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[01 Sep 2003|12:00am]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | silence... w0o0o0o ]

Well... last night i went to virginias. Very funny. "Damn the brocilli, damn you and damn the wright brothers"! "who the hell do you think you are!?" "I ain't never scurred!" Well... yes. fun
Then today i had some you know who problems. but deej helped out with that. He's very cool.
And now i'm sitting here... writing to you. I might do you know what to you know who. and if you dont' have any clue what i'm talking about... i/m ceejay1990 and ask. If you even care. which you very well may not. hmmm.
I'm taking care of jeffs dog. yes. hmm. grand, just grand. considering it's deaf. hmmmm.
Did i write about my disfunctional family... of which i'm the father, husband, and grandpa. Yes. Gaige is my son, and tyler is my wife. jenna is my daughter... but also gaige's daughter (which makes me a grandpa), sister, and ex girlfriend. I'm abusive, and tylers a drunk. Lani is my Fiance, but also my grand daughter, and tyler is having an elbow sex affair with virginia. (which he actually elbow raped her... so its a one sided affair, if you so wish to refer to it that way). yes... hmm.
OH! Me and ashley saw this gnome that like... moved... very scary, right ash?!?!?! I swear i saw it move. it's probably stalking us.. I've felt it's presence a couple of times tonight
Now i have nothing to talk about, so i'm thinking i will go and find some people to talk to online... yeeeesss.. swell idear caroline.

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[30 Aug 2003|10:35pm]
[ music | More VMAz ]

I don't know what i'm doing. I'm confused, lost and angry. people treat me like crap all the time... but i let it continue because i'm blinded... and it needs to stop. my whole "everyone deserves a second chance" theory gets stretched a lot.

He's so mean to me but i can't like... feel anything about it because i'm at birginias house and i'll feel bad. I'm really confused here. god... FLIPPING RAWR!!!!!!!!!

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[30 Aug 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | VMAz in the background (bleeps about metallica) ]

I went to the mall yesterday with people... hmm. It was fun. I went to the pet store and i want this little chiuaua, or however you spell it! It was so cute! I want it so bad! Yeah. And tonight, i might be going to Virginias house, and we're going to the movies. Hmm.

Ok... I'm out... peace!

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[28 Aug 2003|11:11pm]
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Caroline! (me.. hehe!) [26 Aug 2003|06:48pm]
::tear:: anyways. no one updates their blurty! Haha... it was funny, the other day... lani and i held hands during 3rd period to see if mr kodish would notice! He looked straight at me for about 10 minutes, and he didn't notice it at all! Dork!
o0o, o0o, i made a new C.D.
1. 311-Creatures for a while
2. Adema-The way you like it
3. Adema-Unstable
4. Beck-Loser
5. Drowning Pool-Sinner
6. Evanescence-Going Under
7. Hatebreed-I will be heard
8. HIM-Buried Alive by love
9. HIM-Razorblade Kiss
10. HIM-Right here in my arms
11. Limp Bizkit-Eat you alive
12. Linkin Park-Faint
13. Linkin Park-Paper Cut
14. Linkin Park-One Step closer
15. Lit-You make me complete
16. Smashing Pumpkins-Rat in a cage
17. Thrice-Identity Crisis
18. Thrice-In your hands
Yay! Anyway... that was a big waste of time. I have to mention him once, becuase i love him! I miss Bryan!
Ok. hmm. School is school, boring teachers, plastic chairs, and dress code nazis! Haha! anyways. Oh... the bus driver today was a freakin nazi too! I got out my cd player and in less than two seconds he like, flipped out on me! GRR TO YOU MR BUS DRIVER WHOEVER YOU ARE!
My sister is coming in like, a week from thursday! YAY! Oh by the way!:
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[18 Aug 2003|07:55pm]
[ mood | awake ]

I miss bryan like crazy. Mom said i probably wont be able to go up there in November and/or December! Grrr! Even though I plan to pay for it. Or me, anyway. But she says "I don't want you traveling alone at 13" I was like then you go with me she goes "I only travel to see james and margret." But when caroline wants her to travel... no... no... no... hmmm. I can't wait until February... that's too long.
hmm. I miss him... a lot. I love him... a lot. Hmm
Hiney Hump! I love you LANI AND MALLORY! They are my fiances! YAY!

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[14 Aug 2003|03:53pm]

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[14 Aug 2003|03:53pm]
Fight Club!

