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Tuesday, December 16th, 2003

Time:2:03 pm.
livejournal is def. better! this journal is done.
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Wednesday, December 10th, 2003

Time:1:52 pm.
hey...just a day, just an ordinary day...just tryin to get by....

got psats back today i got a better than some i know...but not as good as i want.

ok i'm gonna go make another crossword puzzle...


<3 heather
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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

Time:2:00 pm.
hey, so yeah i'm chillin in tee's class right now...someof the little bitches in this class piss me off so bad. little girls thinkin they're cute, and then little annoying bitches....ugh.... sorry had to get all that out. then there is some girl talking about drugs and how she smoked pcp yesterday...yeah ok

today i'm going home with kelly,..well, except we're not going home? i think? i dunno we're going to jenny's later to work on their project. and then tonight me and kelly are going to the game. it'll be eventful. we're playing Howard aww, these cheerleaders are going to get's kinda funny though i guess....anyway...

I'm really bored right now. I WANTED to get my nails done today, coz this is the perfect time to accomplish it. i'm still gonna try to get there, but i dunno
i start working on thursday holla! lol....

ok gtg now...

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Sunday, December 7th, 2003

Subject:feelin sad
Time:7:44 pm.
i'm feeling sad, multiple reasons i suppose but mainly mjust the fact that i miss curt..i'm at carrie and chris', i'm having a good time, but i want curt. plus kelly is bored, and i could of chilled with her too! errrrr!! I'm feeling angry, and i dunno what else....

i did quite a lot of shoppingeveryone is ALMOST done.
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Friday, December 5th, 2003

Time:1:19 pm.
Mood: sick.
hey..i stayed home from school yesterday and today...i'm relly sick...i'm doing better, but i'm not yet well... i got the job at friendly's which i think is awesome coz i'm there all the time. :-) i have to go out today to get my uniform...i have to wear black pants and black shoes...i was gonna go check out kohls..i hope i find what i'm looking, everthing is chapped, my lips, my nose, my hands...and i'm all congested.
i'm staying at my aunts this weekend...not sure which days yet, i might even go gonna go shopping at her mall too...yay...the mall there rocks, i dunno which one it is, but she lives over by like lancaster pa..i gotta do all my christmas shopping....and i gotta get gepher birthday presents...
i dunno what i'm getting curt...or kelly...or allison...oh boy i know what to get mostly everyone else though...:-/

ok well, i have stuff i gotta do...

<3 Heather
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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

Subject:this is so cool...for multiple reasons
Time:2:19 pm.
You are Aurora from Sleeping Beauty!

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Time:2:13 pm.
I'm sick! Agh!

I'm in tee's class...and i'm sniffling and sneezing!! yuk!!


today,iam calling friendly's! whoo! and i'm going to town and country! holla back!

ok well...i'm off i suppose!



p.s. me and darcy are gonna start running after school, that's cool if u ask me! :-)
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Saturday, November 29th, 2003

Time:11:54 pm.
i had fun with kelly tonight! we watched movies....omg, the most hilarious movies EVER! hehe...ok,. i'm off now!
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Time:11:53 pm.
i had fun with kelly tonight! we watched movies....omg, the most hilarious movies EVER! hehe...ok,. i'm off now!
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Friday, November 28th, 2003

Time:10:06 pm.
i haven't updated in a while...ya know i just haven't felt like it.
tonight i went ice skating with curt, we met up with marci, carlee, and was fun...
yesterday was thanksgiving..i went to curt's aunt's house. it was a lot of fun...the people are really nice...
I'm saddened due to the fact that i have to work tomorrow 1:30 - 11...guys i reallllly don't like working there, there are SOME perks, but for the most part...yuk! I don't like it.
christmas is coming up, and i don't know how much i'll have to spend on people...eeks...i'm sleepy

time to go...myah
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Monday, November 24th, 2003

Time:9:24 am.
hey i'm hanging out with kelly in kulas' room, she got me out of math, however i need to go now...muah
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Friday, November 21st, 2003

Time:3:12 pm.
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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Time:4:33 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
my computer is fixed whooooo! i'm so excited, and i just cant hide it, i'm about to lose control and i think i like it.

anyway and kel went out yesterday and dazzled ourselves up, got our nails done...we're twins now...hehehaha!

ya know what, i don't really feel like writing right now, i'm going to go play games and chill til' kelly gets off work, which is when we will go to the mall...jesse and casey's birthdays are tomorrow! :-)
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Monday, November 17th, 2003

Subject:complete and total shock...
Time:3:12 am.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:i have dashboard in my head.
I think I'm still nervous just thinking about it.
Tonight was so beyond awesome.
I know the bestest people!
My mommiez threw me a surprise birthday party...omg, everyone was there...
me and curt showed up, and i see...
april, allison, jesse, steph, liz, kelly, casey, dan, robby...
well, actually...i had no idea about what was going on, because all the suspicions i shot down, but as i'm walking up these stairs...i see, this dark area...and it's spikey hair...and i knew it was jesse...and i stop on the stairs, and i'm like...yo, i am NOT going in there...i'm not doing it. and finally i walk in....and i get completely embarrassed, i thought i was gonna i'm like shaking for 20 minutes straight...and i'm seeing people i can't even believe showed up...
diane, shawn, stacey, lil' shawn, rochelle, norma, al, ashley, tayler, lil' johnny, mary lou, joanne, lindsey, carrie, chris, kayla, christopher, my mommom and poppop, carson and carol, Jean!!, lisa and james, and a bunch of other people, i was in pure amazement....
my mom decorated these boards with pictures of everything..."my whole life, from the time i was a baby, until now."-they looked sooo pretty. the cake, the cake was beautiful!! the room was beautiful, this uhge fireplace in the middle, this pretty view out the window, candles all over the place, balloons everywhere...that was so exciting.
i got a lot of stuff...a lot of money, way more than i had expected...way more than necessary...about $800 more than necessary...but...moving along...i got a lot of reallly nice body washes and lotions...i can't wait to dive into them man! :-D I got finding steph, i take that request I got 2 sets of slippers, both real comfy, i got this reallly cute scarf, hat, and glove set, from curts mom, she got finding nemo and a pair of slippers too...i went to her house after the party since she couldn't make it. i got this cute pink cat from casey, it ws so fluffy man! I got the most awesomest fleece blanket from's so soft! I can't wait to go hug! and a scooby stuffed animal....omg...jean def. got me these gold hoop earrings that have diamonds all around it....i'm so scared to wear them coz these things are real...i'm saying like real my ears...can ya'll say bling bling..? lol! they go real cute with the necklace and earrings i got from curt, and with the sweet sixteen necklace from my mommom...i got this real nice, aeropostale jacket too... i got the cutest cards...they're super sweet. and this cute friendship book from kelly. and a gift card to best buy, and one to pac sun. I made out better than good...i love everything i got... and wow, i can't wait to use the stuff allison and jesse got me...they smell the best man...and the bottles are reallly neat looking...

