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Wednesday, February 4th, 2004

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    Well here you go Claire...I joined per your little world of words. Hope your happy.

    Wow is it cold today!!
    Growing up in the snow you would THINK that this would be nothing to me, I'm turing into such a puss. My parents would be ashamed. At home it's probably 3 below zero and here I am in Califonia, no snow on the ground and it's sunny and 60 degrees outside. Yet here I am sitting at my computer bundled up like a freakin eskamo. I need some coffee but I'm too lazy to get it out. Got the day off from work today and man am I happy as a pig in crap. I actually slept in till 10:30- if I were at work I would be eating lunch at that time. How great is that! I went out at noon to Balboa Park and played with the new camera. The quality on this thing is fantastic, it's my first digital camera ever. It's going to take some getting used to. I like the black and white feature, some pictures have such a different life in black and white. It better be good for what I payed for it ($695.00) which is alot for me. It took me months to save up. *sigh*
    Spoke with Claire this morning guess I will be going to LA for the weekend. At least she lives in Burbank village now instead of Hollywood and Vine. That place could get a bit hairy at night. She's back to doing extra work till the end of the month. I forget what picture she is working on. I think it would be so exciting to work in the industry but I would not be able to survive without steady work. I don't know if any of you have talked to her as of late but she won't stop talking about "the bubble." I guess she feels that she is having a hardtime with reality and movies...everything is fake in LA. I don't know how she feels because I am not in that lifestyle but it seems kind of silly. You guys should give her a call if you have time I know she would appreciate it. I hope we aren't going out tonight I would much rather order some chinese and lay around the house. But we will see what kind of a mood she's in. Sunset Boulevard here I come.

    On a lighter note- I had a guy actually have the balls to ask me if "my breasts were real?" It was loud in the club so I had to literally scream at him "NO THEY'RE REAL." It made me laugh. What was he thinking. Only in California......

    On that note I better head to the gym.
    I'll talk to you all later.

    Love and sloppy kisses.

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    Current Music: The Mars Volta ~ son et lumiere

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