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Wow... [09 Aug 2003|01:17am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | the a/c running! wOowOowOo! (it's late & no1's awake!) ]

It's late... at night. i just got done talking to bryan! yay! i love him. Karina.. i'm not telling you what i got you! Just.... don't buy a journal... K? Haha. anyways. I really need to talk to you! The party should end at midnight i think. Hmmm. And... We need to plan more stuff. I'm helping you make the invites... we wouldn't want them to be all loserish... and stuff. OOPMAHS! I love ya babe! can't wait to see you again. sorry you don't have any classes with you. maybe you can occasionally go to the bathroom during 3rd period... but get sidetracked and end up going to A lunch! and i'll do the same in 4th period... k? Talk to you later girly~
Anyways. Now i'm bored. and i miss bryan. I can't wait til february. we're gonna mud wrestle! YAY! Haha. i love him soooo much. he knows it too. Peace out guys!

Your (extremely sexy) goddess ;-)

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[08 Aug 2003|09:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I went to the mall today. YAY! Haha.... i got karinas birthday present... or part of it. I can't tell you what it is... because i know karina reads my blurty! anyways. i also got a book. it starts out kindof blah... but i bet it'll get better. And i got jelly bellys! mmm
we have more company. my dads friend from witchita (sp), kansas, is here. He's got a daughter... but she's in 3rd grade. I liked having my cousins here a lot more!
Tomorrow it's off to orlando for DCI. (drum corp international) i think. anyways. I think i'm off to bed. Love you all! Peace!

Your goddess

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What now! [07 Aug 2003|03:58pm]
/ ¯/
/ /
/ /
/´¯`/' '/´¯ `·¸
/'/ / / /¨ /¯\
(' ´ ´ ¯ /' ')
\ /
'\ .·´
\ (
\ \

haha.... sorry... i stole this from lani! But i thought it was perrty cool... especially cuz of the mood i'm in

My cousins were here all week. i had a lot of fun. especially at the beach with them holland chicks! haha! yor weid. haha! Except... when we were on the beach... we were watching the sunset... and i saw like a whole bunch of couples... and i like... cryed, becuase i miss him so much! oh well... this stuff takes work
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YO! [04 Aug 2003|06:21pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hey hOmies! What's up my shizzle nizzles? doggy fizzle televizzle. No... ok... just no! Um... i went to the bizeach yesterday and today! Fun Fun! I got a little cute something for bryan! Cuz i just love him so much. Yes karina... he'll be here in february. the reason you don't know is becuase i found out after the last time i talked to you. which has been a while!
ANYWAYZ! Cuzins are here! Ooooo fun! Actually.. it is a lot of fun. I made a new friend! Danielle. Mikes G/f

I'm going to go check movie times! Be there tonight... and i can't take you! It's already a full car!


Your goddess

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[02 Aug 2003|12:26am]
Wow... today was an event! MIKES HOME!!! YAY! So he came over, and we swam... and then i braided his hair... and put rons hair in little like... ponytails that look like palm trees. then jeff got really mad at me for this mean joke... hmmm. ok well.
Bryan is coming in february! YAY! That makes me happy.
now i'm bored. Mallory is spending the night! yay!
ok... i'm goig to leave now
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[01 Aug 2003|11:12am]
[ mood | amused ]

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brayn... and other boring... non impotant stuff [30 Jul 2003|12:13am]
Yeah... bryan asked me out today. I, of course, said yes. Jeff's "not happy" about it. Woohoo. and ron thinks it's funny. oh well... he's a loser and he's probably stoned... so it makes no difference to me. Bryan is working on his skate video right now... so that means I have time to write in my loserish little thing we refer to as a blurty. which is basically an online journal... no different than anyother online journal... except for the name. blurty. what the hell kind of name is that anyway? the guy who made it was either stoned or mentally retarded. i think # 1 is probably the explanation. stoned people are stupider than mentally retarded people. i'm extremely rude.
I learned a couple of new songs on the guitar. Californication. By the way. and... other stuff. the zephyr song... sortof. Rock on RHCPs! umm sure. and i found a guitar that i really want. but who knows if i'll ever get it. my mom doesn't ever do anything big for me that involves money. Like... we haven't done my room yet... and that was supposed to be the first one we designed. and she wont buy me a guitar. the only thing she's dont that was big for me since we moved down here was aviation camp. and i'm thankful... but i still really want my guitar. or my room. but nope. not yet. if i don't get a guitar by my birthday i'm asking for that for my birthday... and a cell fone for christmas. like either of those will happen.
It's very quiet in my house. mothers asleep... and it's 11:34 at night... and i don't have any good songs downloaded. I guess i'll put up with doobie brothers. that's right jeff... doobie brothers. fuck off... jerk.
Now i don't really ahve any thing to talk about. i'm not going to camp tomorrow. my aunt and cousins get here on saturday! YAY! I can't wait. they're all great. but aaron and matt might not come. i don't really mind if matt comes... but aarons cool... i want him to come! the only reason i don't mind if matt comes isn't because i don't like him... i just don't really talk to him much. he's like... 18, 19. so we don't relate to eachother much. As where mark's 14, aarons 15, and mikes 15. so i can talk to all them! can't wait till they get here
Got to talk to Jonathan today. fun. sort of. I guess. we laughed though. so it wasn't all sad and stuff like the past. so i guess it's strictly friendship now. i even felt comfortable about telling him about the camp thing with mike. YAY!
now i'm bored so i'm gonna go watch tv. good night every one

