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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
11:59 pm - God please help...

It seems to me that things aren't look good for me all the time, in fact I would say almost all the time.. Well.. I have no idea to why. Perhaps I do not have any faith when I do something? hmmm... Beats me too!

Anyway.. today seems quite nice but things aren't look good and not going smoothly for me...

Well.. I do hope that tomorrow will be better for me...

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11:59 pm - God please help...

It seems to me that things aren't look good for me all the time, in fact I would say almost all the time.. Well.. I have no idea to why. Perhaps I do not have any faith when I do something? hmmm... Beats me too!

Anyway.. today seems quite nice but things aren't look good and not going smoothly for me...

Well.. I do hope that tomorrow will be better for me...

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
1:31 am - Ronald Susilo and Ian Thrope..
The both of u just rocks!

Well.. i have just caught the swimming competitions, which is one the very few competitions in which alot of the best swimmers are in one race.. Ian thrope from Australia was the winner and his style is really good.. He started it off well and ended off well.. MOeover, he's leading all the way, so it's no doubt that he'll win..

As for the American's Michael Phelps, he's kinda arrogrant which I have knida like agree, cos he's been on his headphones when everyone elses are doing their warming up and the hosts were introducing those competitors to the audience... Oh well.. That's perhaps why he's gotten a bronzen.

The other silver medal winner was form Netherlands.. Nothing much was said about him about that he competed with Ian Thrope during the Sydney olympics during the 2000 Olympics..

Cool! I guess that's the greatest and the best race I have ever watched in my life!!!! Live it up!!

As for our homeboy, Ronald Susilo is really good! Cos he's beaten the world's best Lin Dan in his earlier match today... good for him cos he went on to do well despite his injuries...

The Olympics has been a great show and today's only the third day..


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Sunday, August 15th, 2004
12:51 am - Olympics!!
Finally the Olympics is here!
well.. I hvae watched most of the swimming even today! it's good! It's a pity that this korean guy has to be disqualified cos of his false start! anyway.. the rest of the swimmers were good!

Hmm.. Jocelyn yeo, it's not too bad at least u've tried ur best today! I'm very sure that u have... The same goes for Li Li.. No worries about winning or not, it's the experience and the stuff that u learn from ur competitors that counts! I'll support u guys all the way!

I hope that Gary and Sisilo will bring in more good news for tomorrow! good luck to u two!


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Friday, August 13th, 2004
5:49 pm - double trouble...
Why? Why is life like that? I have no idea who can answer me that? I am really fed up!!! It's not that I am not patient enough just that I'm so tired of it.. It's been three years why is my relative always so gaining control or whatever course I wanna do in University?

My relative is alwys changing my parents' viewpoint, I'm very fed up! nothing can be done! It's been three years and now I am 21!!!! SIGH!! i can't stand the fact that my parents listens to them!

Perhaps it's pure jealous and what so ever? why? why? who can answer me? I'm so depress and all.. I have the grades but can't do the course that I want to. What is so bad about being a doc? HUH??!??! I dun get it?!??! why?!?!?! THESE PPLE ARE JUST JEALOUS! PURE AND PLAIN JEALOUSY!

Life's been very tough.. I'm quite tired of life really! I can't believe that everyone in my family wants me to do business and all? why!?! I hvae no idea why? pls tell me?!!

After much thinking though these whole three years, my hair is turning white soon.. I just dun understand!


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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
5:04 pm - thanks to u all...

I just would like to express thanks to my mates who are in the uk and Singapore now! thanks so much for calling me just now.. Arief, enjoy ur job with the intellectually disable youth okie? I'm sure u will.. and thanks for the so much advice u all gave me.. It's been so long since I spoke to all of u...

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5:03 pm - National day on the 9th of August!!

The National day parade was awesome! I love the fireworks! They're really really good! The fireworks never fail to disappoint me each and every year!

Hmm.. this year i must say it's a special year as there'll be a change in the pm of singapore as pm Goh is going to pass on the baton to Mr Lee..

I was at the parade with my cousin! Here's how the whole thingy went..

I reached the stadium around 3. It's a very hot afternoon, though my cousin and I sat under the shades..hahha.. We're covered by all those national day balls, those which requires the audience like us to pass onto the front where the performances are.. next, there's this pre parade thingy and it's damn cool!
Hmm.. something inside me makes me feel that there's something wrong with the pre parade.. haha, i think they forgot to asked us -the audience to use one of the tools that's being provided in the bags to make some'noise'..hahha.. anyways...

