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    Thursday, November 20th, 2003
    5:19 pm
    Hey wazzup it's Chase here.Today was really weird when I was in science class my 2 friends Krystal and vanessa kept on wanting me to say i want my notebook or i want my pencil in a soft and cute voice because they kept on stealing my notebook or my pencil.Well that's about all except I got a game today and I really hope that we lose because then i can go to the movies on Saturday with my friend Jeffrey,Vanessa, and some six graders to the movies to see Tupac Ressurection. (it's gonna be off the heasi).But if we win then i wont beable to go because if we do win then i will have a game on Saturday and that will be the time that I will have to go see the movie.So let me sit in my sorrow's for now and i'll talk to you tomorrow.
    Wednesday, November 19th, 2003
    4:26 pm
    ....Hey wazzup ya'lls its ur boy chase again.My day of school was usually boring like always stupid uniforms stupid classes basicly just stupid school. So anywayjust want 2 tell u about me more (my friends andfamily).
    First my family well u cant call my family normal but i dont think that you can call anyone's family normal.So anyway, I got a dad that trys to act cool but he really isn't, then i got a mom that con do basicly anything eccept going on roller coasters or else she might throw up, then I got a sister that I barely ever see I mean she always goes out with friends but ooooo well I see her know more than I used to so thats it ooooooo wait I almost forgot my dog my dog is a (Border Collie Caddle Dog). So know for my friends (only the good ones).First theres my best friend Jeffrey he's cool we went to see Matrix Reveloutions togather so any way there is lawrence, edwin, some other people too but it would take me too long to name them all. Now for the girls There's Eliana who's as fine as can be, I asked her out but she said no (boo hoo) there's Vanessa, Krystal, stephanie and there all great some more but there's too many.So I was talking about Eliana yea I asked her out but she said that she dosent see me in that way. I mean i dont get it I like her and everything...................If you see this Eliana I hope that you realize that I care for you alot . I mean come on gust give me a try out. Well g2g this time my dad is getting on my case bubi.
    Sincerely: ChaseMyster
    Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
    7:24 pm
    ........Hey Hey Hey............Hey Ho what's the Dealio Yo Yo Yo It's your man Chase right here. I just want to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 12 years old and I am going to be 13 on May 24. It is going to be off the heasi this weekend. There is a dance this weekend but i dont know if i am going to go because my friend vanessa invited me and my best friend and some six graders to the movies.Oh yea that person that i was talking about was Jeffrey he's my (bf).We went to the movies on Monday to see Matrix Reveloutions but wee wanted to see tupac ressurection. but any way ooo well i got to go because my mom is getting on my case about B-Ball practice.So i g2g, bubi,(ttyl).