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and so it begins... [23 Jan 2003|08:51pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

I have my first midterm tomorrow. US History. I think I can do this one.I should have no problem with it. But knowing me I'll become stupid (wait wait hold up I am stupid I will just become..even more so) and fail it because I'm an idiot.

Monday is going to be the worst. I have my chemistry midterm then. Holy lord I'm going to fail.

I have no initiative to study for any of my midterms either. I'm that stupid. Why don't I study? Because I'm way too lazy and have no studying skills whatsoever.I am going to fail and I shouldn't complain because it's my fault for being stupid.

also I had a CPR test today. Which I tried to purposely fail because I don't want to be recertified. I feel like an ass for saying this but I don't want to be recertified because then I always feel responsible when I go out. I mean if something would happen to someone wherever I go, I'd have this responsibility to help. I can't take that. I mean over the last two summers being a lifeguard freaked me out. Being responsible for the lives of other people? nooo not for me. I can't take it. It scares me too much. So I purposely tried to fail the CPR test today so I don't get recertified and I don't have that responsibility anymore. I want it to be over with, I don't want to deal with all that anymore....

alright I'm done whining.I'm going to go cry about how I'm going to fail midterms tomorrow.



Are you a Mirkwood, Rivendell, or Lothlorien elf?

brought to you by Quizilla

DAMN STRAIGHT. this quiz doesn't lie folks.

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Sleeping and LOTR valentines. [18 Jan 2003|05:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Well I just woke up. I think I really need to start doing constructive things with my life, you know and not just sleeping until 4-5 pm every weekend. I sleep way too much. My back hurts from sleeping so long.

damn I lead such an exciting life.

since obviously nothing happened today considering I've been up for oh...20 minutes I can't really talk about much. So why am I updating? I don't know.

My mom's at walmart. I told her to look for the LOTR valentines for me. (haha thanks to kristie for telling me about them).

I think I'm going to be really cool and send a legolas one to myself...from legolas. haha I'm so cool you all want to be as cool as me

My mom got the LOTR valentines for me. I didn't know they came in a pretty box. I can't open them now..I'm going to have to buy another box so I can open them...I'm so pathetic.

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wooo [17 Jan 2003|06:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Alan made me a cd of JRR Tolkien reading excerpts from LOTR. I'm happy. It's really neat. I found it on some thing today(It was someone's FTP server) while i was at his house to see his new computer moniter and new keyboard and stuff. (haha it's lame that I'm such a nerd that I actually needed to go to my brother's to see his new computer stuff..) Anyway, I saw a folder on the server and it was labeled "JRR Tolkien:The Lord of the Rings Excerpts". I was like "oooo what's that" and my brother was like "oh that's some files of Tolkien reading excerpts from Lord of the rings" and I made him download it and burn it onto cd for me:) yay.

um nothing exciting happened today. The chemistry "Acetates" were being meaaaaan again. Well..kate was she kept yelling at everyone at our table. and after I sold her my brownie from lunch. PSH.

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and there are those that can't be themselves. [16 Jan 2003|07:31pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | apparently the pixies..I think.. ]

*Note:this entry is taken from my lj so it was posted in the morning.So um yeah.*

can I just start by saying I'm insanely fucking sick of people trying to do everything *I* do.

What is jessi rambling about now? well let me tell you, see there's this person, sitting next to me here, at this wonderful establishment known as BCTC that seems to decide to change her career objective everytime I do. I decided to pursue web design instead of doing graphic design, and what is she doing now? oh yes you guessed it, web design. Whatever I give up. she wanted to regular graphic design work, i.e. making advertisements and such for companies. But oohh all of a sudden now that jessi likes doing web design she does too. The girl can't even make a fucking roll over work. and she wants to do web design? goodness. well whatever. i don't care, I'm not exactly the web design master myself, seeing as I'm lazy as fuck when it comes to making sites, but I still know how to do stuff.

I feel really bad typing an entry about someone sitting next to me. Seeing as she reads my journal to take the quizzes. Hell I feel really bad pretending I'm friends with her. So this entry will become friends only. I feel like such a little bitch i have my computer moniter all turned away. blah.

but seriously I'm so frustrated. the teacher gives her all the html books and shit to work with, do i ever get anything like that? noooo. Of course not. i'm not good enough to get to use that stuff. I never get taught anything it's all jessi works well on her own let's let her figure everything out. this is so lame. I'm going to quit fucking BCTC really soon. I can't take all the elite ass atittudes from certain teachers and I can't take all the people here. Especially the one sitting next to me. ms i have to change my career objective so i don't get outdone by jessi. Whatever i can't wait to see the web sites she designs. I'm sure I'll have a good laugh.


some stuff I made. yo.(i included the bigger ones I thought they sorta looked like valentines..or something)

Haldir!!!!!!!!!!!!(note my insane enthusiasm...)

Legolas!!!!!!!!(i need to take it easy on the exclamation points..)

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that's right fuckers. [14 Jan 2003|08:55pm]
[ mood | Rebellious ]

I just ate the last vanilla pudding in the house.

DAMN I am a rebel.