Then there's this making of the Kallang Wave. It's damn cool! I never failed to enjoy doing the Kallang Wave! hahha.. it's so nice to see the whole stadium doing it!

Next, it's evening time. then comes the arrival of the president! Well as usual, he's ushered by so many pple.. of course he took a ride around the whole stadium! Then came the cabinets of ministers! Finally the arrival of the man of the night- our pm Mr Goh! It's the last time he'll be appearing in a public occasion as the PM of Singapore. That's makes it even the more I must be at the stadium!

Next the performance went quite okie, though it's a little too short this year! Then came the local home-grown singer Kit chan, she did a version of home. JJ Lim as well.. Though i must say that his version of home doesn't sound that good.oops!

Finally the massive fireworks at the end of the show! It's awesome, too bad i dunno how to put those pics here! oh well... anyway. i enjoyed myself fully! lastly, the whole stadium stood up to thank our outgoiung Pm Goh for his service to the nation! They even showed a video clip of him which shows footages of his 14 year old route as the PM. The last part of the footage he said that my heart will always remain with the people of Singapore! We're all so touched!

Anyway.. that's it... :)

current mood: Ki Chan
current music: Home

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
12:18 am - migranes

arrgh.. it's getting to me almost everyday!!

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
10:17 pm - Migranes...
Migranes sucks!

Well... After having eaten this bowl of noodles, my migrane has come back and bug me for the whole day....


current mood: sick

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12:27 am - decison making...
It's beena tough year ahead... I'm going to make my decision on whether to do medicine or dentistry. they're both really good course i know but yeah.. Decision making's so tough!

why medicine and dentistry? sigh?!?!?!?

Both of them conisit of different contributions to the human life and all...

If I am going to do medicine, I'll have to do so many years of studies and yea, I am able to give in meaning to commit to my many years of studies.. I will have no regrets for that for now and will always not have regrets on spending too much time on my books. It'll remain like this for now and forever!

why is decision making so tough? No one can ever answer me, perhaps I have been quite flicked minded since I was young.. sigh.. I dunno why am i sighing so much too.. well..

I do know for the fact i really wanna do medicine but it seems like those lads or shld i say crapps from this certain college has been discouraging me not to do medicine?? why? Perhaps they're just one poor souls who dun get a chance to study medicine in their life and will never have the chance to do so? I'm quite pissed off when one of them came up and said that to me, and even tell me off! sayign that I dun have wot it takes to be a doc and all?!?!?! wot crap?!?! why should i be lead by them??

I shouldn't allow pple to change my ambition in life that's to help pple.. I have been wanting to do medicine for a long time. It started since the age of 7. Do medicine?

Yeah, maybe I should study medicine since it's a childhood ambition and also to prove to those craps lads who think that they're all so smart and all... sigh... I dunno.. the ultimate goal is to save as many pple as possible and also to help as many pple as possible..

I should stick to wot i really want in life and never to be put down by others!! this is it!

I have had a fun time on sat meeting my seniors from those uk unis.. they're cool and nice..! very helpful lads and all.. apart for one.. oh well.. considering the fact that he's the president for my country's society, i think he's just trying to act big by tell off pple and judging if one has the calibre to be a doctor? what crap? I've decided not to join my country's society, i dun need this kind of presiednt to put me down!

it's been a long day today too.. need to catch some sleep...

current mood: sleepy

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
11:22 pm - tuition...
well. today's nice.. I have two new students.. haha.. they're both from indonesia... it's cool cos one of them is one of mt students cousin!

Hmm.. anyway.. this student who's lost her mobile? I got back her number through an agent, i mean her house number. yeah the agent called and i was like huh? anyway,she just gave me that student's home number.. yaya.. anyway.. I'm so tired.. going to sleep soon..

Anyway.. apart from work i have nothing to say and I have practically empited my room...

yaya! i got the national day parade tickets.. so cooL! hehe. it's second time in running in which I'm going! wohoo!! thanks to those grassroots pple and uknow who u are.. I'm happy to be volunteering for my nation anytime..


