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kiss me.. underneath the milky twighlight [23 Jan 2004|11:19pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | rufio-in my eyes ]

man i totally forgot about this piece. well life has been pretty umm interesting. everythings doesnt seem in place. last year was the best. i mean this year is good in some ways but i mean i miss the confort that everyone had with eachother. like eveyrone knew eachotehr and everyone knew eachothers story. idk like i dont know what to think of people anymore and how i think about myself these days. like last year was so different from my life this year. i mean last year was a blast but it was also a lot of the worst times i had in my life. last year there was not a lot of shit talking and this year there is a lot. idk i just feel like not a lot of people are truthful. and like dont see it from the other persons perspective. man and just how when its not other peoples buinsess they like get into it like they care even if they hate you. man so much shit i cant baer. man i got like this dizziness feeling in my head like drowsey. idk i guess im ganna go to bed .. so mch shit i dont wnna share.

Watche as i fall

honestly.. i can give a rats ass!! [23 Nov 2003|02:12pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | skylers mp3 player. ]

well yessumm.. this weekend was way fun :-D.. although i wished i'd spend some time w/ john. but it's okay. well friday mishka skyler and i were at my house and we took a nap then my mom took us to see The cat in the hat. it was pretty good. kinda gay. but it was funny in a cute kinda way. then we snuck into Gothica. Which was a total scare for me. We sat in the front row. And i didnt even watch the movie becuase i had my eyes closed the whole time. I think if we sat in the back more i would have watched it. becuaes like the plot was stupid. But the effects and stuff was scary. then mishkas mom dropped me off. then yesteday i got ready. and skyler came over and he was playing ps2 then michellas aunt came and picked us up to go rent some movies. we got anger management and cheats. well wen we got home skyler was tierd and he wanted to eat burger king so he stayed @ michelles and me and mishka skated to burger king ate there and went back. then we watched coyote ugly. and then anger management. in the middle of the movie skyler had to go byebye. and we just walked around mishkas house. and then michells mom took us to holleywood to get an exchange in our movie becuase in cheats it was like a ps2 game. so we went back and we got to my house and put the movie in everyone one of my dvd players and the cd was soo scratched up so we went back and got another one. then we waited an hour for skyler and then watched cheats. then he went home after and michelle slept over and we were doing homewokr at 1*30 in the morning! then this morning we went to church and now im here. We are suppost to go to my grandmas but it's raining and i dont think we are. so im ganna go over to michska probly and study for the world Geo test on stalin and all those russian meanies.

<\3 lil

Watche as i fall

[21 Nov 2003|10:32pm]
gosh i am so depressing.
Watche as i fall

i am to weak to be your cure [19 Nov 2003|08:33pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | start angry..end mad-Moneen ]

wowzers this is my first entry in my third journal!! ha.. i think it's a sign. well ya my other journal got suspended and being online was beginnning to be soo Fin boring so i decided to make another one of theis thinger magigers! i really dont have ne thing to say. i'll probably just update when i get bored or have nothin to do. well im going out w/ john. its pretty fun lol. i predict we will be together for a very long time. even matt says so. so ya lunch has been really good lately. no one is fighting in our little circle of love. today joey got into a fight w/. that little kid louis that got into a fight with mike S or somthing in advisory. well the kid was talking about joeys mom and then matt got into it and me xtee and k8eelyn were laughing our asses off cuz i mean the kid's voice is Fin Halrious!!! i mean its all squeeeeky and little like. but that kid has issues he's been suspended 3 times for fighting this year. but ya im doing really good in biology. the only class i struggle in is Math. :-x i dislike it with a passion. i have a feeling my teacher is going to kick me out of the class. she proably thinks i am waisting her time. which im not. i just dont get it. she should have us go to the board and have stuff more interactive. and she should do more explaning. but i rather be sent to a differnt teacher that explains more and does more notes and examples. becuase i am slow like that. well ya i got the moneen cd. its way kick ass. next on my list is story of the year. hell ya mofo! well i gota bounce. wooott the weeks almost over. and friday skyler k8elyn johnny mishka and i are going to see The CAt in the Hat!! i am way excited. it looks like a grand movie!

ha me and skyler made this up the rock sign is loose pussy... peace sign \\// is skinny pussy.. and \\\/// <-- that is fat pussy.. haha and he always says H2 i think i got it..

<\3 lile ANN

Watche as i fall

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