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Date:2006-08-01 15:15
Subject:Blah Blah Blah

I am bored, and I am tired, and I am the ONLY person in my dorm who is actually home. Pretty lame, heh. Just sitting here on my laptop listening to some old music to remind me of the past, and waiting for 6 PM to roll around so that I can see Nick, I am going to be so Lonesome when he goes back to Detroit, but Hey, I got Dave to hang out with. One problem: Dave likes me, and wants to date me!!! I DONT GET IT!!!! Oh well, ill just hang out with Dave, and maybe John if he dont go back to pennsilvania, and Dustin if he dont go back to Indiana before I do. But Class was a bore, I am getting through math like a breeze, its easy as hell, I mean its starting to get more difficult, but its still really really easy! I broke up with AJ 3 days ago now... He hasnt called me amazingly enough. Nobody has. Nick and I see each other so much living on campus and all that we really have no need to call each other. Its just wierd, I straight up and left my phone in the dorm this morning. I didnt even think about it because no one has been calling me. I had to remind myself just to put the damn thing back on the charger last night. Bad heh. Well Im out

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Date:2006-07-27 19:24
Subject:Well Friday is almost here!!!

I am goin home tomorrow.... I am going to probably take Allie to see Dustin tomorrow night too... I am going to miss Nick's dumb ass ALL FUCKING WEEKEND... im gonna rape him when he gets back. best believe... lol... I have to wait till SUNDAY to see his dumb redneck ass. I wanna go see him but i cant, he is leavin tomorrow for chicago... and he better get me some pics... i miss my nick!!!! im gonna cry! Maybe hangin out with Allie and Dustin will help me get over missin him... i dunno, it may also make me miss him even more. i dunno i am gonna go run around, have a good one

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Date:2006-07-26 16:15

Well, here I am, in college. I have no homework tonight, and I just typed up a 454 word report for Ryan. Last night Nick, Dustin, and I all went to Indiana to get my printer and some other things. Like my steel toed tennis shoes. I love these things. I am waiting for 6 PM to get here so that I can actually go hang out with Nick. I haven't seen him since 1. Why is it I am stuck in between two guys and the one I've cared about the most in the last 7 months is the one who hurts me the most? Nick cares about me too... and I am starting to care for him back, but I am getting over Andrew's bull shit fast. I mean just because he is in the military, and a 6'6'' tall Sgt. in the US Army, it doesn't give him any kind of weird rights over my freedom. His constant telling me what to do, and the constant put downs and telling me that I am childish. Im sorry if my own anger scares me, its been building up for a while, so I have a tendency to go off in my own little corner and seethe when I am pissed off. It happens, deal with it. And the whole car thing, I mean damn it! When he first tried to drive my car he killed it three fucking times. Now all he wants to do is drive it. He drove it to work, therefore he put gas in it, but when he put his gas money into my car it limited where I was allowed to go because it was his money in the gas tank. I'm leaving him, and I am going to take the cps with me if he don't give me the 50 bucks I paid for it out of my own damn pocket. Im also going to take my hoody back and give him back his. Im done. It is just sad when a complete stranger***well not anymore*** treats you better in two weeks than your own boyfriend does in 7 months. Oh well, water under the bridge now. Later guys

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