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Monday, July 26th, 2004
11:22 pm - tired
well. went out with a secondary school fren, janice today and settled alot of overseas uni stuff..

oh yeah, went to like 3 places today.. first was town-orchard, 2nd was in Esplanade and third was in Changi airport..

it's cool.. haven't met her for like 1.5 yrs.. haha. we're like so on about everything..
Hmm.. we caught King Arthur it's quite a nice movie but the plot seems messy and all, though i have actually read the real legend or should i say story of King Arthur!

current mood: tired

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Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
9:21 pm - As Usual... slow but the weekends are here soon....

It's time to update my journal again! yea again...

Oh I've been quite happy today... cos comeone from my university has contacted me with regards to accomodations and all... I feel so more at home now. Just that I dun really feel like staying at one of the university's halls.. sigh.. then again...

need to go.. senior's on my msn.. gotta find out wot are the necessary things to bring...
and continue watching along came polly..


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12:00 am - Tired...
A few more weeks and I'll be leaving my country.. well.. there're the good and flip side of it as well.. sigh... life realy sucks now.. throwing away alot of my stuff.. hahaha, that's cos I need to clear my room to make it empty.. well..

apart from that nothing's going on just that I'm working the whole day as well..and trying to catch up with mates and all.. so yeah? Yawnz... I've no idea why am I so tired..

Anyway.. I haven't been on the computer for much..

Just can't wait to start school..

Next sat, I'll have to go to the british council for some uk meet up stuff.. well.. I'm really scared to go overseas.. sobz...
and Fay u'll be going to Yorkshire eh? I hope that u'll have a great time studying there.. Well.. for me I'll be heading to scotland.. which is like so far away from u and the rest of my mates in london and ireland.. sobz...
anyway.. i guess this will turn to a new chapter of my life...


current music: Leaving on a jet place

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Monday, July 19th, 2004
9:09 pm - These Are The Days-Jamie Cullum
These are the days that I’ve been missing
Give me the taste give me the joy of summer wine
These are the days that bring new meaning
I feel the stillness of the sun and I feel fine
Sometimes when the nights are closing early
I remember you and I start to smile
Even though now you don’t want to know me
I get on by, and I go the extra mile
These are the times of love and meaning
Ice of the heart has melted away and found the light
These are the days of endless dreaming
Troubles of life are floating away like a bird in flight
These are the days that I’ve been missing
Give me the taste give me the joy of summer wine
These are the days that bring new meaning
I feel the stillness of the sun and I feel fine

current music: These Are The Days-Jamie Cullum

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Saturday, July 17th, 2004
9:32 pm - Jamie Cullum's Showcase

I have just gotten back from Jamie's showcase (actually it was yesterday-16/07/04) was too tired to post, and he's really awesome..

Singapore being the first Asia country where he stopped by for a performance, I am really greatful! But there's something, I can't get to meet him though and allow him to sign my cds.. sigh.. well, but his talents are very huge... Indeed he did live up to those reviews that has been written of him and more to expect from him than those reports. It's so amazing, bravo, fantastic and the whole house was brought down... Though the whole place was kinda smoky cos it's a pub.. lol..

Firstly, he gave an introuduction saying wot he did in our country, basically he had Thai food before the performance.. Cool eh?

Next, the whole pub was filled with 600++ people, and include VIPS from The British High Commission of our country and not forgetting the media from all over Singapore... The pub I would say is very jammed packed.. seriously... I was there with other friend too.. My friend has now become a huge Jamie fan, well to start off she already likes jazz..

Well.. Jamie went on the sing all his jazz stuff and enthralled the audience and there's a small part where he interacted with the audience but not much then.. I was expecting that he would interact with the audience quite a bit but no..

Next, if seeing him live singing his songs are not enough, he came up with alot of piano performances, did the drums( that was the last part of the showcase) and most of all his loud and very jazzy voice really attracted alot of audiences attention... He really bring the house down!! It's a real rocking time! It just rock on!

Oh yea, Jamie said that his brother wrote for him one of the songs in the album and he sang that too.. All at Sea was written when he was at sea.. That's all...

Did some recordings and took some precious pics... very cool ones.. can't image the images are so clear and quality's good too..

current music: Any songs from Jamie Cullum

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Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
11:54 pm - Tired but happie day
It's time to type in my daily journal..

