrito. i also ate a full rack of ribs yesterday. man that was some good stuff.... but i think they gave me cocktail sauce on the side instead of bbq... ickyness. but whatever.

yes... i think i can forgive ryan for his childish insults... this time. besides the fact that if he knew the truth hed be like WOW THATS INSANE

ill end on a crappy note.... i have a sore throat and a runny nose. hah.
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Sunday, May 2nd, 2004

Time:5:14 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:Skillet -- Savior.
went dirtibiking today... i rode the 125 all by myself... after taking a hard fall the first time. but its all good now. CDU JV had its first win on Saturday, the second game of the la follette tournament. good stuff, yes good stuff indeed. i dont see how we will ever be able to learn this figure eight thing we have to learn for choir on THE DAY OF THE CONCERT. insanity, thats what it is, insanity

its hard being different in so many ways but very soon it should change, yes very soon indeed.
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Saturday, April 10th, 2004

Time:8:35 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:Tantric -- Mourning.
does anyone else ever wonder if those ppl they call friends really are.. i dunno... i just sometimes wonder. i dunno... maybe im going insane but there are times when i can't relate to anyone and its depressing. and whenever i say stuff it gets twisted around somehow. gr. whatever... who cares.
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Tuesday, April 6th, 2004

Subject:wow wasnt practice exciting?
Time:1:06 pm.
Mood: hot.
Music:Lost Prophets -- Last Train Home (out of my shitty speakers).
hello all just got back from an exciting day at soccer practice and running into the gym floor trying to keep a sphere of rubber and plastic out of the goal. go me. now im procrastinating practicing piano and working on my online class (DRRR WE STILL HAVE TO DO IT OVER BREAK! HOW IDIOTIC!!) and MSN isnt working for some shmucked up reason... and thats annoying me. well in other news I CANT WAIT TO GET MY ROOM REDONE! W000T so amused and so happy. yay yay yay. carolyn you need to update your journal. otherwise give me your password and ill do it for you >=) bahahahahahha i amuse myself. w0w its so bloody nice out... id like to go outside but i want to hang out with someone who isnt related to me... or at least not the annoying blonde child with no life. grrr.... human companionship... need... human... companionship.... -starve starve deprive deprive- i had an interesting conversation with steven last night. he asked me what kind of ring i wanted when i get married. it was pretty interesting... but steven is a cool guy so thats ok, even though he used to be not so nice to me =P w00t this song is awesome. hey look this entry is uber long compared to my last two. wow... not that theres anything anyone cares about but thats ok. Oh, btw carolyn.... I don't like Nathan! at least not in that way. bahahahahaa... and no, i dont care if he reads that either. well... ok thats all im writing for now. see ya!
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Monday, April 5th, 2004

Subject:-raised eyebrow-
Time:8:40 pm.
Mood: pensive.
Music:Michelle Branch -- Til I Get Over You.
i dont think its natural to dwell on how idiotic men are for 3 FRIGGIN MONTHS. i think i have a problem, and i think i should do something about it. anyone got an idea? no no you dont. im just rambling on and i have no idea what im talking about and i dont want your pity i just want to bitch. ok? ok. damn mood swings.
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Time:4:37 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Music:Barenaked Ladies -- Old Apartment.
hahahahhaha i had a nice long convo with an old "friend" of mine. it was amusing at the very least... bahahahahha. and then this "friend" caused me to become extremely depressed... perhaps it was his stupidity. yes. his stupidity indeed. but hey... i had cookie dough so it was all good.... and now i have more... yummmmmm...i should write a poem about cookie dough. i mean, its cookie dough, and i really feel cookie dough deserves its own poem.

there once was a man named joe
who really enjoyed cookie dough
he ate and ate
in packs of eight
until finally joes stomach went blow

mmk... needs work... and sounds kinda sick.. but whatever. =P byebye
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