First Entry In My Secret Life   
05:50pm 13/01/2004
mood: blah
music: Something Corporate
I have a blurty already. It is mischiefoveride at Blurty, but all of my friends have that name. I don't want them to see how I am truely feeling.

I can't stand this insignificant life anymore. I don't do anything worth anything at all. My fucking parents are getting divorced and they don't care about me anymore. My mom just cares abotu what she is getting and my dad just cares about what he is giving her.

My bro well just forget about him cause nothing will ever change until me and my mom leave this house of fights and rage. I can't stand the sight to see any of us together anymore. There is so much hate. I used to be the sane one. Well that ship has sailed. I think that i am insane. ....................

Dreams about Death, killing people... People I don't know and People I love.... , Flying through fire while people try and grab me from boiling water..... , And everything else.... I just am not sure about anything anymore. I hate my lofe, but I don't want it to end. I just want it all to change. I wanna be like one of those completely happy kids that sit in the class smiling and mean it. Not me who sits and smiles privately thinking that i want to fucking stab my chest with a pen.

Christine is kinda pothetic if you think about it... But at the same time she is really sweet.

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