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[22 Jan 2008|01:19am]
First fast ever, for the next two days...
i need to study for exams.
i'm only allowing myself water, tea and diet pepsi.
haha :)
wish me luck!
hope you are all well
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[01 Nov 2007|11:32pm]
It is sooo sad,
we used to have like 10 new blogs up every day..
now we're lucky if we get one.
I'm busy with my life but i miss reading, and talking to you guys.
How is everyone.
i'm still 108ish

halloween is killing me...
i've binged and purged soo much
thinking of candy makes me feel sick..
i threw up so much today i layed down in the shower and right now, my insides kind of hurt.
it's horrible.
i think i've cut myself off of candy.
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[21 Oct 2007|09:47am]
So i haven't updated in a while, sorry, i've been out most of the weekend, and i was sick/still am sick.
I've been doing okay for food,
i'm between 106ish and 109ish...
depending on the time of day.
I found these pills that make you not hungry kinda like aderall or ritalin but not so much up
and they're cheap
when i find out more info i'll fill you in.
hope your all well! (L)
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[15 Oct 2007|06:50pm]
UGH i totally ate dinner then binged abit and i was starting to purge and my dad came home.
motttherr fucker.
i hate that.
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[08 Oct 2007|07:12pm]
oh my goodness..
i ate about 3 or 4 pounds worth of food.
i'm doing to go purge.
i hate thanksgiving.
hope you're all well.
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[07 Oct 2007|11:46pm]
I bought a scale for 9.99
today :)
it's good.
haha i dunno
i weighted 108 or 109 on it just after lunch time then i weighted myself tonight at like 10ish i weighted around like 105
i'm not complaining though
i don't think i look that thin though.
i need to start working out.
how is everyone?

p.s I'm addicctedd to raisin bran cereal.
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[05 Oct 2007|01:36pm]
oh my goodness.
horrible week for food.
good couple days though :)

i made cookies and crap.
they're alright,
i just purged.
i thought i was going to pass out in the shower.
it scared me a bit.
i'm good now though.
i'm gonna make myself some tea.
i'm going away for thanksgiving (canadian) with my parents this weekend.
they're gonna be watching my every move and i'm probably gonna gain about a million pounds of lard.

If any of you have been questioning going to see across the universe
it was absolutely indescribable .
oh my goodness.

well i hope all of you have better luck with eating this weekend than i.
have a good one.
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[01 Oct 2007|09:43pm]
HAHAHAA i was doinnnggg SO good and healthy today
3 small meals.
my mom made gingerbread cookies, and sugar cookies.

i ate 3 gingerbread cookies and one sugar.
dammnnn her.
i swear they really are trying to fatten me up.
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[01 Oct 2007|12:22am]
i ate a full dinner with my parents,
haddock, potatoes, and broccoli/cauliflower..
i couldn't purge, i had to go to work.
i came home and ate 2 peices of raisin toast, these cheese bite things and halopino pepper breaded things... and a tea biscit and i purged...
and it actually feels like my body is shutting down.
i've been in so much pain ever since i ate that meal, and it just got worse after i ate after work..
and purging just made it feel like my stomach was going to implode.. and or eat away at the orgins in my body.
it's actually horrible.

sorry i'm complaining so much.
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[30 Sep 2007|10:41am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Failure by design - brand new ]

H: 5'3
STGW: 105
LTGW: between 95 and 105

i dropped two pounds.
i think i'm doing pretty good, and not being too unhealthy.
hope everyone else had a mighty fine weekend.

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[16 Jul 2007|01:25pm]
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