5th August 2004

10:23am: good morning
hmm well last night jess asked me to go to the cafe with her and i was really looking forward to it but then at the last minute we ended up not going cuz she couldnt find her mom... soo i ended up staying home all night, i talked to bobby for a bit and then to brooke and watched some tv and then went to bed early at like 11.

Today i woke up at like 9:30 and went downstairs and got some cereal and watched tv and did my abs... idk what im gonna do today. i dont have to watch tara tho so hopefully i'll get out of the house...

i'll write later...
Current Mood: tired
9:47pm: can you say stuuuupid?? =P
hmm well today i ended up doing NOTHING! what a surprise? i waited around for bobby to call cuz i thought we were gonna hang out but nope, he was out driving cuz he got his permit today... but he ended up getting ahold of me at 5 so i did the dishes so that i could go over and see him... so we hung out and then walked over town and ended up going to see The Village which sucked some major asssss!!! yeahh and then we walked back to his grandmas and waited for his dad to come pick us up and i went home. Then I played some skip-bo with my sister and mom and now i am here just talking to my beautiful Toni :) and i think her and Jimmy are adorable and i am so happy that she is happy.. but anyway thats all for tonight.. byebye

*i love you soo much*
Current Mood: happy
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