Well.. nothing's up today.. it seems so slow for me.. well.. I'm super tired! I've been working very hard! no complains for that... Just that I ain't getting enough sleep...*rubs eyes* * yawning*

Hmm.. I just can't wait for singing lessons to start soon.. In the meantime I really need to pack my bags during the weekends prepare for university and check out some second hand textbooks available in one of the local stores.. Time seems to be running out really fast.. gott go and catch some forty winks..


current mood: sleepy
current music: Back for good- Take That

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5:34 pm - Super Duper Love- Joss Stone
"Super Duper Love"

Yeh are you diggin on me
Yeh yeh yeh
Im diggin on u now baby
Yeh do u wanna little bit of my love
Yeh wait a minute wait a minute

All the time i knew that you loved me
Because you were always there
Could i be that mistaken
Believing that you really care

In the presence of all my friends
You stood there holding my hand
And you promise me faithfully
That you will be my only man

Yeh are you diggin on me
Yeh yeh yeh
Im diggin on u now baby
Yeh do u wanna little bit of my love
Yeh wait a minute wait a minute

Everytime i walk down the street with you
Im as proud as a girl can be
Just 2 no that u r mine
And all that good loving belongs to me

In the presence of all my friends
You stood there holding my hand
And you promise me faithfully
That you will be my only man

Yeh are you diggin on me
Yeh yeh yeh
Im diggin on u now baby
Yeh do u wanna little bit of my love
Yeh wait a minute play it for my Little Beaver


In the presence of all my friends
You stood there holding my hand
And you promise me faithfully
That you will be my only man

Yeh are you diggin on me
Yeh yeh yeh
Im diggin on u now baby
Yeh do u wanna little bit of my love
Yeh wait a minute your love is super oh baby
See im trying to tell you
Your love is super duper
Super yes it is yes it is
Your love is
Your love is super
Are you diggin on me coz im diggin on you
Im just trying to tell you
Oh this love is super duper
Wait a minute

current music: Super Duper Love
5:29 pm - Say It Isn't So-Gareth Gates
"Say It Isn't So"

Skies are dark it's time for rain
Final call you board the train
Heading for tomorrow
I wave goodbye to yesterdays
Wipe the tears you hide your face
Blinded by the sorrow

How can I be smiling like before
When baby, you don't love me anymore

Say it isn't so
Tell me you're not leaving
Say you changed your mind now
That I am only dreaming
That this is not goodbye
This is starting over
If you wanna know
I don't wanna let go
So say it isn't so

Ten to five atleast we tried
We're still alive but hope just died
As they close the door behind you
Whistle blows and tons of steel
Shake the ground beneath the wheels
As I wish I never found you

How can I be smiling when you're gone
Will I be strong enough to carry on

Miles and miles to go before I can say,
Before I can lay my love for you to sleep
Oh, darling oh
I got miles and miles to go
Before anyone will ever hear
Me laugh again

current music: Say It Isn't So-Gareth Gates
1:32 am - Happie but tiring day
It's been a happie day cos my deedication got red through the station and I have requested for a Gareth's song.. One of them was say it isn't so and the other was sunshine.. It's in the afternoon that one fo the local radio stations played Sunshine and Say it isn't so was played about 16 minutes ago.. well.. Apart from that work's been very tiring and I'm just so wear out.. sigh.. It's so tough and I'm working really hard..

oh well. Guess i shouldn't complain so much..It's been great day i supposed..

Well. it seems like goal to stardom is far far away.. Just saw the Singapore Idol advertisement or should i say trailers.. It just brings those sad memories bad that I lost my voice and got insulted by one of the contestants...

Then I saw this South African Idol doing the idol show trailers for my country.. Heinz Winckler is just amazing and a good singer.. Well.. I hope that I'll get to where i want someday..

Hmm.. perhaps Janet is right.. I'm afraid to go after my dreams. I think it's because wot i have experienced at the idol show.. I am really glad to have known Janet.. Well.. After all it seems like she's given me the push for it, I know singing is wot I wanna do for life and I'll put in alot of effort to achieve it. Nothing shall hinders me and I hope that person(who she insulted me many at a times) remember that I'll be back for the idol show...

Singing lessons will commence in August and I just can't wait.. I'm so exctied for it..hehe. though I have been singing these few days again..:)

Hmm.. Just realiased a few days ago that Joss stone has got such a great voice! she's just so amazing at her age!

The song ot the day will be two for today:

Gareth Gates say it isn't so and something from Joss Stone.

current mood: sleepy
current music: Say it isn't so

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