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ahh, relaxation.. [30 Jan 2012|08:35am]
Its ridiculous sometimes that i wonder why i do thing. I was ditched on my birthday but 4 different people. am i that boring/uninteresting? Why would people do that and I'm debating weather I am over reacting but still..

Mike I think is what bothers me the most, I half expected it out of Brian.. He's not one to hang out with new people or outside of worcester. fuck him i say. *covers mouth* yes, i said that. O.O But i mean seriously who does that? Ditches someone on their birhday..

I say moral of the story, don't hang out with people from work.. Although, maybe mike. I want to meet this guy. I would not mind having a few drinks with him. Maybe having my way ... but lets be real. it won't happen. ha!

Also, I feel "thinner" not so much as thinner but lighter...
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