wow i'm writing too much i'm gonna stop now...

but hey, thanks everyone for giving me a completely awesome night, i was SO surprised, I love you guys...
special thanks to april for being the biggest help to my mom...and thanks allison for helping out too..
and thanks to anyone else who helped out. I had a great night...and now i'm gonna go snuggle up in bed...


<3 Heather
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Saturday, November 15th, 2003

Subject:great mood!
Time:9:42 am.
Mood: sleepy.
I'm in an awesome mood right now.
Last night, Curt came and got me and he gave me my birthday presents EARLY! One week early. aww, he got me this one set, reeeeallly pretty gold, with 3 hearts going down it, each one is bigger than the last, and then matching earrings!!! whoo, and he got me the past, present, future necklace. It is so beautiful, both of them are's so like...dainty, I'm afraid I might break it...ahh!

so last night, we chilled at my house, then chilled at amber and mikes...i was supposed to chill with kelly, but she hung up with me to call jesse, and then never called me i dunno what happened there, but I'm sure everyone had fun regardless.

I was invited to dinner with liz...but...truth is, I have no money to go out to a restaurant...or i woulda sat there with a soda all night, and died of hunger...that's the truth, I'm SO glad I start working next saturday, I need cash like whoa!

ok, well...i should go...

Allison I love you!

Curt-Thank you SO much, I love you sweetheart!
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Friday, November 14th, 2003

Time:6:52 am.
no one ever comments.

today swimming starts...eeks...

my birthday is ONE week.

november 21, 1987 1:23 pm


this weekend...tayler's party...aww, it's on a sunday though...but we have OFF monday and tuesday..whooooo just remembered that!! MY last day, b4 a 4 day weekend! YAY!

gtg, muah!

<3 Heather
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Thursday, November 13th, 2003

Time:8:14 pm.
birthday-8 days
swimming starts tomorrow!
I love Curt

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003

Time:9:16 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
A Broken Wing
by Martina Mcbride

She Loved Him like he was
The Last man on earth
Gave him everything she ever had
He'd break her spirit down
Then come lovin' up on her
Give a little, then take it back

She'd tell him 'bout her dreams
He'd just shoot 'em down
Lord he loved to make her cry
"You're crazy for believin',
You'll ever leave the ground"
he said "Only angels know how to fly"

And with a broken wing
She still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you oughta see her fly

One Sunday mornin'
She didn't go to church
He wondered why she didn't leave
He went up to the bedroom
Found a note by the window
With the curtains blowin' in the breeze

And with a broken wing
She still sings
She keeps an eye on the sky
With a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you oughta see her fly

WIth a broken wing
She carries her dreams
Man you oughta see her fly
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Subject:my day
Time:7:57 pm.
Mood: mellow.
Music:kenny chesney...yes i'm cool and listen to country.
yeah, not much has happened, I'm really hapy with my grades.

Algebra II-A(miracle), I always fail math!
Spanish III (H)-C-that's good when u have my teacher, who mumbles along in spanish the whole class!
History (H)-i am 1.5 pts. away from a b...:-(
English 11-I dunno?
Gym-I dunno...B?
I think... 3.0 GPA

I was talking to steph about curt...and she said i was sayin how i was happy, and she said i was lucky! :-D
I never thought about it in that way...and ya know what, I am lucky, he's the person who makes my days worth living...even if we're fighting, because i still know that i'll be hugging him goodnight later on in the day, i still know i'll be saying i love you before i hang up the phone...he means everything to me. I love him. :-D I'm so happy!

"when I close my eyes, you're all I the dark of night, you're in my dreams...throughout the day, you're easy to're always there when I close my eyes..."

"No one can make me cry, make me laugh, Make me smile or drive me mad like she does, It's like a curse that is the cure, Better or worse one thing's for sure, It's real love, And I don't know what I'd do, If I lost it"

"darling, say it one more time, you will forever be mine, thats all i need to know, in a world where most things come and go, i'll always have you to hold, thats all i need to know, i'll always have you to hold, thats all i need to know"

birthday - 9 days...holla! I'm excited...I want one of those sweet 16 charms...a pretty one...but i dunno who's "responsible" for getting that... parents, grandparents, b/f, best/f...??? i dunno, but i guess i'll have my mommom get it, she is taking me out this weekend to shop. :-)

Muah, I love you all...I hope everyone is doing well... :-D
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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

Subject:oh yay..
Time:5:04 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:dead silence.
my birthday is in 10 days...
i don't feel excited anymore
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Blurty for Heather.

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