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Catch up day [06 Feb 2004|10:08am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Beyonce:: me myself and i Britney::toxic ]

* alright so mother nature has givin us a day off which means on monday it will be the fourth b week i have had in a row!!!!!! I guess ill get over it but who wants another frickin b day - Neways yesterday was a blah day too...went to weight room then to computer class then to lit ( we had a really hot sub omg ) after that i had lunch ....then dan evans and danielle called me over so i said hi....and i said to someone else but he didnt say hi back ( cough cough max black ) later on in the afternoon he got mad at me cuz i didnt give him a hug or something like that and was tryin to get the guys not to talk to me but that doesnt work cuz i said hi and he just never said nething back so hahahahaha ha i win!!!!!! So i stayed afterschool although musical practice rehearsal was canceled ..i was gonna work out but that didnt work out so i changed back into jeans and just became normal again ( like im normal neways but schwateva) * Cablevision was tapin our girls basketball games which we all (Cheerleaders) had to cheer for which i think is weird as i have discussed many times before......ME and ellen leto decided that it would suck to be the guy who carried the video camera cord for a local cable channel not even like a real movie set or like a real good channel nope this is like channel 3 or the allschool acsesschannel or the all morman channel where they show all morman gospel like all the time ....we decided that job must suck and he probably still lives at home with mom or grandma....that must suck for tryin to get dates someone said and i was like all yea it must ...hes probably all hey baby i drive a box with wheels and i work for a tv station ( bullshit ) and then ud be all hyped up so he takes u home to chill at his house but then u see his mom dad step dad eightother brothers and sisters grandma and grandpa fightin over a pair of denchers cuz they cant find their glasses to see who it belongs too ...yea i call that sexy ...YEa so the camera guy did a close up on some of our cheers and half the girls would just randomly stop and stare adn i would like die laughin so then wed all laugh and were like forget tryin to be perfect.....after that me tasha and casey went to dunkindonuts after and a hindu guy scolded us for having fun when we were tryin to take our order "i dont have time for the fun i dont have time for the fun " he said and i almost cried cuz he was yellin and starin right at me!! I was like ok im done with him ....So i get home decided not do hw and just chillax and my mom is like dyin of hott flashes and im liek omg im freezing...Almost FOrgot ( sole o cpi;d mever fprget ) JACK MORRISON!!!- my dog oh and i made a new addition to my friendships yesterday Bill Maloney - i have his hobo gloves lol ...And Lard ass loves timmy rush woop woop just needed let the world know that Lard Ass= DanielleCleary woop...oooh oooo totally missed Jen Hartzmen last night it wasnt the same without her there xoxox jen...Love Jill Eagen xoxox my sweetie pie....ANd shoutz to javier cuz his bday is tomorrow...EveryOne there is an opened mic night at the senior center sponsored by tigs across from the gazebo in rockaway it costs like five to get in and that includes food and sweets and stufff be there or be square hahah lol jk that was a dumb joke neways come if u want yawl lots of fun!!

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My first blurty [04 Feb 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | all over the place ]
[ music | Chakka Kahn/Let's hear it for the boy ]

* woo if u go to a school with block schedulin u can definately feel my frustration on this **ok it snowed the other day we got a day off but now i have been stuck with bdays for like 2 weeks...cant take it goin insane whats up with that..Neways Things will get better since next week is an a week....this mornin was crazy i love how warm it was but i was iceskatin all the way down the side walk to catch the bus..But i got on safely did my mornin routine of sittin with my buddy Silj on the bus ..first i got gum from him then we sang the good morning song.....Got to school went to block six and failed another history test from cheg...got what am i suppose to study for i never know..next i had a math test which i believe i passed...then i had lunch..then i snuck up on silj hahah he was so surprised lol....Next i had chorus omg i wanted to kill mr mell he just aggravated me so bad and thats my dog im usually not pissed at him but whateva ill let it slide for today ...after that i had spanish woo fun considerin i my contact was bein a pain in the ass i couldnt take it... after that i got to go home early for - once it was like the first time in forever.....(musical rehearsal was canceled )...baked cookies then i ate more...after that i called my dog Q.T ( representin arkansas) cuz its his bday ...also danielle gambis ...and my grandmas woo granny.....! So yea that about sums up a borin day at school nothin new at all.hahah lol tomorrow o gosh just thinkin bout tomorrow makes me tired...i usually have musical rehearsal (Crazy for u) but its canceled but i still have to be at school for a girls basketball game at 7 30...so i figured id work out at the wieght room with some of the gals and then get a bite to eat and then cheer but thats like a full day of bein at school ( which i have become quite acustome to ) but it sucks! Like no offense to the girls on basketball they r amazin but as a female i dont wanna stand there and cheer for the guys how bout some guys to cheer! But i guess its all good omg i must give shoutz to two really special buddies of mine one bein Matt Passanante ( thats my dog) and the newest edition to my life hahah lol (haha ) Dan Evans ( middle name anthony) ilu guys...neways i will live u on some last words of wonderment...What happened to those amazin days where the only thing we had to worry bout was colorin inside the lines or havin a crush and pretending u dont like him or her by pushin him ( like on hey arnold lol ) why r we in such a rush to grow up ....im lovin where im at right now its never gonna be perfect but its all good i mean i dont wanna take athing for granted ( sry for soundin korny ) songs of they day ::Chaka Kahn :: OOOOh ooooh sweet thang dont u know ur my everything oooh ooh sweet thing boy u know ur my everything...U're not mine i cant deny it...HOld me now or ill go CrAzY!! second song Footlose soundtrack :::My baby he dont talk sweet he aint got much to say ayyy...but he loves me loves me loves me i know that he loves me neway.......everytime he pulls me near i just wanna cheer lets hear it for the boy ......nitey nite yawl my day has come to its conclusion!!xoxoxo
Wooo love danielle cleary who loves timmy rush hahha lol penis head

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