Your goddes,
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[27 Jul 2003|11:59am]
[ mood | drunk ]

Wow.... bryan told me he loved me today. i said it back to him... and I'm pretty sure I meant it. I want to know every little detail about him. i might be going to conneticut, or however you spell it. i miss him a lot. i didn't even really talk to him... i had my away message up... so he i/med me and told me all this stuff. it was really sweet.
I hope i do get to go to CT. I really want to see him again.
I kindof wanna go goth. but the whole poser deal in the beginning would disturb me. hmmm. we'll see. everyone at camp thought I was goth because of my nail polish and dark makeup. i told them i wasn't. the mike guy that i met there was goth. he was cool. everyone had heard enough about him though. ::wink wink::
today i'm going to the mall for school shopping!! YAY! not really. I mean... i guess it'll be fun... but it's not YAY! probably going with mal and karina.
now i'm bored. i think jeff is mad at me. he told me yesterday that i talk about guys to much and I act like a slut. hmmm. sorry. oh well. can be perfect on everyones stardards. and jeffs allowed to have his opinion.
i'd like to talk to bryan... but I think he's out skating right now. or watching a skate video.
i'm gonna go call karina and mal so that we can start making plans for the mall.
or maybe eat macaroni. hmmm
your goddess

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Camp! [26 Jul 2003|05:59pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I got back from camp today at like 1 o'clock in the morning! But I had sooooo much fun at camp. I've already told some people about my special event, so i'm not going to write it in here. haha! I met people. Like Bryan, Seth, Ramsey, Mike, Princess, Sara, Alex, Tiffany, an Laney! I miss you all!

Haha! I got down and dirty at camp. It was very funny. I was supposed to mud wrestle bryan, during escape and evasion. haha. lots of fun.

I don't know what else to talk about right now. A lot of people at camp thought I was hott.

I have to go now because karina and mal and ron are here


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Yo yo yo [17 Jul 2003|09:21pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | t.v.-disney channel ]

Today nothing special happened. at camp i hung out with karina and these people I don't know.... i got into a really hyper mood... funny as crap. then this little skateboard kid came in and was wearing this awesome element hat with spikes in it.... i wanted that hat so bad... but he wouldn't give it to me ::tear::

then pottery was cool! I'm making a pot! wow

and now I'm here... writing in my blurty... like a big loser... but i'm attracted to losers... right jeff??


anyways... now I'm really bored. I guess i will talk to you all in a week... off to alabama tomorrow. Aviation camp... i get to meet new people |cough cough, guys!| haha. ok... peace out all

your goddess

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hmhmhmhmhmmmmmm [16 Jul 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | voices... in my head... screaming FOOD!!! ]

Wow.... absolutely nothing exciting happened today. well... yeah, i know how to play the solo for white stripes!

ok... besides that.. nothing

at all


i'm going to camp friday. alabama... wooo hoooo... hey... maybe i'll meet guys!


kfc is here... i'm going to go eats me some food.


your goddess.

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hmm [15 Jul 2003|10:05pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | watching mtv... i'm not sure what show ]

Today not a lot happend.
-went to camp
-had lunch with karina and dad at wendys
-hung out with mike, ron, jeff, mallory, karina, eventually earl
-swam a bit
-read harry potter
-got online

woo hoo... fun day... not really.

i'm out now

pay attention to the mood, and then the detail in the entry.

your goddess

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