11:09am 06/09/2003
mood: bitchy
I think I gave up on Blurty T_T, umm... .Hay, I not go on much yo
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Hey hey!   
12:56pm 27/06/2003
mood: crazy
I've been trying to joion in some groups, make some new pals! I finally got 3 Avatar's up ^^ Tails is so cute! Alrighty, that is it ^^
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01:39pm 26/06/2003
mood: irritated
I'm Pashmena the fly, boozzz 69 haahaa *goes swirly eyed* Yo hickery o! *does a jive* Roofa! Mcdonalds is gonna have a sonic toy Friday *grabs the air* I want a happy meal! My word, groin injury... I made a message on the answering machine and then forgot were the button was to make it stop recording so you can hear me poke around and look for it... ^^; Static Cling! If I ever get a Tails Plushie I'm gonna stick it in the dryer and give it Static cling... Um... Yeah.... Meh dad is a dork, Beta *shnirt*
10:46pm 24/06/2003
mood: predatory
Getting this journal started... For now it will have the bee layout, but I'll force sissy to fix it up all nice for me. Testing.... Oh, the hampsters are funny ^^