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  2003.02.19  23.02
so there, Livejournal...

Usually, I feel that hate is an overused expression.. sometimes dislike, object to, am ambivalent towards... etc.. would be far more accurate.

but for the sake of a theme:

I hate:

1) Ageism --discounting someone's feelings, experiences, opinions because they are 'too old' or 'too young'
2) Sizeism- the discounting of a person's emotional fragility and/or mental capacity based on their height, weight, muscularity or lack of any of the three
3) journal replies that are less than three words long (unless very pointedly chosen -- and that's rare)
4) people who are more than happy to reap benifit of friendship without extending one whit of themselves to you
5) abusing of non-reciprocal love relationships; (Bill loves Sally, Sally uses Bill)
6) dishonsety
7) subterfuge
8) people who believe that finding an ideal romantic relationship will solve all their problems, and life will be a fairytale
9) people who desert friendships for romantic liasons (lasting or otherwise), discounting the value of platonic love
10) people who try to run away from their pasts
11) 'friends' who dissapear when they find out that you have a longstanding romantic involvement
12) 'friends' who dissapear when you end a romantic involvement with a mutual friend
13) people who think that laws and rules are for everyone else but them
14) people who like to play the 'my childhood was a bigger hell than yours' game
15) people who bitch about their kids and spouses to everyone else
16) children who bitch incessantly about their parents, when the parents love them
17) parents who shouldn't be parents in the first place, neglect or abuse or overindulgence or lack of forthought-- it's all unnessisary
18) predjudice against people over a certain age or who've been married a certain length of time and have no children
19) people who don't take responsibility for thier own lives
20) people who make distinctions between 'the good part of town' and the 'bad part of town'...(usually based on economic and racial biases)
21) gossip
22) people who bitch about the city/country/state/school they're in, and don't just do something about it
23) people who try to negotiate giftage (IE: I offer to buy you a video game and you try to convince me to give you something of 'equal $$' instead)
24) people who judge the monetary value/number/size of giftage (but you gave sally something twice as expensive! or-- I gave you something twice as expensive!)
25) people who assume that you're giving them a gift for whatever holiday (especially when they include a detailed list of approved items)
26) people who don't engage in any type of charity
27) people who confuse intellegence or talent with drive
28) people who say 'money isn't important' but like to spend a lot
29) people who assume that celebrating your religious holiday is an offense to their religion (thier participation or yours)
30) people who don't stand by their word, and make amends when they make a mistake
31) people who have loving friends but moan that they have none
32) people who want adult privleges without adult responsibilities

(is it any wonder I have aproximately 2.36 friends? :-P)
more later, I'm sure


  2003.02.09  19.29

And life comes full circle on yet another subject for me -- I remember arguing against age restrictions on Diversi-dial systems in the 80's.. only then I was straddling the two age groups, and arguing that some teenagers are sincere and can act responsibly, and contribute valuably to the online community. Now I am older if not any wiser, but I still believe that many teens really need positive interactions with adults if they are going to learn how to be adults -- and far too many kids don't get that in any aspect of their lives. Admittedly, the journaling communities of today are vast compared to the small, everyone-knows-everyone community of the early chat sims, and the interaction in question is more concerned with resource management and abuse......ah, lost my train of thought. :-) (watching Tenchi Muyo! DVDs)

Anyway, hello anyone out there! feel free to add me to your friends' lists, I'll likely return the favor. I like the look of this site!

Mood: amused