entry from a disturbed girl   
05:16pm 26/01/2004
mood: lonely
have you ever watched girl interrupted and wished you were there maybe i am just alittle on the insane side i wish i could be there i would feel at home. now i know its not a wonderful place to visit and i wouldn't want to live there but i want to be locked away from my world hell i am already isolated and not by choice why not do it right being away from all my friends and family probably wouldn't bother me then cause in there i would know there would be no way to see them but while i live states aways i could see them the only problem is the choices i have to make i don't think i am strong enough to put myself in that kind of postion so i won't and i'll stay here so maybe i do isolate myself on pupose hell i don't know. i'm not even sure this is making to much sense but thats ok my therrapist said its good to ramble its cleansing damn i hope i'm clean.have fun analyzing that.
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i've had my fill!   
06:40pm 16/01/2004
mood: confused
i want to go back home to florida.Theres nothing in this state for me.i've tryed to make the best out of it but i can't then again i've never been a very optomistic person.I always thought i wanted out of fl. but now i don't think that was really what i wanted.only now i'm stuck asking myself what is it that i'm missing besides the obvious.what the hell is one to do?do you have any ideas how i could make the best out of my current situation?
i moved here to ky. with my boyfriend who had a great job waiting for him which is good but while most of his family is out here i have none of mine or any friends to talk to.i just had my 21st birthday and more than anything just wanted to spend it in fl. but seeing as how that didn't happen i was here just me and kyle.
i almost feel like i left pieces of myself in fl.does that make any sense?
well i'm gone for now
04:26pm 15/01/2004
mood: annoyed
"i'd rather be hated for who i am than loved for who i'm not"
Kurt D. Cobain
to whom it may concern   
12:37am 12/01/2004
  wil you read my thoughts when i'm gone?Wil you pass my stories down from generation to generation!Make sense out of my nonsense and take my knowledge and use it as i would want you to.

I want to find another like me.One who makes me feel i'm not so strangly different.
Different is good,but not alone all the time.
love me or #@$* off!
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i'm here   
07:16pm 11/01/2004
  i'm not to much in to writing what i did today in my journal so you won't be seeing alot of that in here you will be seeing alot of danielle poured onto your screen in a kindof unnoticible matter. i was that girl that sat so quiet with her other friends who always made theirselves noticed by the crazy stoner things they did. none of this matters to you but thats ok it doesn't have to.This is my space and ill use it how i feel  
09:25am 26/09/2003
mood: here
somebody save me
just another day   
01:31pm 25/09/2003
  i want to remember all my mistakes cause my biggest on would be to forget them