22nd June 2004

12:45pm: wooahh
wow, so yeah.. i guess i havent written in here in like a reeeally loong time.. like almost a month maybe? lol idk... well i just got sick of writing in it, but now i kinda want to start again... not a whole lot has happened really... finals are over which means summer is here! :) i think i did pretty good on them... i know i got a 98 on my algebra final :D woohoo! but i dont know any of my other ones... these first couple of days of my summer have been pretty boring, basically just sitting around the house...except for yesterday i went up to Owego =-o with Meghan Tracy :P This summer prolly isnt gonna be that great.. i'm like barely gonna be able to see Bobby cuz he's got so many camps and stuff... but i'll prolly go on vacation with him, i'm hoping vice versa but i doubt he will. :p i hope i get to see him today tho cuz i havent seen him since saturday and i miss him :(

Jess might be coming over today for a while tho... we're going to do our hair and watch duce bigolo male gigolo... haha and then maybe go to the gym and work out... hopefully bobby will call tho so i can make him come over :P and then tonight i'm going to Hoda's for a bonfire thingy... i got her a birthday present, haha.. its kinda late but oh well! it'll be cool to see some of my old friends again.

well right now i'm just kind of sitting around.. waiting to see whats gonna go on today... Jess better hurry up and get her butt over here... im soo bored.

well i guess thats all for now then, maybe i'll write later... bye
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11:03pm: chicken wings :D
well, jess eventually came over and we walked to the dandy cuz tara wanted to go.. and on the way there these guys driving by like slowed down and one guy like stuck half his body out the window and was like heyyyy! and they turned the corner and stopped and were like you ladies want a ride! Jess was like dirtbag and we're just like umm no. so we get to the dandy and like 3 minutes later the guys walk in and their like smiling at us and stuff and when they leave they're like later ladies! haha it was kinda creepy.. but anyway so we got home and we ate some cheese doodle and some gummy worms while watching duce bigalo male gigolo... and then we danced, well pretty much i danced haha.. like a crazy fool so some music.. and then we took Jess home and I went up to Hodas.. that was pretty fun. it was cool to get to see some people again. I had some good conversation with Danielle. It was kinda weird tho.. i think most people just kind of stayed the same and I changed.. ah well anyway so now i'm just home thinking about bobby.. and how much i miss him.. i hope he calls before i go to bed.... so i guess its goodnight. later
Current Mood: awake
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