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    Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
    12:03 pm
    so like, woah. Hey blurty
    Monday, September 29th, 2003
    11:54 pm
    my blurty return!
    Connie: oh my la toya. An internet buddy got to talk to ELIJAH AND DOM
    Connie: If the same happened to me (being cramped in a small comic store with them) I'd never be able to speak to them
    Connie: I'd like, get close, grab for something up high and drop my purse and be like "OH NO" and let them get it for me
    Kannan: haha!
    Connie: because those femme tricks WORK
    Kannan: do they?
    Connie: and then I'd be like "Don't I recognize you from somewhere?"
    Connie: OH THEY DO
    Connie: and then I'd shrug and smile all nicely at them.
    Connie: I'd make sure they would remember me!
    Connie: so they would maybe talk about me when they're all SWEATY GAY SEXED
    Kannan: heheh i wanna be there tooooo
    Saturday, August 16th, 2003
    12:29 pm
    so, like, I actually made an account. This is probably because my internet is NOT working (hi, I'm on dial-up) and I've been working again and have for some reason decided to start woring on fanfiction again. I think I need to re-learn how to write a story. ANYWAY, I posted and edited and UPDATED even that zell/seifer fic I posted a while ago. Anyway, now I'm like, checking compulsively for reviews or whatever.

    I am currently boring.
    Friday, August 8th, 2003
    2:27 pm
    Chingy's "Right thurr" should be the new national anthem.

    Should I start an e-petition?
    Wednesday, July 30th, 2003
    12:14 am
    So like, the other day I was baking. That's because I'm unemployed and currently obsessed with baking things. Especially from scratch. I mean total scratch; like I start with flour and sugar and stuff and mix it together from there.

    Anyway, so there I was baking in my sparkly silver weave patterned vintage pencil skirt and leopard print heels. I was very happy because it was such a great opportunity to wear my orange gingham apron with the kelly green and off white rick rack accenting. Then I realized I was in my house alone singing Beyonce songs to myself with my sparkly eyeshadow?

    I've been told my muffin mixture is supreme. Now, who wants to come over?
    Sunday, July 27th, 2003
    5:14 pm
    Reasons why I will be hired by Hot Topic:
    1) I make my (soon to be) manager laugh at least twice on the phone. And not a fake laugh.
    2) I'm way more qualified than others
    a) hi, two years of "alternative" fashion retail work
    b) hi, degree in theatre and costuming
    3) I'll be wearing a black knee skirt from the 80's with two large ruffles at the end
    a) with my pink what would joan jett do? t-shirt
    b) paired with matching pink fishnets
    c) that look unbelievably amazing with my LEOPARD SLIDES
    d) and what goth can resist heaps of liquid eyeliner?


    ps, I'll get a 40% TORRID DISCOUNT
    Saturday, July 26th, 2003
    6:14 pm
    Evelina was my vovoa's name
    So like, I think I've decided to hyphenate my first name.

    How does Constance-Evelina Maria Zomblasta sound?
    Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003
    10:52 pm
    I can't finish rock star with purses #2. It's halfway done (like, literally, flats and everything), but I can't make the rest. I always freak out when I think about it.

    All I think about is how I get all these orders for trans zines from non-trans people and I see people on messageboards say how they read all these zines and they're all trans zines and etc. I gotta make this issue count. I'm almost disgusted, but grateful for issue 1. Trans issue specific zine; out of the way. This next one's for me.
    2:37 am
    I got this friendster thing. or something
    1:56 am
    my newest and best mix cd

    Erykah Badu
    Toni Braxton
    Angie Stone

    Destiny's Child
    Gangsta Lovin
    Let me Blow your mind
    Whos that girl
    What it Feels like for a Girl
    My Love is Like...Wo
    Love of My Life
    He Wasn't Man Enough for Me
    Wish I didn't Miss you
    Girl Talk
    What about Your Friends
    No Scrubs
    Independent Women part I
    Hat 2 da back

    My life currently: SWV has a new single "You're the one", I think it may be some months old, but the world is good again.
    Wednesday, July 9th, 2003
    6:39 pm
    I got fired from my job today. Not for stealing, but for the fact that they can't find money I put in the store's safe. Which apparently means it's somehow my fault, but not? (since they watched the videos and I haven't been accussed of stealing).

    This is making me want to become an anarchist.
    Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
    4:13 am
    dear the menz:

    I am easy. pass it on.
    Sunday, July 6th, 2003
    3:22 am
    Did I forget to mention that my friends (who are incidentally my apartment mates) got fired over some totally stupid corporate thing that was not their fault?

    Oh, and I'm applying at hot topic. I knew that I was finally in a mid-middle class household some terrible thing would befall us.
    Friday, July 4th, 2003
    2:38 am
    I need to get another journal just to talk about brandy, cuz this one is turning strictly spice.
    2:15 am
    Stop right now
    thank you very much
    I need somebody with a human touch

    hey you
    always on the run
    gotta slow it down baby
    gotta have some fun

    doo doo doo doo
    doo doo doo doo
    doo doo doo
    Tuesday, June 24th, 2003
    3:43 am
    why did no one urgently try to contact me as to the lizardman's upcoming (and passed) birthday?

    2:29 am
    Colours of the world
    Spice up your life
    Every boy and every girl
    Spice up your life
    People of the world
    Spice up your life
    2:14 am
    I'm alive
    I got a cable modem today
    I'm so behind on the distro

    I miss yous. Especially miss e.

    Sunday, May 25th, 2003
    10:54 pm

    I moved out of my dorms and I'm staying with friends blah balh.

    I'll hopefully be around regularoly by the fourth.

    I hope gooe things come to y'alland I get to read all about them! xo
    Saturday, May 24th, 2003
    12:29 pm
    More reasons why my apartment is going to rule (Tag Saling today):
    1 vintage needlepoint coaster
    vintage very nice glass hot pad (for hot pans on tables)
    one vintage hand towel with an embroidered whale
    home made terrarium
    vintage robin's egg blue saucepan
    Chronicles of Narnia bookset
    Vintage ice bucket
    SUPER cute pot/vase thingy (SO CUTE)
    LARGE piece of shell art.

    Money spent?
    less than fifteen dollars.
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