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RIGHT [13 Jan 2003|08:24pm]
[ mood | amused ]

...I want to focus on some good things today...Seeing as it IS orlando's birthday today.

so good things. Let's see I had the most insane dream ever last night. I can't really remember it all I know is that I had it before, well sort of. It was the same dream with a little variation. The dream last night like started off where I *Thought* the other one ended. Anyway in the dream I had to get rid of this necklace that apparently was "bad" or something (Kind of like the One Ring in LOTR har har). Anyway I was suppose to throw it in this pit of lava or something, and like, I went to throw it in and i missed and it landed on a rock in the middle(in the last dream I had thought i destroyed it when i threw it because i woke up as i was throwing it). I had to jump across the lava and get it but when i grabbed it everything around me disappeared and like, became normal again i guess you could sort of say. Anyway I had to get out of where I was without any of the "enemies" finding me. So I'm going through all these tunnels and stuff, and I get to this HUGE room. I walk in and this guy that's trying to get the necklace from me is there, and he tries to attack but I get away. And then I notice Orlando is sitting in a chair in the room, watching everything. I don't know why but I went over to him(alright I know *cough* why but you get the point), and said something to him and then the guy that was trying to get the necklace came after me again. and I grabbed this bar, and swung up on top of it. Anyway I was still trying to communicate with Orlando and I was saying something dumb to him, something about him being beautiful or something ( I DONT KNOW DONT ASK). Anyway I was cut off by that fucking guy that kept trying to take the necklace. So i ran into the other room to find that I was trapped. I looked out the doorway to see Orlando trying to motion towards this thing above the door on my side. and he's all making movements like he's shooting a bow. So I figured he meant to shoot it with an arrow. So I get out the bow I had and quick got an arrow ready and I aimed (which seemed like it took forever) and I shot the thing on the wall above the door, and the door closed....It was insane. Then that's where the dream ended. PSH I wanted to know if i destroyed the necklace and I didnt' get to seeeeee. Not to mention I wanted to see if I was going to meet up with Orlando again. har har.:)

anyway so yeah that was a really really weird dream. It was sort of like a video game..I swear the whole shooting the thing above the door with an arrow came from The Legend of Zelda i've been playing that a lot lately. **this dream is in NO relation to the other dreams I have been having with Orlando in them. TRUST ME. Those I just refuse to share with the public**

So yes.

also I think I'm getting an ear infection. My ear hurts really bad. I blame this on erin, ERIN you sent me your ear infection internetly or something. You little computer virus you!<3

um but anyway another happy birthday to mr orlando bloom. yay.

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I feel so complete [05 Jan 2003|02:44am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | LOTR:FOTR "The Black Rider" ]

...Because I finally got the Atlas of Middle Earth. It's so wonderful. Cost me a nice $24 but it's a really nice atlas. Shows me all the maps from the first age through the third age. I love the maps that have to do with the Silmarillion. ahh. The atlas is wonderful. for all of you Middle Earth lover people, go buy it. or something. It's a good investment.

I love how in the back it shows how far, how long, how fast they traveled and where they rested in regards to the 'adventures' of LOTR. It's really amazing.

and now it's time for a quiz.mmm

What Orlando Bloom are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

he's laying down in that picture...he's...laying..down...*tries to get mind away from dirty thoughts*...

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I am..superior or something. [02 Jan 2003|09:25pm]
I got my christmas present from stitches in the mail today:) five foot legolas poster bitches. oh it's so beautiful. It's the most beautiful thing that has ever graced my wall. I even took a picture for you all.(you know so you could be even more jealous:)

*I know it's taken at an angle it's the only way to reduce the glare.Also I can see that my other poster next to it is reflecting on the top part of the Legolas poster. I can't help that.*

anyway note how much bigger it is then the poster (that you can only see about part of) on the right. Muahahaha.:):):) this makes me happy.

anyway Stitches rules. and I don't even know if she reads my journal but thank you stitches!<3<3<3

in other news, I still don't have glasses. The eye doctor place closed at 6 today so I only got there at 5:20 or so picked out frames and now they'll be ready tomorrow. Amd hopefully it won't snow so much they close before someone can get over there to get them for me. I really hate not being able to see properly. it's giving me a headache...literally. (nothing looking at my beautiful new legolas poster won't fix...ai happiness..)

yes. so the highlight of my day (even though I've only been up for an hour and a half) is the beautiful new legolas poster that is on my wall....and thanks again to the wonderful stitches for that.<3
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Way to start the new year... [02 Jan 2003|01:23am]
[ mood | blank ]

I saw the two towers again today for the third time. yay:) I need to see it again already. Everytime I see it I leave wanting to see it again. It's going to be a hell of a long wait until that thing comes out on dvd.

although I saw the two towers again today, ooh the day couldn't be an actual GOOD day could it? of course not. Something had to go wrong and ooh it did. It did indeed. I noticed this morning that there was a small crack in the frame of my glasses. Well I prayed that they wouldn't break today because the last thing I needed was not to be able to see properly. Well well, my luck is bad let me tell you.

We all went to my grandmother's house and while walking up the stairs to her apartment I was cleaning the water off my lenses(it was raining) and what happens? *gasp* you guessed it my glasses broke. Beyond repair.Leaving me unable to see well. Oh wonderful, and it had to happen only two hours before the movie. So I got to go to the movie, my vision blurred because I didn't have my nerd gear to help me see. Luckily I could still make out what was on the screen (you know theater screens being so big and all). So it wasn't a total tragedy. If i wouldn't have been able to see anything that would've killed me.

yay and here's a quiz..

A Little Lord of the Rings has many numbers Quiz :)

brought to you by Quizilla

yeah it's cool that I read the books so much I know all that shit. haha how perfect Legolas is on the one for knowing everything. WHY because elves are smart and wise...and all that good stuff. I'm really not cool.

and here's a survey

yeah and a nice little survey for you all )

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happy new year [31 Dec 2002|11:41pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Well I guess the new year that's going to begin in about 20 minutes made me want to start a journal here(well that seems like a good enough excuse anyway..) Hooray. I'm not feeling like updating much right now. So I'll just leave this as my first entry and whatnot. Happy New Year everyone.:)

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