29th June 2004

12:57pm: rainnnn
well last night was pretty fun... i went to bobbys when he got home from basketball and we started a fire and fished, well sorta.. and we played basketball.. and his dad made tacos :) we decided to walk to DJ's for icecream and we made a little stop on the way :P but it started pourrring rain and we got soaked but that was still fun.. we finally got to DJ's and we called his dad to come pick us up. I looked at some of his photo albums and we played cards n stuff. Then my mom just shows up and i have to go home. >:o but oh well... there were a couple trees down on our street and they had our block blocked out but we still got in. So i came home and pretty much did nothing until i went to bed.

Today i woke up and watched ER and did my volleyball workout thing and showered and stuff. I have a dentist appointment sometime today but i dont know when it is..

Current Mood: ecstatic
9:05pm: minty fresh
well i went to the dentist and my teeth feel wayyy clean but my gums hurt really bad... they bled a lot. so when i came home i basically just sat around cuz i really have nothign to do around here. i was hoping maybe i could hang out with jess or emmie or someone but i havent talked to either of them all day. then i got a horrible headache so ive been laying down for hours watching the real world. :p i talked to bobby on the phone for a bit and thats pretty much it. nothing else really to say. bobby told me to go take a hot shower and then just go to bed without putting any clothes on and put a cold cloth on my forehead and that should take care of my headache haha so maybe i will do that :p
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